10 Best Hair Fibers to Conceal Your Hair Loss in 2023

10 Best Hair Fibers to Conceal Your Hair Loss in 2023

This post was most recently updated on June 15th, 2023

Lately, the phenomenon of hair loss is increasingly common, both for young and old people. The good news is that there are many ways to cater to hair loss and thinning hair. Hair fibers are an instant and temporary solution to conceal your hair loss. But with tons of hair fiber offerings on the market, sometimes it can be confusing to decide which one is the right pick for you. In this article, we provide the top 10 best hair fibers that may fit your needs.

Our selection is backed by hours of research and takes into account the diverse needs of nearly all consumer segments. Yet, before jumping deep into our 10 best hair fiber choices, let’s first learn about the hair fibers themselves and how to choose them properly so you don’t choose the wrong one and regret it later.

Best Hair Fibers

What are Hair Fibers?

Acting as a hair concealer, hair fibers are lightweight fibers made of the protein keratin — the biological building block of your hair — that comes either in powder or spray form. Hair fibers are applied over your bald spots or thinning hair areas and can even camouflage the bald spots on the beard. Suitable for both genders, hair fibers are an instant and hassle-free solution to restore your lost confidence due to thinning hair and baldness.

Hair fibers work in two ways;

  • Firstly, fiber is sprinkled onto the scalp to mimic the appearance of your natural hair. 
  • Secondly, hair fibers tie the hair together to create the illusion of thicker and more voluminous hair. 
How hair fibers work

This is why hair fibers have become popular today as they offer an easy and friendly solution to overcome thinning hair and bald spots. Now, let’s find out things to consider before investing in hair fibers.

How to Choose the Right Hair Fibers for Me?

Make sure you choose hair fibers carefully to maximize the benefits. The choice of hair fibers is very subjective for each person because while a particular brand works for you, it may not work well for other people. It all depends on several factors, be it your hair type, hair color, or how you apply it.

Here are the things to consider.

Pick a color that matches your hair

Color selection is the top thing to consider in order to get hair fibers that blend well with your hair tone. You want your hair to look effortlessly styled, not patchy or off-color in places. If you have trouble finding the closest color to your hair, you can mix and match some hair fibers to get the desired color. For example, mix Black or Dark Brown with White or Grey to get Salt & Pepper.

The quality of hair fibers

Getting high-quality hair fibers ensures protection against different environmental conditions. Pretty sure you don’t want the fibers to be rubbed off while you’re working out or at a party. Make sure that the hair fiber you choose is not easily damaged by heat, water, sweat, and wind. Enhance your choice by picking the easy-to-apply fibers to save time, especially if you are a super busy person.

Pick skin-friendly hair fibers to avoid an allergic reaction

Individuals with sensitive skin need to consider this carefully to avoid hypersensitivity reactions, such as blisters or redness. This reaction may be caused by chemicals contained in hair fibers. If you have a medical history of hypersensitivity, then you should choose fibers that are proven to be skin-friendly and hypoallergenic.

Consider the price before investing in hair fibers

In essence, evaluate your budget for hair care if you want to invest in hair fibers. Sometimes the price does not guarantee the quality of a product because it all depends on your hair type and how you apply it.

These are things to consider before buying hair fiber. Now let’s take a look at our selection of the 10 best hair fibers.

Top 10 Best Hair Fibers To Buy Now

We’ve done our research and found the best hair fibers that may suit you. Below, check the best hair fibers to conceal hair loss and achieve fuller-looking hair.


Current Price: $23.70
4.4 out of 5 stars from 31,006+ ratings
Available in 9 shades
Made from natural, colored keratin protein
It comes in four sizes — travel (3g), regular (12g), economy (27.5g), and giant (55g)
Compatible with all types of hair, including African-American hair, Caucasian hair, and Asian hair (both women and men)

If you often hear about hair fibers, you must be familiar with Toppik Hair Building Fibers. Made from the colored protein keratin that is derived from natural sources, Toppik instantly conceals large areas of hair loss, fills in thinning hair to achieve the look of voluminous hair. Toppik Hair Building Fibers can even work as a root touch-up between coloring. It comes in 9 colors that you can mix to get the closest match to your hair, usually for blonde and salt & pepper hair.

There’s no need to hesitate to use Toppik Hair Building Fibers outdoors. It is adequately resistant to water, wind, and sweat, especially if you finish by applying Toppik FiberHold Spray. Usually, hair fibers will last until you wash them. However, Toppik Hair Building Fibers tend to stain your pillows while sleeping or clothes in the daytime. Applying hair fibers to the hairline is a bit difficult, you might need Hairline Optimizer to make it easier or ask for professional help.

Instant application and provides long-lasting resultsMay clog pores and follicles as well as itchy on scalp
Can cover bald spots or large areas of thinning hairThe fibers may turn green after some time

Click here to learn more about Toppik Hair Building Fibers in our review article.


Current Price: $24.95
4.3 out of 5 stars from 2,886+ ratings
25 grams per pack (60-day supply)
It comes in 9 different shades that mimic your natural hair
Certified hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested — safe for sensitive scalp
Nanofibers are made of high-quality keratin only and produced using the latest technology in hair fibers processing
For those with sensitive scalps who are looking for hair fibers, look no further than LUXE Hair Thickening Fibers which are dermatologically tested to be safe for all skin types and hypoallergenic. The fibers are made of 100% natural ingredients and provide maximum coverage without clogging the scalp pores and hair follicles.

Whether you suffer from thinning hair, have bald spots, or want to cover up gray, LUXE is effective for all of them without fear of being detected or tending to create an ashy-black appearance. LUXE Hair Thickening Fibers are electrically charged and when sprinkled onto areas of thinning and baldness, they bond naturally and give a thicker-looking head in seconds.

They are available in 9 colors that you can mix to get the closest color to your hair. It’s best to use hairspray afterward for a longer-lasting result. The fibers will clump together when exposed to water or sweat, so you should wear a head cover to prevent it. Moreover, the fibers are rather difficult to stick to your scalp and hair so it requires a larger amount when applied, especially for long hair.

Hypoallergenic and proven safe for all skin typesIt doesn’t always stay on your scalp so you need hairspray to overcome it
Easy to apply and does not stain your clothesRequires a larger amount to get a perfect look


Current Price: $28.00
4.6 out of 5 stars from 3,615+ ratings
Available in 9 colors
The keratin fibers have a natural static charge
Formulated with the highest-quality keratin to give seamless look to your hair
It comes in three sizes — travel (3g), regular (15g), and economy (28g)

Coming from the same manufacturer as Toppik, XFusion works as a hair fiber spray that bonds your hair strands to instantly fill in bald spots and thinning hair as well as add volume to your hair. This hair loss solution is suitable for men and women with all hair types. XFusion Keratin Hair Fibers usually last up to two days or until you decide to wash them. The static electricity charge in XFusion Keratin Fibers creates a strong, natural magnetic effect. Eventually, it will bond the hair fiber to your hair. Eventually, leaving a natural and invisible look.

Like Toppik, XFusion contains ammonium chloride, which may not be suitable for those with dry and sensitive scalps. XFusion has a powdery texture so it can be easily applied and blended without clumping. However, if you scratch your head a lot, the fibers may rub off easily and stain your fingers. With proper application, hair fibers will last longer and withstand exposure to wind and sweat. But, when exposed to heavy rain and excessive sweating, the fibers may quickly wear off and leave mud spots on your head.

Very easy to apply and intertwine with your natural hair without a greasy lookIt can be messy and stain your pillowcase easily due to it is powdery texture
Gives the illusion of thickness and voluminous to your hairMay cause dryness and itching on your scalp

Read our comparison article about XFusion Vs Toppik here.


Current Price: $22.95
4.3 out of 5 stars from 24,077+ ratings
Multiple sizes — 12g, 28g, and 56g
Boldify comes in 14 colors
Made of plant-based ingredients — cotton, iron oxides, and salt
100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free

Boldify Hair Thickening Fibers are made entirely from plant-based ingredients which are allergen- and irritant-free. Different from its competitors, Boldify hair fibers are extracted from the cotton variety (Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum) rather than wool keratin. Boldify offers follicle-like shape fibers giving a natural, undetectable finish even under a bright sun. It is perfect for covering thinning, small bald spots, and patches on your crown, temples, and sides, creating an instant fuller-looking head.

The formula is suitable for all hair types and provides long-lasting coverage that resists water, sweat, and wind. These chemical-free hair fibers do not clump, so it is easy to apply to the scalp and hair roots. Besides the hassle-free application, without involving complicated steps, Boldify will last until you wash your hair. However, you need to apply it carefully as it can get messy. Boldify is not very suitable for large areas or wider bald spots. It is safe to say that Boldify is more suitable for men and women with early stages of thinning hair and baldness.

Check our detailed review on Boldify.

Stays in place and long-lastingBest applicable only in small areas
Affordable price for great size than competitorsYou may need a larger quantity to get the best coverage


Current Price: $19.99
4.1 out of 5 stars from 948+ ratings
INFINITY offers 10 different colors
Available in four sizes — 5g, 15g, 30g, and 60g
These unisex hair fibers are suitable for all hair types
Featuring Nano Fiber Technology, micro hair fibers dissipate static electricity and become electrostatically charged when applied to concerned areas.

Whatever your hair type or style is, normal to thick or wavy to color, INFINITY Hair Loss Concealer is the answer for your hair loss and bald spots. This instant solution from INFINITY is equipped with Nano Fiber Technology, in which the fibers are electrostatically charged, and once applied to baldness or thinning areas, they are intertwined with your hair for a naturally thicker appearance. INFINITY effectively covers the biggest bald spots and is even invisible from inches away.

The advantage of INFINITY is that it doesn’t stain your clothes or pillows. Thanks to its powder-like texture, it blends easily and doesn’t clump like Toppik, leaving a natural look. INFINITY claims only 30 seconds or less to apply. However, for beginners, it may take a while to apply hair fibers. Be careful if you are caught in heavy rain, INFINITY hair fibers are a bit less durable, whereas sweating may still be tolerable.

It has a lightweight texture, so you may not feel like you have them on your headYou will need INFINITY Fiber Locking Spray to hold the fibers together in the rain, sweat, or wind
It does not stain your clothes or pillows easilyMay not be suitable for someone with light hair color


Current Price: $35.95
4.4 out of 5 stars from 2,663+ ratingshttps://amzn.to/43FB19W
Formulated with all-natural and hypoallergenic cotton fibers
Available in up to 14 shades
Make your hair look 10 times fuller and bulkier
About 30 grams in a pack (90-day supply)

Caboki provides its finest hair fibers which are 100% all-natural and safe for all hair and scalp types. The fiber is extracted from a variety of cotton, Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum. As for the color, it is taken from the mineral colorants (Iron oxide) to reveal the best color that fits your hair.

Not only does it camouflage thinning hair and bald spots, but Caboki Hair Fibers are also effective for root touch-ups with a natural look and are even undetectable in sunlight. Unfortunately, Caboki is not recommended for those who are completely bald.

Caboki Hair Fibers is available in 14 colors, a lot more than its competitors, so you might find a color that suits your hair with Caboki. This hypoallergenic hair fiber is also suitable for those with sensitive scalps. The application is sometimes messy, but you can limit it by investing in Caboki Atomizer or buying the bundle to save money. Moreover, Caboki Hair Fibers are also more suitable for use under normal conditions than when you go out to do physical activities, such as sports or swimming.

Click to read our review on Caboki as well as our review on Toppik Vs Caboki.

Instantly gives bulkier- and thicker-looking hairLeaves a bit of a dull appearance on your hair
Suitable for sensitive scalpIt may rub off if you scratch your scalp


Current Price: $36.95
4.4 out of 5 stars from 2,903+ ratings
Designed for both genders and supports people with androgenic alopecia, alopecia prematura, and alopecia areata
Item size: 30 grams — Options: 9 shades
Contains natural-only ingredients, such as cotton (Gossypium Herbaceum), mineral-based colorant, and salt
Hypoallergenic, vegan, cruelty-free, and no ammonium chloride

If you are tired of constantly changing hair fibers because they turn green after a while, now is the time for you to switch to Febron Hair Building Fibers which are formulated with the best color accuracy. Febron is perfect for people with sensitive scalps, as it is 100% natural and hypoallergenic.

Instead of using keratin protein, Febron fiber is made from cotton which is formulated to be lump-free and lightweight. Febron Hair Building Fibers are beneficial for concealing hair loss, filling in thinning areas to give the hair a thick, natural look, and as a root touch-up between coloring.

No need to worry about clogged scalp pores caused by hair fibers because Febron won’t make that happen to you. In addition, Febron Hair Fibers are waterproof and undetectable in front of a camera flashlight and sunlight. The fiber has a powder-like shape so it’s easy to apply, it’s just that when applied near the hairline, the powder may transfer to your forehead. Sometimes it may leave residue on your pillowcase. The use of Febron Fiberhold Spray may be recommended to prevent this from happening and stay put all day long.

Resists rain, wind, sweat, and heatThe application can be messy
Free of ammonium chloride, paraben, alcohol, gluten, and artificial preservatives.May leave residue on your pillowcase or clothes

Click here to read a more in-depth review of Febron as a brand.


Current Price: $19.50
4.3 out of 5 stars from 4,144+ ratings
Available in 9 colors
About 25 grams per pack
Specially designed for women
The fibers are made of the highest-quality keratin and are electrostatically charged to instantly conceal gaps

It is the finest hair fiber that not only conceals thinning areas and bald spots but also provides a glossy texture to add shine to your hair. In less than a minute, Get Back Gorgeous (GBG) Hair Fibers restore your confidence and give you fuller-looking hair. GBG Hair Fibers are made of high-grade keratin with a static electric charge, giving it a natural look that is hard to distinguish from your natural hair. What many people like the most is that GBG is sulfate- and paraben-free.

You can mix different hair fiber colors to get a color similar to your hair. The fibers are also easy to spread evenly on your scalp without shedding or falling everywhere and don’t clump easily. So, it’s safe to say that Get Back Gorgeous is easy to apply. It also lasts all day long even in rainy and sweating conditions. Many users complain that the fibers don’t dispense easily.

The fibers may also come off on your pillow and clothes, so hairspray may be needed to prevent this.

Lightweight and shiny textureMay easily stain your pillowcase
Very reasonably pricedMay not dispense easily


Current Price: $39.95
4.0 out of 5 stars from 2,941+ ratings
Item sizes: 18g and 38g
Available in 4 different shades
Lasts for about one week with proper care
Made of 100% real human hair fibers — free of cotton, wool, powders, silica, and ammonium chloride

One of the most common issues when using hair fibers is staining your pillows and clothes. Say hello to Hair Illusion Natural Hair Fibers which are designed to be non-staining and flaking, suitable for all hair types, and even work for beards. It may also cover gray hair naturally without causing damage to the follicles.

While most hair fibers come from wool or cotton, Hair Illusion is made from real human hair, creating a more natural and undetectable result from inches away. It is also free of synthetic ingredients making it ideal for those who are incompatible with chemical-based hair fibers.

Although only available in 4 colors, you can mix them to get the color that matches your hair. It may not be suitable for someone with light-colored hair since Hair Illusion does not provide light colors. Hair Illusion Natural Hair Fibers gives your hair a fuller look in as little as 60 seconds and doesn’t weigh your hair down thanks to its lightweight formula. Unfortunately, Hair Illusion isn’t great for sweaty hair, but it might be manageable with the use of Hair Illusion Fiber Hold Spray.

Does not easily stain pillows or clothes or flake offDispenses a small number of fibers due to its tiny container
Long-lasting with proper careLimited shade options


Current Price: $21.95
4.2 out of 5 stars from 597+ ratings
About 25 grams in a pack
Available in 4 dark shades
Suitable for both women and men
Made of high-grade keratin that carries a natural electrostatic charge

With high-quality keratin hair fibers, CUVVA can instantly fill in areas of thinning hair and bald spots in the early stages and reduce a slightly widened hairline. CUVVA Hair Building Fibers are not compatible with those who have large bald spots or are completely bald. When sprinkled on your scalp and hair, the static electricity feature of the hair fibers binds and blends with your natural hair to give you a bulkier hair look.

The texture is similar to powder but it might be a bit heavy and coarse, making it easily fall from your head onto your forehead or shoulders. It is better to use hairspray to hold it in place. Besides being easy to use, applications can be messy if careless. But, after application, it may be difficult to detect whether someone is using hair fibers or not since CUVVA gives a natural look that is almost identical to your hair.

It may last all day even if it is exposed to heat and sweat, the fibers don’t drip and stain your clothes. But it doesn’t last in heavy rain. CUVVA will not suit people with light hair since the color options are limited and only dark colors are available. If your scalp itches where the hair fibers are applied, you should simply pat the area lightly rather than scratching it to prevent it from rubbing off and falling on your clothes.

May help camouflage toupee seams and/ or extension tracks Not suitable for someone with light-colored hair
Offers natural-looking hair and undetectableIt fades easily when exposed to rain and excessive sweating

These are our top picks of hair fibers that are crafted with different formulas. Each is crafted with unique ingredients and has its own pros and cons. After finding the best option for you, now let’s take a look at tips for using hair fibers.

5 Tips for Using Hair Fibers

Using hair fibers is a bit tricky. Beginners may find it a bit difficult to apply hair fibers for the first time. This is normal because it requires practice to style your hair properly. Here are some tips that might make it easier for you to apply hair fibers.

#1 Dry hair is better

Hair fibers can stick to your hair through its static electricity. With dry hair, the electrostatic fiber charge can create a more optimal adhesion helping the fibers stick firmly to your hair. When applied to wet hair, the fibers can clump together and cannot be evenly distributed to your scalp and hair.

To improve hair adhesion, follow with fiber hold spray to bind the fibers more firmly to your hair. It can also help define and maintain your hairstyle.

#2 Apply the right amount

To get a natural-looking result, you should not apply too much hair fiber as it might look unnatural. How much fiber is needed depends on your preference (hair type, color, etc). It’s best to apply the hair fibers layer by layer, in several stages, rather than applying a lot at once. Gently tap with your fingers to spread the fibers.

If you are not satisfied with the result, you can apply it and pat it again. Repeat until you feel that the result is decent enough.

#3 Much better to use the hair fiber applicator

Use a hair fiber applicator like a pro to ensure the hair fibers are applied more precisely to thinning areas. More specifically the applicator is useful for creating a natural-looking hairline, especially for those with thinning hair at the hairline. Just as before, apply hair fibers in small increments to create a natural hairline appearance.

Besides making it easier, the applicator also offers a more economical and efficient use due to the application taking less time.

#4 How to make hair fibers stay put

Although hair fibers can attach themselves to your hair nicely thanks to their static charge, using a fiber hold spray may prevent them from transferring to clothes or being washed off by rain or sweat. It is designed to increase the bond between the hair fiber and your hair to create a longer-lasting result. Eventually, while hairspray can limit the transferring, it’s best to avoid using it during swimming, as it can also be rinsed off with water.

#5 Wash your hair with hair growth/ thickening shampoo

Hair fibers offer a temporary solution to your hair loss, but unfortunately, these do not encourage your hair growth. Healthy hair can form the basis of hair fiber application so it is important to choose an effective shampoo that nourishes and stimulates healthy hair growth. With the right shampoo, your hair loss will be decreased and your hair will appear fuller. This could lead you to use a smaller amount of hair fibers to cover up any remaining thinning areas.

Here are some reviews of great thickening and growth shampoos for you to check out: Ultrax Labs Hair Surge, HIMS Thickening Shampoo, and Viviscal Shampoo.

The Takeaway

As a temporary solution to hair loss, hair fibers have become popular recently since they offer a simple application and instant results for many people. To get hair fibers, you should consider several important things so that you will have the best results. Here are our recommendations for you to choose the best of the best hair fibers:

  • For long-lasting results and water-resistant hair fibers, you may need to invest in Toppik Hair Building Fibers and/ or Boldify Hair Thickening Fibers.
  • If you have very dry or sensitive skin, find hair fibers that are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, such as LUXE Hair Thickening Fiber, Caboki Hair Fibers, and FEBRON Hair Building Fibers.
  • Hair Illusion Natural Hair Fibers and INFINITY Hair Loss Concealer are the best option to get non-staining hair fibers.

Nevertheless, all of these hair fibers work great to conceal hair loss and fill thinning areas and bald spots. However, hair fibers are not effective for completely bald people. Educating yourself about the features of hair fibers can help you create the right expectations for using hair fibers.

Hope this article was helpful and gave you a lot of information about our top 10 hair fibers available on the market. Leave us with your thoughts or questions in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do hair fibers really work?

Yes, it works. Hair fibers work great for you as long as you pick the right one that matches your hair color and hair/ scalp type.

Are hair fibers bad for your hair?

Hair fibers are safe to use by everyone and will not interfere with your hair health. If you are uncertain, you can choose dermatologist-proven and/or hypoallergenic hair fibers for your daily use.

Can you sleep with hair fibers?

Yes. But sometimes they may transfer to your pillowcase and/ or sheets. Ensure you are getting non-staining hair fibers to prevent this from happening.

How long do hair fibers last?

Hair fibers may last for about a few days with proper care. But, most of them will last until you decide to wash them.

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