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coco & eve shampoo and conditioner reviews

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When looking for hydrating hair care, it’s hard to ignore formulas with coconut oil. Especially if it has no drying sulfates (that strip hair moisture) and no petroleum (known to block hair cuticles). Our Coco & Eve shampoo and conditioner reviews check the the reliability of the product which has enriching coconut oil without sulfates or petroleum.

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We are going to dig deeper into the Coco & Eve Super Hydrating Set consisting of shampoo and conditioner. This article is backed up by science and real-life user experiences to help you determine if this is the right fit for you.

Who is it Best for?

Formulated with coconut oil and hyaluronic acid (ingredients known to hydrate your hair), we think it’s pretty obvious that Coco & Eve is designed specifically for dry hair

While the manufacturer claims that it is suitable for all types of hair, type 1A-1C hair tends to get greasy faster than other types. This is due to the sleek hair shaft allowing oil to easily travel from the follicles to the strands, keeping the hair well-moisturized.

Using hair products that are labeled for dry hair like Coco & Eve might weigh straight hair down. Additionally, if you have an oily scalp or hair, it is best to stay clear of this duo as it may make your hair heavier and limp.

However, Coco & Eve Like A Virgin can be a savior for wavy (especially 3C), curly, and coily hair. Due to the curl patterns, these hair types are hard to obtain moisture from the follicles, making them prone to drying.

The duo is also great for damaged, bleached, and colored hair, or basically, high-porosity hair which needs extra moisture that nourishes and repairs your hair. 

Next, let’s take a look at the Coco & Eve Shampoo.

Coco & Eve Like A Virgin Shampoo and Conditioner

When it comes to this duo’s texture, many real-life users were happy with both. The shampoo has a gel-like feel to it, and it starts to get all suds nicely. It rinses out very easily without leaving residues behind. This has a fresh coconut scent that lasts all day long on your hair.

coco and eve shampoo and conditioner reviews

As for the conditioner, it is pretty thick and creamy, plus it has a pleasant coco-nutty scent as the shampoo. It’s easy to apply and just as easy to rinse off, leaving your hair softer and more hydrated without being weighed down. However, some noticed that it leaves a film on their hair after using the conditioner.

When it comes to packaging, this duo has eye-catching, squeezable bottles that will look great on your bathroom shelf. They’re also 100% recyclable (except the cap) and FSC-certified, making them kind to the environment, too.

The Coco & Eve Shampoo is packed with a 7-in-1 formula to gently cleanse while also boosting hydration, strength, and volume. Meanwhile, the conditioner helps detangle and repair damage by 65%. This duo is also formulated with ResistHyal technology that delivers 26x more moisture to your hair.

In addition to the hydrating kit, Coco & Eve also offers pre-shampoo treatments that have been clinically proven to repair hair damage. Let’s take a closer look in the next section.

Coco & Eve Bond Building Pre-Shampoo Treatment

This pre-shampoo treatment is best suited for bleached and chemically-treated hair. It comes in a pump bottle and has a similar texture to the conditioner. However, some reported that the sweet coconut scent is a bit stronger than the hydrating kit.

Coco & Eve Pre-Shampoo Treatment is formulated with a Bond Building Technology that rebuilds broken structural bonds (disulfide, hydrogen, ionic bonds) caused by bleaching, coloring, or excessive heat. It is also clinically proven to reduce breakage by 75% and promote 7x stronger hair tested on bleached and colored hair.

Coco & Eve Bond Building Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Treat this pre-shampoo treatment like you would a hair mask, except it is applied before your shampoo. Work through damp hair and leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing it off. Eventually, adding Pre-Shampoo Treatment to your regimen may help restructure weakened hair and pump up the results of the hydrating kit.

Next, let’s check out the price of the hydrating kit.

Where Can I Get Coco & Eve Super Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner?

Coco & Eve Shampoo and Conditioner reviews

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Currently, you can get the Coco & Eve Like A Virgin Kit at Amazon for around $49. If you want to buy shampoo and conditioner separately, each of them costs you $25 for 8.4 fl oz. At this price point, Coco & Eve seems not like an average bottle of drugstore shampoo. But if you intend to replenish hydration and recover hair inside out with premium formula, this kit will not disappoint you.

Coco & Eve Like A Virgin Super Hydrating Shampoo

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Coco & Eve Like A Virgin Super Hydrating Conditioner

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Next, let’s check out the ingredients in Coco & Eve Super Hydrating Kit.

What’s Inside Coco & Eve Shampoo and Conditioner?

Sourced from high-quality tropical Balinese ingredients, Coco & Eve Super Hydrating Kit is vegan and certified cruelty-free by PETA. The brand spent years of research to fine-tune the formula, ensuring they deliver well-performed products.

Not to mention, they also left out harsh ingredients, such as sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, mineral oils, palm oil, gluten, and animal-derived ingredients. Given below is the full list of Coco & Eve Super Hydrating Kit.

Full List of Coco & Eve Shampoo Ingredients
Full List of Coco & Eve Conditioner Ingredients
The Coco & Eve Super Hydrating Kit is formulated with ResistHyal™ Technology, a powerful blend of Hyaluronic Acid that instantly delivers softness, shine, and frizz-free hair. It works by retaining water and drawing moisture to your hair, eventually sealed in cuticles to prevent water loss and frizzy hair.

With hyaluronic acid, Coco & Eve Like A Virgin left out devolumizing silicones, the ingredients that are known to block your hair cuticles and are hard to wash out. In addition, Coco & Eve Like A Virgin also contains fruit extracts, fermented oil complex, proteins, and other hair-moisturizing ingredients.

Let’s check out the benefits of each ingredient.

Coconut Oil – Made up of a medium-chain fatty acid called lauric acid, coconut oil has the ability to absorb into your hair shaft. Eventually, it leads to hair restoration caused by everyday damage.
Avocado Oil – It is mainly rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants. Similar to coconut oil, avocado oil can penetrate your hair cuticles rather than just sit on top of your hair, hydrating your hair from within.
PineappleLoaded with vitamin C antioxidants, pineapple is beneficial to protect your hair from free radical damage.
Hydrolyzed Pea Protein – Contains high levels of amino acids, including arginine and lysine. It is beneficial to increase hair elasticity and strength as well as reduce hair breakage and frizz.
Argan Oil – It is full of oleic acid and linoleic acid that create protective layers on the hair shaft to prevent hair breakage during styling and after hair coloring.
Camellia – It contains antioxidants that can help protect your hair from radical damage. Camellia is also beneficial to add moisture, shine, and softness due to its fatty acid compounds.
Green Tea – Abundant in polyphenols (which are rich in antioxidants), green tea helps neutralize oxidative damage and protect your hair from free radicals. It is also clinically tested to reduce hair loss in people with androgenic alopecia and promote hair regrowth.
Almond OilContains fatty acids that can help strengthen your hair and protect hair from breaking off.
Guava – It is loaded with vitamin C antioxidants that can help protect your hair against environmental damage. Guava is also beneficial to promote hair growth due to its anti-androgen properties.
Sunflower Seed Oil – Rich in antioxidants which is beneficial to fight against free radicals, preventing hair breakage and split ends.

These are the standout ingredients of the Color & Eve Shampoo and Conditioner. Next, let’s take a look at the customer reviews.

What Are Customers Saying about Coco and Eve Results?

Besides being packed with unique and scientifically-backed ingredients, the Coco & Eve Super Hydrating Kit also received tons of positive testimonials from real-life users with different hair types and concerns. We gathered several reviews from various sources and here’s the rating for this duo:

  • Amazon: 4.2 out of 5 stars from 1,302+ global ratings
  • Coco & Eve Website: 4.8 out of 5 stars from 2,111+ ratings
  • Trustpilot: 3.2 out of 5 stars from 1,152+ total

Now, let’s check out the reviews from each of these platforms.


Many users reported that Coco & Eve Kit really helped them to eliminate frizz and improve their hair’s manageability. Here’s the review of someone with dry, very fine hair.

Just used for the first time and my hair feels incredible! So soft and de-frizzed and hasn’t tangled at all during the day despite it being super windy. Smells lovely, natural, and not overpowering.”

We found one review that mentioned this duo (together with the hair mask and serum) helped revive her hair.

Last January I got COVID and 1/2 of my hair fell out. What remained was completely brittle and trashed. I have tried several salon brands, but nothing has made my hair feel healthy again except Coco and Eve.”

However, we also noticed a mixed review from someone with fine, straight hair. She wrote:

It makes your hair so soft and shiny and produces exactly what it advertises. I have long hair that is straight and I have a lot of hair but it’s thin. This product was way too heavy for me. There was a film on mine.”

Overall, this duo works great in delivering hair softness, shine, and manageability. However, this may not be quite suitable for those with straight hair. Next, let’s check out the reviews on their website.

Coco & Eve Website

Many users left reviews along with the before and after pictures on the website. This woman with wavy, medium hair used this duo to heal hair dryness and split ends.

My hair started to get dull and break, after COVID-19 I was also losing a lot of hair. After a week or so, the first I noticed was so soft, like silk! And just gotten better. And today I woke up, so shiny as I had styled it! I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks and it’s […] new hair, even the color balanced nicely.”
Coco & Eve shampoo and conditioner reviews - 1

In contrast to the Amazon user above, a woman with fine, straight hair mentioned that this duo really brought life back to her hair.

My hair was so damaged from having fine hair, coloring, and wearing it up for work every day. It was broken, dry, and frizzy and looked like I hadn’t brushed my hair when I wore it out. After the first treatment, I felt like I had walked out of the hairdresser, my hair was so smooth and silky.”
Coco & Eve shampoo and conditioner reviews - 2

Additionally, one user with curly, medium hair was very happy with this duo because it helped define her curls.

I feel the shampoo gets my hair clean without stripping it. I use the deep conditioner after the regular conditioner twice a week and the two together are absolutely amazing. My curls were popping and my hair felt like pure silk. So soft to the touch. It just looks so much more defined now.”
Coco & Eve shampoo and conditioner reviews - 3

As you can see, Coco & Eve Super Hydrating Kit works best for various hair types. Besides adding moisture, it also promotes well-defined hair texture, especially on curly hair. Now, let’s check out the reviews we gathered from Trustpilot.


A real-life user with fine, bleached hair mentioned that the duo delivers fuller-looking hair without weighing her hair down.

The shampoo and conditioner make my fine, bleached hair super soft and bouncy. Not at all greasy. The hair mask is divine, smells wonderful, and leaves my hair so so soft. Quick delivery and great customer service.”

One user also wrote that Coco & Eve made her hair softer and looked fuller. However, it is a bit pricey.

I have hair that used to curl and became lank and frizzy over the years. This makes my hair smooth and shiny and it appears thicker. I’m afraid it’s a little dear for my budget so I can’t use it as often as I’d like.”

Another shopper mentioned that Coco & Eve is truly legit.

Yes it’s pricey, but it’s worth it and it works, my hair is saying thank you. It’s not a gimmick, it’s honest and true.”

To conclude, this duo works as advertised and helped many users to bring back their healthy hair. Next, let’s find out the side effects that may occur while using Coco & Eve Super Hydrating Kit.

Possible Side Effects of Coco & Eve Super Hydrating Set

After checking the ingredients, most of them are considered safe to be used in hair products. However, some ingredients may cause detrimental effects on people who have particular sensitivities. Below are possible side effects that may occur to you:

  • As a sub to sulfates, Coco & Eve Super Hydrating Shampoo uses Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate to help remove specks of dirt and impurities from your hair. However, it also may dry out hair strands, especially if you have extremely dry, curly, and coily hair. Follow with the conditioner to rebalance your hair’s moisture.
  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine also acts as a surfactant. If the shampoo runs into your eyes, this may cause eye irritations. Immediately rinse your eyes with water to help reduce the irritations.
  • The shampoo contains Sodium Benzoate that helps preserve the formula. However, you may experience swelling and itching if you are allergic to preservatives.
  • The Coco & Eve Super Hydrating Conditioner contains phenoxyethanol which also acts as a preservative and may cause allergic-type reactions or hives. If you notice these symptoms, soothe your skin or scalp using a cold compress or calamine lotion.
  • The conditioner also contains cetrimonium chloride and behentrimonium chloride (as a preservative). Both have a high risk of causing skin and eye irritations as well as are considered toxic to aquatic life.
  • This duo contains a few perfuming agents, such as Fragrance, Coumarin, Linalool, and Benzyl Salicylate. If you are allergic to these ingredients, it is best to stay clear of the products. You can opt for Vanicream No products found., SEEN No products found., or DHS Shampoo No products found. as an alternative.

Always cross-check the ingredients and allergies you have to avoid any side effects of Coco & Eve Shampoo and Conditioner. If you’re looking for an alternative, check out the next section.

Alternatives to Coco & Eve Super Hydrating Kit

Looking for a similar duo to cater to dry, damaged hair? Well, you may want to consider these bundles offered by Olaplex, WOW Skin Science, and L’Oréal Paris.

Olaplex No. 5 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner

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Hydrate, nourish, and soften; That is exactly what Olaplex No. 5 would do to your hair. Crafted with their patented technology, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, this duo repairs and protects extremely dry, damaged hair with each use.

It also reduces split ends and frizz by restructuring the broken bonds on your strands. At $60 for 8.5 fl oz, it seems pricier than Coco & Eve. But if you have lifeless, severely damaged hair, this duo can be the right answer.

WOW Skin Science Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Conditioner With Coconut/Avocado Oil

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This duo is perfect for deeply cleansing your hair while also moisturizing it for a softer feeling. The shampoo contains apple cider vinegar that helps eliminate build-up and dandruff. It’s also packed with vitamin b5, almond oil, and argan oil to provide instant hydration to your hair.

The conditioner is infused with coconut and avocado oils that are rich in moisture. If you have an oily scalp and dry strands, this duo can be the right fit for you. You can get them 16.9 fl oz for the price detailed above currently, on Amazon.

L’Oréal Paris Everpure Sulfate-Free Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

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Reach for L’Oréal Everpure if your color-treated hair looks dry and dull. This bundle is infused with rosemary oil for deeply replenishing dry hair with nutrients and moisture. It also helps preserve your hair color for up to 4 weeks.

Follow with the conditioner to help detangle your locks and reduce frizzy hair. When it comes to pricing, this duo only costs you around $13.97 for 8.5 fl oz.

Bottom Line: An Answer for Dry, Damaged Hair

When it comes to hydrating hair care, the Coco & Eve Kit can be a gold standard in damage protection and hair hydration. It may come at a high price for some people, but with its exclusive blend of ingredients, this duo may go beyond moisturizing your hair.

Hope this review was helpful and gave you all details about the products. Grab the Coco & Eve Super Hydrating Kit here No products found. and see the results for yourself.

Leave us with questions or thoughts in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Coco and Eve Shampoo good for hair fall?

Coco & Eve Shampoo contains science-backed ingredients that help to strengthen and repair your hair, such as hydrolyzed pea protein, argan oil, and green tea. When you have strong hair follicles, this can lead to your hair not easily falling out and breaking off.

Does Coco and Eve Shampoo contain silicone?

No, Coco & Eve Shampoo and Conditioner are free of silicones or any ingredients that may block your hair follicles and are difficult to be washed off, such as petroleum and mineral oils.

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