Hair La Vie Reviews: Everything You Need to Know

Hair La Vie Reviews

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For most women, their hair health is connected to their self-esteem. However, many women across the globe suffer from hair loss or thinning hair. The good news is that regrowing hair, or even slowing hair loss, is possible, as long as you use the right hair care products. Since you’re here, you must be familiar with the Hair La Vie brand and are looking for Hair La Vie reviews to decide if this is worth investing in.

Hair La Vie uses recognizable, responsibly-sourced key ingredients with science-backed benefits. They even claim that you will see results and if not your money will be returned with their 90-day promise. The Hair La Vie products are designed to naturally repair, protect, hydrate, and grow your hair from within.

Whether or not they’re the right product is the key to making a smart buying decision. We will help you make that decision by analyzing Hair La Vie’s products, price, key ingredients, side effects, and more. Check below for a at-a-glance view at their product catalog.

Hair La Vie Reviews: Picture of their Product Catalog for Hair Repair & Regrowth

Hair La Vie – What is It?

Hair La Vie was founded in 2014 by a group of health and wellness entrepreneurs who wanted to support women from all types of diverse backgrounds overcome their hair difficulties and become their best selves. They were motivated by Carla Rivas, the first team member of Hair La View who survived cancer and was keen on advocating for the hair confidence of women of all ages from all walks of life.

The company behind Hair La Vie is La Muse Beauty, a Los Angeles-based company. They focus on producing the best quality hair care products with all-natural ingredients. The company offers products that reduce aging- and post-pregnancy-related shedding, and overall hair health. Even after medical emergencies or exposure to chemotherapy.

Hair La Vie’s products are 100% sulfate-free and paraben-free. Their all-natural products also contain no synthetic fillers, preservatives, dyes, and other harsh chemicals. Thus, Hair La Vie is safe for all hair types, including chemical- and color-treated hair. Check out all their products in the next section.

Hair La Vie Product Lineup

Hair La Vie has 13 main products in 3 categories for:

  1. Daily Nutrition
  2. Treat, Style, and Protect
  3. Cleanse & Condition

Before we dive into each of these products, we’d like to mention that you can also buy them as a bundle. Amazon offers great deals for Hair La Vie bundle products. However, compared to Hair La Vie’s competitors, this brand can be pricey, so click here to learn about their featured deals if you are stretching your budget thin.

Their most popular products with the highest ratings include:

Now let’s look at the products one-by-one start with their best sellers.

Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins

Hair La Vie Clinical Formula Vitamins

As one of Hair La Vie’s best sellers, Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins is formulated with a special blend of 20 natural ingredients and 5,000 mcg of biotin. This special formulation then creates Hair Vitamins that support natural hair growth, protection from damage, and hair strength. It is due to its ability to restore dormant hair follicles, so they can reproduce and stimulate hair growth. It can also help to maintain your hair volume and shine. So basically, Clinical Formula works from the level of the scalp, roots, and strands, thus giving you beautiful hair.

  • The ingredients also use a holistic approach, which means they know what they put into your body: No dairy, GMO, wheat, or preservative, and not tested on animals.
  • Taking three capsules every day and consistently for 4 months, you can successfully nourish your hair from roots to ends.
  • It is also recommended to manage a healthy diet and drink 8 glasses of water per day to maximize the benefits of Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins.

Key Ingredients: USPlus Saw Palmetto, EVNol Max, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Biotin, Reishi Mushroom, Flaxseed, Bamboo Stem & Leaf, and Amla.

Revitalizing Hair Blend Vitamins

Hair La Vie Revitalizing Hair Blend Vitamins

Another bestseller that infuses natural antioxidants and vitamins in your hair follicles. Did you know that the environment and air pollution can cause hair loss? This is where exactly Revitalizing Hair Blend Vitamins come in by providing protection and repairing damage to your hair with its antioxidants. Not only that, but Hair Blende Vitamins can also boost immunity and healthy hair growth from within.

Just like its counterpart, Clinical Formula Vitamins, Hair Blend Vitamins also contains a combination of 20 natural hair-support ingredients and 5,000 mcg of biotin which is known to promote healthy hair and nails. Every day, take one tablet in the morning and one with dinner. In a couple of months, your hair will look more shiny, voluminous, and healthy than ever before.

Key Ingredients: Saw Palmetto, Organic Kelp, Horsetail Herb, Bamboo Leaf & Stem, Collagen, and Borage Oil.

PhytoCera Dry Skin Supplements

Hair La Vie Phytocera

Premature skin aging is something that many women avoid. They will hunt for a lot of skin care products to stay charming without wrinkles. No need to look far and use many products since PhytoCera provides modified supplements for aging skin. Premature skin aging usually occurs in people with dry skin, but don’t worry.

PhytoCeramides have been clinically studied to increase the level of hydration and firmness of your skin, making your wrinkles, line and under-eye circles fade away if take it consistently. 

Also enriched with vitamins, PhytoCera will work optimally to promote healthier skin and hair. Ths PhytoCeramides formula is extracted from rice imported directly from Japan, so they used premium ingredients and of course without artificial ingredients or fillers. Take 1 capsule every day with food, and feel the difference from the first month of use. PhytoCera can also helps promote overall hair and nails health, which is multi-task supplements that makes you look younger.

Key Ingredients: PhytoCeramides.


Hair La Vie Shampoo

Sometimes it’s hard to find a gentle shampoo that contains no harsh chemicals, especially if you have dry or damaged hair. But those days are over now and it is time to say hello to Hair La Vie Shampoo. This is exactly the shampoo you’re gonna need the most. Specially designed to gently cleanse your hair and scalp, this shampoo features a low-lather formula without harmful SLS, parabens, or fillers.

Bring a spa to your bathroom with Hair La Vie Shampoo!

  • It is made of 19 natural ingredients specially developed to deliver salon-quality results – but much more affordable.
  • This therapeutic-scented shampoo is suitable for all hair types, especially dry and damaged hair. Hair La Vie Shampoo provides the nutrients needed to hydrate your hair every time you wash it.
  • Use the shampoo 2-4 times a week and you may feel softness and fuller hair after a few months.
  • For better results follow with Hair La Vie Conditioner.

Key Ingredients: Marula Oil, Saw Palmetto, Silk Amino Acids, Coconut Oil, Keratin, and Peppermint Oil.


Hair La Vie Conditioner

After taking Hair La Vie Shampoo, it feels like it’s not complete without Conditioner. Hair La Vie Conditioner perfects your home spa with its gentle detanglers and therapeutic scents. Not only designed to make your hair more manageable but also makes it shinier and healthier. Apply to your strands, especially tips, and leave for at least two minutes before rinsing it out.

Made with 11 essential oils and other 10 natural ingredients, Hair La Vie Shampoo instantly hydrates your hair after the first month of use. No SLS, parabens, or harmful chemicals, just clinically studied and natural ingredients.

Together they work simultaneously to promote voluminous, radiant, and ticker hair after a few months of use. If you prefer leave-in conditioner, you should try Hair La Vie’s Nº 77 Leave-In. In fact you can take both. While your hair is damp, apply Nº 77 Leave-In to your strands for maximum results.

Key Ingredients: Marula Oil, Coconut Oil, Horsetail Extract, Saw Palmetto, Keratin, and Peppermint Oil.

Foundation Collagen Elixir

Hair La Vie Foundation Elixir

Foundation Collagen Elixir is a delicious, healthy beverage mix that is exclusively produced with Foundation’s BeautyKer Blend. This special blend is composed of collagen, keratin, and prebiotics, that collaborate with plant-based superfoods on providing nutrients for hair and body wellness.

Hair La Vie beauty elixir is beneficial for promoting shinier and softer skin as well as increasing hair growth activity. There is 0.02 grams sugar per serving, which means it is not really a sugar-free. If you have a fish allergy, you should avoid taking this.

Key Ingredients: Rejuvenating Grass-Fed Collagen, Keratin, Skin-Smoothing Prebiotics, Blue Spirulina, and Ginger.

Lash24 – AM/PM Formula

Hair La Vie 24-Lash Serum

Every woman certainly wants to look stunning. One part that will make you look charming is curled thick eyelashes. Lash24 from Hair La Vie supports your eyelashes to grow thicker and make them look curly. Hair La Vie lashes serum is specially designed with two formulas: Day and Night.

The Conditioning PM Formula is used at night to optimize eyelash growth while you sleep. While the Lightweight AM Formula provides nourishment to your lashes all day, with no sticky feel, and can be used under mascara.

Key Ingredients: Red Clover Extract, Biotin, Keratin, and Silk Amino Acids.

Renewing Growth Treatment

Hair La Vie Renewing Growth Treatment

Hair La Vie’s Renewing Growth Treatment acts upon all factors influencing hair loss, such as growth rate, strength, and root attachment. This hair growth serum is formulated with a patented plant-based ingredient blend that works on every layer of your hair.

The three patented ingredients (Ecklonia cava, Cap Auxein G2, and fiberHance BM) work together to protect your hair from free radicals, thereby helping to strengthen hair and prevent premature graying.

Renewing Growth Treatment also helps reduce the greasy look of your hair within a month.

Key Ingredients: Ecklonia Cava, Cap Auxein G2, fiberHance BM, AquaCat, CAPIXYL, and Procataline Biofunctional.

Nº 77 Leave-In Conditioner

Hair La Vie Leave-In Conditioner

The Nº 77 Leave-In conditioner is formulated with 5 active ingredients that have gone through 77 iterations to get the perfect blend. The formula is also free of harmful chemicals and fillers, so it is completely safe while also helping nourish and strengthen your hair.

Moreover, the conditioner is light and does not give a greasy look when using it during the day, leaving a soft feel instead. For better results, you can use this after using Hair La Vie Shampoo and Conditioner to get more shiny, beautiful hair.

Key Ingredients: Keratin, Horsetail Extract, Soy Protein, and Hydrolyzed Silk.

Pure Argan Oil

Hair La Vie Pure Argan Oil

As its name implies, Hair La Vie’s Argan Oil is 100% pure and promotes healthy hair, scalp, and nails. There is no frizz, drying-causing alcohols, or silicones. This natural lightweight hydrator provides antioxidant protection for your hair, skin, and nails with pure Moroccan oil.

Drop a few drops into your hands and then apply to wet hair, especially at the ends. It can also be used on your face and body, even as a make-up remover. As for nail care, apply 2-3 drops to your nail beds and cuticles. With regular use, you will see positive changes in overall hair health, moist skin, and softer nails.

Key Ingredient: Argan Oil.


Hair La Vie Mask

Hair La Vie Mask gives you that deep salon conditioning at home in just five minutes. It provides hydration while also strengthening your hair. The formula is free of frizz-causing SLS and parabens. Just apply a small amount to your strands, focusing on the ends. Then, rinse it thoroughly after at least five minutes.

You can use Hair La Vie Shampoo afterwards to get better results and more nutritious hair.

Key Ingredients: Argan Oil, Keratin, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Bamboo Extract, and Meadowfoam Seed.


Hair La Vie Serum

Formulated with 7 natural ingredients, Hair La Vie Serum is the perfect alternative to harsh silicone-based styling products. The extraordinary scent of this serum is extracted from a blend of vanilla, sandalwood, and patchouli, so it doesn’t give off an unpleasant odor.

Apply this serum to the ends of your hair when it’s damp and brush through with your fingers. This serum leaves your hair soft and touchable without compromising your wavy, curly or straight hair.

Key Ingredients: Argan Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Silk Amino Acids, Coconut Oil, and Jojoba Seed.

Dry Shampoo

Hair La Vie Dry Shampoo

Are you looking for vegan dry shampoo? Look no further than Hair La Vie Dry Shampoo. It is 100% natural, and free of gluten, alcohol, talc, and parabens. Not to mention, the extraordinary aroma is obtained from a blend of Peach, Coconut, Lavender, Sage, and Honey extracts.

Its antioxidant ingredient helps detoxify hair and protect the scalp, working together with other natural ingredients to reveal healthy hair. Hair La Vie Dry Shampoo is suitable for all hair types and colors. It helps refresh your limp hair between washes, giving it a voluminous appearance while also repairing damaged strands.

Key Ingredients: Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Soap Nut, Corn Starch, Black Clay, and Bamboo Extract.

These are Hair La Vie’s products that help to promote overall healthy hair with no harmful ingredients. It is best if you use some of them together to encourage better and faster results. It is best if you use some of them together to encourage better and faster results. For example, you can wash your hair with Hair La Vie Shampoo and condition it using Hair La Vie Conditioner. When your hair is damp, apply Nº 77 Leave-In to your strands and Serum to your ends. Make sure to nourish your hair, skin, and nails from the inside too by taking Hair La Vie’s Supplements daily.

Now, let’s take a look at their key ingredients.

Key Ingredients Effectiveness

Though Hair La Vie contains tons of ingredients, the following ingredients are an important factor in how well their products work. Here we’re going to break down the key ingredients in most of Hair La Vie’s products.

Saw Palmetto and Hair Loss

It is a plant with small berries that has been used by Native Americans as medicine for hundreds of years. In the last few years, Saw Palmetto has become one of the most popular natural plant-based ingredients used by hair care companies. It is because of its benefits which can promote hair growth and regrowth. Many customers are also interested in using Saw Palmetto-containing products.

Research showed saw palmetto can be a treatment option for patients with AGA, telogen effluvium, and self-perceived hair thinning. A sixty percent improvement in overall hair quality and a 27% improvement in total hair count was noted with the use of topical and oral saw palmetto-containing supplements.

Biotin – How It Works

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, stimulates keratin production in your hair and supports strong follicles. A biotin supplement can help correct a biotin deficiency and restore hair health and growth. Correcting a deficiency with biotin-containing supplements can prevent hair loss in some people.

One study was conducted on healthy women aged 21 to 75 years with self-perceived thinning hair. They were randomized to receive either a multi-ingredient hair supplement that contained biotin or a placebo for six months. Those who received the hair growth supplement reported a visible increase in overall hair volume, scalp coverage, and thickness. Meanwhile, there are no significant changes seen in the placebo group.

Taking Collagen for Hair Growth

Collagen can help regenerate hair follicles to regrow hair, thicken hair density, and stop hair loss. Some studies showed that taking collagen improves hair growth. But most of these studies have been undertaken by companies that sell collagen supplements themselves. However, there are hypotheses and theories.

For example, hair loss is attributed to damage from free radicals. Free radicals from the environment can damage the proteins and lipids that make up our hair cells. It’s suggested that collagen supplementation can help replenish damaged hair follicles.

One randomized, controlled clinical trial assessed the effects of collagen peptides on the skin. This controlled trial was performed on 72 healthy women aged 35 years or older. They received either the food supplement or a placebo for twelve weeks. The product significantly improved skin hydration, elasticity, roughness, and density.

Other Herbal Proprietary Blends

Other natural ingredients include Reishi Mushroom Extract, Flaxseed, and Bamboo Stem & Leaf.

  • Reishi mushroom extract is an ancient remedy with purifying properties that are known to promote hair follicle health. It also supports a healthy immune system by complementing the health of white blood cells.
  • Flaxseed is one of the richest plant-based sources of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It is required for nourished hair follicles.
  • Bamboo stem & leaf is a mineral that plays an important role in hair luster and elasticity while helping to promote strong hair.

Other ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, selenium, and iron, are commonly used minerals that help to improve your overall hair health.

Hair La Vie Reviews: What do Customers Think?

Since their products are massive, in this article we’re limited to giving you Hair La Vie best sellers’ reviews. The following are some Hair La Vie reviews posted by verified users on Amazon.

Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins (4.1/5 stars)

Hair La Vie Reviews: What do Customers Think 1
An adult woman took Clinical Formula Vitamins for 8 months. It gives her a fuller-looking head and hair growth in the thinning part.
Hair La Vie Reviews: What do Customers Think 2
A woman who experienced hair loss due to menopause. Her hair started to grow in the bald spot and it still works after 2 years.

Revitalizing Blend Vitamins (4.2/5 stars)

Hair La Vie Reviews: What do Customers Think 3
An early-thirties woman who experienced hair loss and thinning hair. After taking Revitalizing Blend Vitamins for 3 months her hairlines are returned and filled in.
Hair La Vie Reviews: What do Customers Think 4
The vitamins helped a woman with curly hair who experienced hair loss during Covid-19. After taking it for a few days, her hair started shedding less.

PhytoCera Dry Skin Supplements (4.2/5 stars)

Hair La Vie Reviews: What do Customers Think 5
PhytoCera promotes hair growth in the thinning area of people with Afro-American hair.
Hair La Vie Reviews: What do Customers Think 6
A woman feels her hair is more hydrated and the fine lines start to fade away after taking a second bottle.

Hair La Vie’s Shampoo & Conditioner (4.2/5 stars)

Hair La Vie Reviews: What do Customers Think 7
An adult woman who has a bald spot in her crown and thinning hair, taking Shampoo & Conditioner along with Hair Vitamins. In four months her hair started to grow and looked fuller.
Hair La Vie Reviews: What do Customers Think 8
A woman took the Shampoo & Conditioner for a few months, and it makes her hair shinier and stronger but does not promote hair growth.

As you can see, Hair La Vie products do work for many people who experienced hair loss or thinning hair. You may need time to see the results, and that consistency is very important. Now, let’s take a look at their side effects.

Side Effects – Is Hair La Vie Safe?

Although it’s all-natural and is free from harmful chemicals, there’s not enough evidence to guarantee that it’s 100% safe. Certain ingredients may cause side effects for certain people who have allergies to such ingredients. Let’s take a closer look at Hair La Vie’s possible side effects.

  • Most Hair La Vie products contain 5000 mg of biotin like their hair vitamins. With this high dose, you may experience acne/ breakouts, nausea, stomach pain, and bloating. Pregnant and breastfeeding women may need to consult with a doctor first before taking any Hair La Vie’s hair vitamins.
  • 200 mcg of selenium are present in each serving of Clinical Formula Vitamins. The recommended daily dose of selenium for adults is 55 mcg, which means you’ll get a high dose of them. You may experience trouble breathing, fever, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, and fatigue. Please consider this before taking any supplements.
  • Foundation Collagen Elixir contains shellfish-derived ingredients. You may need to avoid using this if you have a fish allergy.
  • Side effects such as nasal congestion, constipation, and excessive gas may occur due to the Flaxseed Oil ingredient in their hair vitamins.

This is not a full list of Hair La Vie side effects. If you experience any of the above or other side effects that we haven’t mentioned, please do contact your doctor. Let’s move to take a look at the alternatives to Hair La Vie.

Comparison to Hair La Vie’s Competitors

As we mentioned before, dozens of hair supplements are on the market from which you can choose. In this section, we will give you three brands that offer similar products.

Let’s find out how Hair La Vie compares with its competitors.

Hair La Vie vs Viviscal

Hair La Vie vs Viviscal - Viviscal Advanced Hair Growth Supplements

Unlike Hair La Vie which is designed exclusively for women, Viviscal has products for both men and women. When it comes to pricing, a pack of Viviscal Hair Supplements for women costs $29.10 and $31.99 for the men’s version. However, a single bottle of Hair La Vie Clinical Formula goes for $59.99. Therefore, Hair La Vie is a bit more expensive than Viviscal.

One pack of Viviscal contains 60 tablets for a 1-month supply, while Hair La Vie Clinical Formula is 90 tablets for 1 month of use. Viviscal can take anywhere from 3-6 months to see results. As for Hair La Vie, you’ll begin to see visible results after 2-3 weeks. In general, we recommend you take Hair La Vie for at least 3-6 months.

To learn more about Viviscal reviews, click here.

Hair La Vie vs Nutrafol

Hair La Vie vs Nutrafol - Women Nutrafol Hair Supplement for Viviscal vs Nutrafol review

Nutrafol has products for men and women, including for use during menopause and postpartum, which Hair La Vie doesn’t. As for the price, Nutrafol is more expensive than Hair La Vie. A bottle of Nutrafol costs $79 while Hair La Vie goes for $59.99, which is more affordable than Nutrafol.

Each pack of Nutrafol has 120 tablets, and Hair La Vie has 90 tablets. You’ll also need to swallow four pills daily for Nutrafol, while the dosage of Hair La Vie is only three pills. Nutrafol often takes about 12-25 weeks to see the visible results. Meanwhile, Hair La Vie Clinical Formula Vitamins take 12-24 weeks to work.

Visit our Nutrafol Reviews here.

Hair La Vie vs Monat

Hair La Vie Vs Monat - Monat Products

Monat provides product systems that specifically cater to your hair problems, including thinning hair, dry hair, fine hair, and more. Each system contains shampoo and conditioner that you can buy as a bundle or single product. If you have thinning hair or hair loss, the Monat Intense Repair line is the right option for you. They offer shampoo and conditioner in this line.

When the Hair La Vie bundle (shampoo and conditioner) only costs $48.99, Monat Intense Repair Shampoo goes for $47.98, and $39.99 for the Conditioner. You may spend around $87.97 to get the Monat Intense Repair system, which is more expensive than Hair La Vie. The size of Monat Shampoo and Conditioner is only 8 fl oz each, while Hair La Vie is 9 fl oz, which is one fl oz heavier.

Click here to learn more about the Monat Hair Systems.

The Verdict – Hair La Vie Reviews

Overall, Hair La Vie has raised many positive responses from users on Amazon. Sometimes others might be happier going a different route due to the side effects they got. However, Hair La Vie is worth checking out and is not a scam. Its ingredients are legitimate and work for people suffering from hair loss. Most customers focused on the positive aspects of their previously thinning hair and growing again. Compared to other brands, Hair La Vie is much more affordable. Check the pros and cons table below.

The formulas contain high doses of clinically-backed ingredients.
Made of natural ingredients, and does not contain dairy, GMO, wheat, preservative, fillers, or any harmful chemicals.
Safe for colored-treated hair and all hair types.
The capsules are easy to swallow.
Many users saw improvement very quickly.
The shampoo makes the hair dry for some people.
Can cause side effects like breakouts, headaches, or itching.
The scent of the capsules may be bothering some people.

Hope this review was helpful and gives you all information you need about the Hair La Vie brand. Check the FAQS section below to answer any questions you might ask. If you still have any questions, let us know in the comment section.


Q: Does Hair La Vie help thin hair?

A: Yes. The Hair La Vie product line is designed to address issues like hair loss, frizz, dryness, and thinning hair.

Q: Is Hair La Vie sulfate-free?

A: Hair La Vie claims to be free of sulfates, parabens, dyes, fillers, preservatives, and other harmful chemicals.

Q: Is Hair La Vie FDA-approved?

A: Unfortunately Hair La Vie doesn’t have FDA approval. But their products are safe and the key ingredients do work to promote hair growth.

Q: Does Hair La Vie cause weight gain?

A: Hair La Vie does not cause weight gain. If you don’t consume calories, you can’t gain weight. But, one of the side effects of selenium (one of the Hair La Vie key ingredients) is weight loss. Some people might experience this.

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