HairBurst Reviews 2019- Does it really work?

Does HairBurst chewable hair vitamins and HairBurst hair vitamins really work? If you have been on Instagram long enough, you must have come across these hair supplement sponsorships. So, I decided to use it and after 3 long months, it is time for me to give you the HairBurst review you have been waiting for.

HairBurst, formerly labeled as HairVits are hair vitamin supplements that claim to nourish your hair from inside. Root to the top and a healthier scalp is what they promise you. It is the same logic where trees grow better on a nourishing ground.

So, you are signing up for the following results when you decide to use HairBurst hair vitamins.

  • Better hair health
  • Strong Elasticity
  • Nourished Roots

HairBurst claims that they use no artificial color or flavors in manufacturing it. And, is suitable for all hair types. In my 3 month long experience, I have found these to be true. But, having realistic expectations from any form of hair supplements is always a good way to start.

That is why I decided to dive in to this with an open mind.

How does HairBurst Work?

HairBurst chewable hair vitamins claim to have the mixture of 26 vital vitamins. That are focal agents in growing hair and having a healthy hair cycle.

HairBurst works as an intensive hair therapy that is geared to make your hair nourished from within and help your health overall. Now here is the thing, many people will tell you that the previous capsules were better. But, HairBurst never claimed that the chewable version will be better.

In fact, both are the same. As hair vitamins work with a combination of things rather than just the vitamins for you. The prescribed dosages are, you need to take 2 HairBurst Chewable Hair Vitamins a day for the span of three months to see the proper effects on your hair.

HairBurst claims that your hair will grow on an average an inch every month. That is almost double of a natural growth. I did see significant growth but again, hair growth also depends on your diet.

So, all those fast food may not have really helped me.

hairburst review 2019

HairBurst Ingredients

HairBurst reviews will not be complete unless I securitize all the detailed ingredients.

  • Selenium – This is a key agent in protection again a dry scalp and dandruff. A dry scalp means your hair will be breaking more than usual.
  • Zinc – Zinc helps in making your hair follicles stronger. That automatically helps in making your roots stronger.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – One of the key agents in making sure your hair is nourished and not dry.
  • Calcium – We all know how important calcium is for our body, But, what you may not have heard is how strong it makes your hair. And how it fights against hair loss.
  • Folic Acid – We all know this is one of the vital ingredients that help your hair grow.
  • Advanced B Group Vitamins – With the combination of B2, B2, B5, B6, and B12, you get better-regulated hormones and better immune system. Both of these encourage a healthy ecosystem for your hair.
  • Vitamin A – Is largely responsible for nourishing your roots for better hair growth
  • Vitamin C – You can find Vitamin C in all citrus fruits. This acts like an antioxidant that protects your hair against radiant.
  • Vitamin D – Responsible for giving your scalp the nourishment it needs to sustain healthy hair.
  • Biotin – A key ingredient that produces Keratin in your hair. Keratin helps in making your hair elasticity stronger.
  • MSM – Helps in giving your growth time a longer lifespan, that helps your hair grow longer and faster.
  • Collagen – Helps give your hair protein that repairs damaged and brittle hair.
  • BCAAs – This performs the job of a fuel fountain for your hair growth.
  • Silica – Prevents hair loss and gives your hair a healthy volume.

HairBurst Pricing and Quantity

HairBurst hair vitamins come in various amounts. I always suggest my clients get the 3-month pack. As you will need to have the right doses over the span of 3 months to see the full positive results.

You can find them easily on Amazon. You can also order from their website directly. But that would take far too long to get delivered to you and comes in a shipping fee that is high.

Now here is the thing, HairBurst has two kinds of hair vitamins. One the Hairburst Capsules and the other HairBurst Chewable Hair Vitamins. If you are not the capsule kind of person you can opt for the chewable version.

I make sure I always order through Amazon as then I can guarantee I am getting my hair supplements on time.

HairBurst Hair Vitamins (Capsules) Price

  • 1 month supply – $24
  • 2 month supply – $48
  • 3 month supply – $72

HairBurst Chewable Hair Vitamins Price

  • 1 month supply – $19
  • 2 month supply – $38
  • 3 month supply – $57

Can HairBurst Give You Good Results?

If taken rightly with the right kind of diet, of course, it can. All the essential 26 vitamins work best when you take 2 of them daily for the span of 3 months. It encourages new hair growth naturally. It is safe for your health, as these are all minerals and vitamins geared to help your hair ecosystem to develop positively.

But here’s the thing. Any professional dietician will always tell you this; No amount of supplements can replace good and healthy food. This is not a replacement for a proper diet. The good results you are looking for also largely depends on what you are feeding your body.

So, eat right, drink a lot of water and the HairBurst hair vitamins realistically will transform your dull hair to healthy hair in a 3 months or 4.

I used to make sure I drink at least 6-8 liters of water every day with at least a green meal once a day. That is a regime that could work for many who are reading this.

Does HairBurst Cause Weight Gain

No, it does not.

None of these vitamins or minerals cause weight gain. What causes weight gain is, what you are eating with it.

Eat more green vegetables instead of harmful fried products and fast food. This helps you see the best results. Alongside, drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated.

What are the Side Effects of HairBurst?

There are no side effects with HairBurst hair vitamins. But, do note that if you see any abnormal effect stop it and consult your doctor. As allergies are unpredictable. But with natural ingredients chances are you will not see any side effects.

What are Other People Saying about HairBurst?

HairBurst reviews more or less have been positive in the usage. What users complain about is ordering from their website directly. As products don’t get delivered.

So, ordering from Amazon ensures you will get your product on time and at a pocket pinch.

A lot of people said that they don’t like the taste of it, yet the results are very much positive. You will see that your nails will grow faster and be harder. While hair growth is nourished and healthier.

HairBurst Before and After Results 

The results are very prominent after using HairBurst Hair Vitamins for the span of 3 months, twice daily. You can easily have them and see the following results.

  • Stronger Hair
  • New Hair Growth
  • Nourished Scalp
  • Stronger Hair Elasticity
  • Shinier Hair
  • Smooth and good for Thick Hair
hairburst before and after

hairburst before and after pictures
hairburst results

HairBurst FAQ

Is HairBurst Vegetarian?

Unfortunately no. It contains Bovine Gelatin. An ingredient that comes from animal tissue that produces collagen.

How Fast Does HairBurst work?

The fastest you will the difference is in two months, provided you eat right alongside.

Why Does HairBurst Smell?

Vitamins and Minerals can have an odor which is completely fine.

Does HairBurst Work on Afro-Hair?

Yes. Absolutely. HairBurst works well on afro-hair.

Where is HairBurst Made?

HairBurst is an English company, situated in the United Kingdom. Manufactured there and has online stores around the world.

Can I Take HairBurst While Breastfeeding?


It is also mentioned clearly on their website, it should be taken while being pregnant or breastfeeding. You will always need to consult a doctor for the supplements you intake.

Are HairBurst Vitamins Safe?

Yes. HairBurst is a completely safe product.

But again, if you ever face any abnormal effect, always connect with your doctor right away. As vitamins depend on person to person.

Final Verdict

For the amount of money, you will be investing in individual vitamins, you can easily get HairBurst with the 26 vital vitamins that give your healthy hair, as an affordable price. Amazon delivers everywhere in the world, ensuring your hair vitamins are delivered to you on time.

You can roll the dice with HairBurst Hair Vitamins and follow the dosage instruction to make sure your hair gets the vital nourishment it needs. Right at home.

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  1. Hello, I started using the product about two months now and I am very satisfied with it but because of this product i am having Candida, ichiness and redness in my genital organ. So, I wish to receive an email or answer on whether i need to stop taking vitamins or not. They work amazing on my hair and I don’t want to stop taking them.
    I want to thank you in adavance for your consideration

    • Hi Tuti, I will suggest you to consult near by doctor and get blood test done. Also let me know if you are consuming anything else apart from Hairburst vitamins. These effects might be because of something else. And also see if you are allergic to any of the ingredients which present in Hairburst capsules.


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