Got2b Hair Dye Reviews: Shimmering Silver Locks Right at Home

Got2b hair dye reviews

This post was most recently updated on June 11th, 2023

Silver hairstyles have been trending in recent years. If you want to join the silver squad, you should consider Got2b Metallics. Our Got2b hair dye reviews explore if this helps you achieve that stylish silvery look.

got2b hair dye reviews

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We cover how Got2b delivers a chic, shimmery gray look by taking a look at the formula, real-life user experiences, disadvantages, and more.

Who is it for? – How to Factor Your Starting Color to Get Silver Locks

If your goal is a light, almost-platinum silver hue, Got2b Metallic Silver is your go-to. Whether you have straight or curly hair, the color will be brilliantly silver if you have natural or faux light blonde hair.

Result expectation of light blonde and medium blonde hair

All darker colors need to be pre-lightened before depositing the silver or gray color you’re set on. It will need to be very light blonde or almost white (platinum) to get the actual silver indicated on the box.

Unfortunately, silver can be a tricky color to try due to its delicate balance of pigments. If the balance is lost, it may bring you unexpected results like hair turning blue or tan. That’s why your starting hair color needs to be neutral-toned.

For example, your hair will turn blue if the starting color is too cool and wasn’t warm enough to cancel the coolness of the dye. And, if your color base is too warm, it’ll turn your hair muddy brown. You can use Wella T10 or T28 to get a fully neutral platinum blonde before using Got2b silver hair dye.

Learn more about toners (Wella hair toner) and purple shampoos (Pravana purple shampoo) that help to eliminate excessive warm tones here.

Now, let’s take a look at the formula.

Got2b Silver Hair Dye Formulation

This permanent hair dye is developed with an anti-fading effect technology that gives you a multi-dimensional, long-lasting color. Besides being suitable for all hair types and textures, Got2b is formulated with 92% natural and no animal-derived ingredients.

Got2b Metallics Silver comes as a kit that consists of

  • a color cream, 
  • a developer 3% with an applicator bottle,
  • a sachet of conditioner,
  • two gloves, and
  • an instruction leaflet
Got2b hair dye kit

The color cream is also enriched with coconut oil that helps nourish your hair while coloring. Meanwhile, the color after treatment contains a blend of hair-conditioning ingredients, such as apricot oil, fruit extract, panthenol, and hydrolyzed keratin to strengthen and moisturize your hair.

However, the color doesn’t have a lot of longevity. You’ll get a few washes and then it’s usually out. So, monthly touch-ups and using color-safe shampoos, such as Biolage Color Last and Pravana Color Protect, are ideal to maintain color vibrancy.

But the real trick to silver life longevity is the less shampoo you use, the less you expose the silver color to water molecules… the more time you get with your silver locks.

What Customers Loved: “The color is silver….helps to take blonde or brass tones out. Don’t leave it too long if you want only to shade a light silver color. I had left in 30 minutes and had a darker gray. I washed with my gray shampoos and it lifted the dark tones out! Nice shiny tones now.
What Customers Did Not Like: “The product was easy to use but faded from original coloring quite fast.”

How to Use Got2b Metallic Silver Hair Dye

Got2b silver hair dye is super easy to apply and dyes your hair quickly. Make sure to read the instruction leaflet carefully to get the desired color. The color might be darker if you leave it on too long, and vice versa. Below we give you a simple guideline on how to get a nice silver color with Got2b Metallic:

  1. Run a skin test 48 hours before the full application.
  2. Prep your counter by covering it with old towels.
  3. Apply petroleum jelly or oils on the hairline, ears, neck, and shoulders to prevent staining.
  4. Pour the color cream into the developer application bottle. Twist and shake the bottle.
  5. Apply the mixture from the root to the end, massage it onto your hair, and leave it on for 30 minutes.
  6. Rinse the dye thoroughly with cool water until the water runs clear.
  7. Apply the conditioner to towel-dried hair and let it sit for 2 minutes before thoroughly rinsing. It will help to moisturize and nourish your hair, making it feel soft and shiny.

Most importantly, if the dye does get on the area without covers, cleanse it ASAP with water otherwise your skin and counter will be gray.

Ready to make a purchase? Let’s check the cost of Got2b silver hair dye.

Where Can I Get Got2b Silver Hair Dye?

Currently, Got2b Metallic Silver’s price sits at $12 per pack on Amazon. There’s no doubt that this is a very affordable hair dye kit, compared to eSalon or Madison Reed. Its affordability is made better by the quality of the products, which have received 4.1 out of 5 stars from 21,245+ global ratings.

Got2b Metallics Silver - Got2b hair dye reviews

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Got2b Metallics is also available in other multi-dimensional colors, such as Purple Night, Blue Mercury, Blue Lavender, and more. You can check the full portfolio here if you want to create a multi-colored hair look or are interested in other shades.

Got2b Metallics color range

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Now, let’s take a look at the ingredients.

Got2b Metallic Silver Ingredients Breakdown

Schwarzkopf Got2b Metallic Silver is also formulated with hair-nourishing ingredients to help strengthen your hair after coloring. Here we break down the standout ingredients and what are their benefits to your hair.

Ammonium Hydroxide – It is an alkalizing agent that helps open the hair cuticles so the dye can reach the cortex.
Coconut Oil – Helps prevent protein and water loss in damaged, dry hair by penetrating deep into your cuticles.
Hydrogen Peroxide – When the color cream and developer are mixed, hydrogen peroxide helps lift your hair color by permanently turning your natural color pigments into a colorless version of themselves.
Apricot Kernel Oil – Rich in linoleic and oleic acid which act as an emollient. It helps seal in moisture and absorb water from the environment, making your hair more moisturized and softer.
Litchi Chinensis Fruit ExtractContains phenolic compounds that can protect your hair from the damage of free radicals. It is also beneficial to maintain your hair shine and promote strong hair.
Morinda Citrifolia Fruit Extract – It’s a good source of amino acids and fatty acids that are beneficial to help strengthen your hair.
Panthenol Helps improve your hair’s strength, shine, and smoothness. It is also good for absorbing water from the air’s humidity and sealing the moisture in your hair shaft.
Hydrolyzed Keratin – Helps fill the gaps on your hair shaft that have broken by everyday damage. Thereby, it will improve your hair elasticity and softness.
Glycerin – It is a strong humectant that helps hydrate your hair by attracting moisture from the air.

After taking a look at the ingredients, now let’s check the reviews of Got2b Metallic Silver along with the before and after pictures.

Got2b Metallic Silver Before and After Pictures

We cover both positive and negative reviews of Got2b Metallic Silver on various hair types, haircuts, hair color bases, time results, techniques, etc.

The Compliments

One happy reviewer with a platinum, pixie haircut left a note: “I left the first one on for just over 30 minutes and washed, conditioned, and dried my hair to notice a few front areas that didn’t grab the color as much. I let it sit for an additional 15 minutes then applied some heat with my hairdryer for a few minutes.” Her hair with the blue parts turned into the perfect light silver she had anticipated.

Got2b hair dye reviews - 1

A woman with bleached blonde hair reported that Got2b Metallic Silver works well on her hair, although it also gave her hair a slight violet tint. However, it’ll become silver with a few washes. “My hair had not been colored in about 6 weeks. I did leave it on for 40 minutes and would recommend 2 boxes for shoulder-length hair,” she added.

Got2b hair dye reviews - 2

Another review comes from a man with brunette hair who is satisfied with the results. The dye turned his hair into platinum silver after bleaching to pale yellow. “I used 30 developer bleach, then used this dye and the color came out great. Attached are pictures showing natural hair color, post-bleach, and then post-dye.”

Got2b hair dye reviews - 3

Here’s the result of a woman with wavy, long, platinum/ white hair after regularly bleaching. Her hair has a nice silver color with a blue hint on it. “I was disappointed with the blueness, but it ended up growing on me. It faded just about completely out though after 2-3 weeks. My hair is freshly bleached and I bought Color Toning Purple Shampoo to help maintain it longer.”

Got2b hair dye reviews - 4
To conclude, Got2b Metallic Silver works very well on a very light blonde color as you can see above. Some users also noticed a blue/purple hint due to their hair undertones. However, it’ll wash out after a few shampoos.

Next, let’s check the negative reviews.

The Complaints

While there are about 15K positive ratings of Got2b Metallics, some users aren’t quite happy with the performance of this dye. For instance, Got2b Silver made this woman’s hair blue although she’s already dyed platinum. “Just wanted to add a slight silver tone back to my platinum-dyed hair… ended up with blue hair.”

Got2b hair dye reviews - 5

Another user also experienced the same case. He adds “Made my hair come out more bluish/ green-grey.”

Got2b hair dye reviews - 6

Moreover, someone with fine, bleached hair reported that this hair dye turns her hair a brown color. “Made the already-dyed grey slightly more silver. The lightened roots turned into a chestnut brown, for the most part, but in some areas, it did take on the grey and the color goes all the way to the scalp. My hair was light enough to dye over, Got2b just didn’t work on my hair.

Got2b hair dye reviews - 7

Now we know that Got2b Metallic Silver may leave blueish or tan colors to some people. However, this issue is fixable and it’s pretty easy to do.

Check the next section to find out how to fix it and other disadvantages.

Disadvantages and Possible Side Effects

Coloring your hair can be the most enjoyable activity in your free time. However, some adverse consequences could come which you should be aware of before applying this hair dye.

Here we cover the possible side effects and disadvantages of Got2b Metallic Silver by checking the ingredients:

  • Got2b contains Ammonium Hydroxide that tends to damage the hair cuticles, making your hair dry. Over-processed hair may experience dryness and brittle, thereby taking a deep conditioning treatment can pump up your hair’s health.
  • Since it’s not ammonia-free, pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult a doctor before taking this hair dye.
  • The hair dye contains perfuming ingredients, such as Fragrance, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Limonene, and Linalool. Those who are sensitive to fragrance may notice rash, redness, and swelling. It’s best to avoid the product if you notice such symptoms during performing a skin test.
  • Some users noticed Got2b Metallic Silver makes their hair turn a blue or green color. If your hair turns blue, you can try to fix it with baking soda and clarifying shampoo to remove the blue residue on your hair. To fix greenish hair, you can use a red-toned conditioner like oVertone Pastel Red Daily Conditioner.
  • The product may also turn your hair tan or brown. If you experience this issue, you should try another application because your neutral-toned hair has not absorbed enough silver color vibrancy.
  • Got2b Silver contains Potassium Hydroxide to control the pH of the formula. It is advised to not sniff the product as this may cause nausea, headache, and dizziness when inhaled.

Additionally, Got2b also contains ingredients that may pose allergic reactions, such as Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Toluene-2,5-Diamine Sulfate, and 2-Methylresorcinol. Make sure to run a skin allergy before taking a full application.

Next, let’s check the similar hair dyes to Got2b.

Alternatives to Got2b Metallic Silver

From smokey hairstyles to ashy ombres, you always have options to create silvery colors with different hair dye brands. Here we rounded up three similar products if the Got2b Metallic Silver is not the right fit for you.

Keracolor Clenditioner Pastel Silver

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Looking for a gentler option? Keracolor comes as a cleansing conditioner that deposits color in every use. It is infused with hair-strengthening ingredients, such as keratin, shea butter, and jojoba oil which makes it ideal for over-processed hair.

Keracolor Clenditioner ($22 for 12 fl oz) will gradually fade out from your hair, but you can always retouch without worrying about damage.

L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference Silver Blonde

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While the longevity of Got2b can be a bummer, this permanent color box may deliver rich, long-lasting vibrancy. The kit also includes a Care Supreme Conditioner that contains Camelina Oil to help preserve your hair integrity.

L’Oréal Superior Preference ($14) is claimed to last for 8 weeks depending on your hair type and porosity.

Adore Mystic Gray Hair Color

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Gentle to your hair and to the environment, too. Adore offers a vegan, semi-permanent color that is packed with aloe vera and hydrolyzed collagen. This hair color delivers a rich, shiny color without ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and sulfate.

Adore Mystic Gray ($7.04 for 4 fl oz) will last for a few weeks, depending on your habits (how much you shampoo, what products you use, etc).

Bottom Line: Dreamy Silver Hues with the Right Application

Got2b Metallic Silver can be a great option to achieve bright silver as long as you have the right starting color and application process. Make sure to start with neutral-toned, light blonde hair so you won’t end up with unwanted results like a hint of a blueish or tan color.

This hair dye also tends to fade quickly, which might be a bit disappointing. Try to wash less and use color-protection shampoo to preserve the color vibrancy until a few weeks.

Hope this Got2b hair dye review was useful to gain clarity on the product. Click the button No products found. to grab the hair dye and see the results for yourself. Leave us with questions or thoughts in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Got2B hair dye good for dark hair?

Unfortunately, this hair dye is best suited for light blonde to platinum hair. If you have darker hair, you should pre-lighten your hair beforehand to get the perfect results.

Does Got2B have bleach?

Got2b has Bleach It Kits No products found. that are designed for medium brown to bleached blonde hair to get a cool platinum look. A pack of this bleach kit costs you around $11 on Amazon.

How long does Metallic hair color last?

Many users reported that Got2b Metallic Silver will fade quickly after only 2-3 weeks. It is advised to wash your hair less often (once or twice a week) and use a dry shampoo if your hair appears greasy before the wash time.

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