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Losing hair just not a problem for the elderly male. According to the American Hair Loss Association (AHLA), did you know that 40% of people suffering from hair loss in America are women? And 66% men start to show hair loss problems by 35 years of age? That’s why I have taken matters into my own hands and tried Hairanew Hair Vitamins for the last 3 months. And, now here is my Hairanew Review.

Those are a startling number and no, it is not always age that manifests your hair loss. There are so many things that can affect your hair cycle. What you eat, and the number of nutrients that you are taking. How much water you are drinking, everything. Even an imbalance in hormones can cause you to show signs of hair loss.

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Well, fortunately, there are many hair supplements on the market to help you deal with hair loss. Today, I am going to review Hairanew Hair Vitamins with Biotin after taking it for 3 months. With so many claims and options online, I made it my business to review them and find the right one that meets the price and quality and results.

What is Hairanew Hair Vitamins with Biotin?

Naturenetics being a supplement company has pioneered in manufacturing products of high quality. To the point out of many companies that just go ahead and claim results. They invest in the hiring of an individual lab to run the safety and efficacy of their products.

Hairanew is their most popular product. How? Hairanew alone holds 6295 Amazon customer reviews boasting a 4.5 star.

There is absolutely no doubt that people are using this hair supplement a lot. Their ingredients are natural and they claim to fulfill the vitamin deficiency in you. It is not just for hair, it can also be used for skin and nails.

They give you 5000 mcg Biotin per serving. To the point, they are also FDA certified. Which I will get in to later. Hairanew enhances your vitamin intake and helps you battle hair loss and rejuvenates new hair growth for you.

Hairanew Ingredients

If you are looking for a gluten-free, absolutely vegan and non-animal tested hair supplements then your search pretty much ends here. I have been using this for the last 3 months and have started to see growth in the mid-second month.

hairanew hair formula with biotin

Hairanew promises the best of vital vitamins to maintain a proper mineral intake that ensures healthy hair. It also helps grow new hair. I have personally seen an inch of difference within the second half month of using it.

The above image shows you the entire breakdown of vitamins and minerals Hairanew promises. They also have this certificate of purity that ensures you are taking the very best.

Vitamin C

750mg of Vitamin C is ensured on every serving. Vitamin C is solely responsible for the exfoliation of your hair roots promoting healthy hair growth. And, ensures your scalp is rejuvenated toxins.

Vitamin E

Apart from keeping your hair moisturized and scalp healthy, Vitamin E is an antioxidant that repairs your hair follicles. This prevents corrosion in return and builds healthier tissue. This is an active ingredient in promoting healthy hair growth.


You get 25mg of Niacin in every serving of Hairanew. Niacin is an active agent in promoting blood circulation. It also provides oxygen and the necessary nutrients to your hair follicle. It is single-handed responsible for natural hair growth.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 soothes your scalp and moisturizes your hair. Helps you fight against brittle hair and help promote natural hair growth.


Hair loss symptoms are directly related to Biotin deficiency. Apart from that Biotin helps you battle thin hair and helps you grow thicker and healthier hair. That is one of the sole reasons behind healthy hair. You get 5000mcg of Biotin in Hairanew per serving.

Pantothenic Acid

Pantothenic Acid is a B5 Vitamin that ensures your hair gets the moisture it needs. It helps your hair follicles stay healthy and alongside it deals with hair thinning symptoms. One of the key agents in ensuring new hair growth. You get 40mg per serving with Hairanew.


Zinc deficiency can result in unhealthy hair follicles. One of the main tasks that Zinc gets done is, that it regulates hormone levels and works on making your immune system stronger. You get 15mg of Zinc per serving with Hairanew.


Kelp is an active agent rich in iodine, amino acid l-lycine. Also, magnesium, iron, and zinc. What do you get from all of these? These help you fight hyperthyroidism. Solely responsible for compromising your hair health and making your hair think. You get 150mg of Kelp per serving with Hairanew.


This is a B8 Vitamin that helps in promoting hair growth. Hyperandrogenism is a big problem among males and Inositol helps in battling hair thinning and also keeps your scalp healthy by regulating your hormones. You get 50mg per serving with Hairanew.

Ginko Biloba

Ginko Biloba helps regulate your blood circulation. And the better blood circulation you have the better you are equipped in battling hair loss and hair thinning.

Does Hairanew Work?

Biotin is a key agent in reversing hair loss and actually taking care of your new hair growth. And that is exactly how Hairanew works. It worked on me after 2.5 months of taking it.

Now, what you actually need is patience. Because hair growth depends largely on what you eat. I had to increase the amount of water I drink and totally cut out fried food to make sure the Hairanew hair Vitamins were working.

I would suggest you try this product for 3 months and see the changes for yourself. One of the best things is that Hairanew works on all hair types. Whether afro hair or even colored hair, you are bound to see some differences.

Hairanew promises you 11 active ingredients clubbed to help you battle hair loss and hair thinning. In turn, helping you grow vibrant and luscious thick hair.

Hairanew Side Effects

Hairanew Biotin Side Effects are actually a very subjective thing.

I would always tell my clients that what you eat defines what vitamins will affect you. But the usual warning is always there that, if you are pregnant then don’t take Hairanew Biotin Vitamins.

If you are still breastfeeding, then this hair supplement is not for you. And, not just this vitamin supplement but any for that matter. Please consult your doctor before taking any hair vitamins.

But, apart from that Hairanew has drawn much positive customer reviews and now has gained another happy customer. Me!

I have not felt any discomfort nor any breakouts on my skin as a result of taking Hairanew Biotin Hair Vitamins.

Where to Buy Hairanew Hair Vitamins?

If you will be buying from their official website it will cost you $29.71 in addition to shipping costs. On Amazon, you get it for $28.22.

It is easier to buy it from Amazon as you don’t risk your purchase being lost in the delivery process and Amazon gives you a better deal at the 3 month supply.

Note: If you like to try chewable gummy bear, then you should take a look at our Sugarbearhair vitamins article!

Final Verdict

Hairanew boasts a very happy customer league and is also one of the leading hair supplements available. I have tried it and have seen positive results. But, again I would always emphasize that vitamin takes are very subjective. So, you can try taking it for 2 months to see the changes.

I have seen an inches difference in hair growth alongside, it has helped with my hair thinning issues. But, what you eat is very important in determining the Hairanew results. My Hairanew review is based on my personal use and would love to hear from people who are using it too.

Leave your comments and experience below and I will totally get back to you about it.

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