HerStyler Hair Serum Review: A Hidden Gem for Healing Damage?

Key ingredients of HerStyler argan oil hair serum

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Hair serum plays a pivotal role in replenishing lost lipids caused by chemicals or UV damage. Even if your hair is perfect condition, you still need to prevent unnecessary damage to it. A high-quality serum like HerStyler Argan Oil Hair Serum works wonders to revive the appearance of tired-looking hair. However, before rubbing a pump of this serum into your mane, give our Herstyler hair serum review a read.

We will help you figure out all about Herstyler’s best-selling serum – its benefits, ingredient breakdown, authentic reviews, and alternatives.

HerStyler hair serum review

A Quick Look at Herstyler

Herstyler is one of the leading companies of hair-enhancing products and tools. They make use of groundbreaking ingredients and inventive technology to create superior products for the ultimate hair care experience.

According to the brand’s spokesperson Henry Green, “At HerStyler, we love creating fun stuff for your hair. We agree hair alone doesn’t make a woman, but at HerStyler, we believe that good hair definitely helps.”

Therefore, Herstyler delivers a full range of affordable, high-quality hair care products that can be part of women’s hair care routines regardless of their hair types, textures, or styles. These include hair serums, curling irons, flat irons, hair masks, etc.

The HerStyler Argan Oil Hair Serum is their best-seller that many people talk about ever since its launch. Today it has received 19,906+ reviews on Amazon.

So, let’s find out more about Herstyler Argan Oil Hair Serum in terms of who it is for, its benefits, and its pros & cons.

HerStyler Argan Oil Hair Serum – Best Seller

Good for: All hair types

Great for: Damaged, dry, frizzy, thick, curly, coarse, color-treated, and bleached hair

Benefits: Tames frizz and flyaways, rejuvenates dry and broken hair, repairs split ends, loosens tangles, and protects tresses from damage.

How to use: Apply a small amount on damp hair before styling and/ or on dry hair after styling to reduce flyaways and repair damage.

Sulfate-free: Yes

Paraben-free: Yes

HerStyler argan oil hair serum

HerStyler offers lightweight serum that is infused with scientifically backed ingredients to replenish dry, damaged hair from root to tip. Moreover, its concoction is also beneficial to reduce unwanted frizz and unruly tangles.

This argan oil serum is loaded with antioxidants that repair damage and weak hair follicles. Hydrating agents like aloevera helps to moisturize and soften your hair, making it perfect for curly and coarse.

More so, its lightweight formula won’t weigh down straight, fine hair. If it does make your hair appear unnaturally shiny or greasy, try not to over-apply next time. However, very curly and coarse hair may need to apply double the recommended amount to feel the effect.

HerStyler argan oil can also be used together with other HerStyler hair serums for maximum results. In the next section, we cover other HerStyler hair serums and the benefits of using these serums on your hair.

Castor Oil, Marula Oil, and Biotin Hair Serum – Key Mentions

Argan Oil Hair Serum
Covered above
Castor Oil Hair SerumMarula Hair Nourishing SerumVitaOil Biotin Hair Serum
HerStyler Castor Oil Hair SerumHerStyler Marula Hair Nourishing SerumHerStyler VitaOil Biotin Hair Serum
Good forAll hair typesAll hair typesAll hair types
Great forDry, brittle, thin hair, and flaky scalpDry, frizzy, brittle, and curly hairThin, fine, dull, and damaged hair
Hero IngredientsCastor Oil, Vitamin E, and Aloe VeraMarula Oil, Vitamin E, and Aloe VeraBiotin, Argan Oil, and Vitamin E
BenefitsRestores the look of your hair’s natural shine, reduces dandruff, and helps promote hair growthTremendously moisturizes and nourishes your hair as well as renews hair into smooth and radiantHelps encourages hair growth, reduces excessive shedding, repairs damage, and tames frizz
Best withArgan Oil Hair SerumCastor Oil Hair SerumArgan Oil Hair Serum

These are the other 3 hair serums that restore your hair for a shiny, healthy transformation. You can use it together with HerStyler Argan Oil Hair Serum to achieve extra benefits for overall hair health.

In the next section, we cover the ingredients of Argan Oil Hair Serum and how they benefit your hair.

Inside Argan Oil Hair Serum – Ingredients Breakdown

Key ingredients of HerStyler argan oil hair serum

As its name suggests, this nourishing serum harnesses the multi-purposed Argan Oil that delivers a shiny, frizz-free finish to your hair. Below we display a full list of the ingredients in the product:

Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Dimethicone, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Fragrance, Tocopheryl Acetate, and Argania Spinosa Extract.

Now, we’ll take a closer look at their key ingredients and how each impacts your hair health.

Silicones (as Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, and Dimethicone)

These substances are at the top of the ingredients list, so it’s safe to say that HerStyler Argan Oil is basically a silicone-based serum.

An illustration of Silicone

Silicone can coat your hair shaft, which locks in moisture and tames frizz. Eventually, it improves your hair textures, leaving a silky, soft feel. Silicone is very helpful for people whose hair could not tolerate humidity well.

However, silicone also has some downsides. For instance, long-term use of silicone can build up on your hair, leading to stripping your hair’s moisture and shine. Over time, this could lead your hair to be prone to breakage.

More so, silicone can also prevent good ingredients from going through the cuticles, since it works by creating protective layers. Thus, you won’t be able to get the benefits from those nourishing ingredients.

The silicones in Herstyler hair serum are non-water-soluble, meaning they won’t get rid of water only. You’ll need a clarifying shampoo to help remove the residue of these silicones for a few sessions.

Aloe Vera

Extracted from the aloe plant soothes, aloe vera is a hero ingredient for people with dry hair and scalp.

Picture of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is very beneficial in terms of hydration as it can lock in moisture and attract moisture from the environment. It also has been shown to help calm itchy and inflamed scalp caused by dandruff, which is great for people with Seborrheic dermatitis.

Vitamin E (as Tocopheryl Acetate)

Loaded with antioxidants, vitamin E is vital to protect your hair from free radicals and sun damage.

An illustration of vitamin E

It has the ability to create protective barriers on your hair and revive shine. Eventually, this leads to reduced breakage, preserves moisture, and protects hair from damage. Vitamin E is also essential to support your scalp health and provide a strong environment for hair to grow.

Argan Oil

Many people refer to it as “liquid gold” since this oil has been shown to provide abundant benefits for hair and skin.

Picture of Argan Oil - HerStyler hair serum review

Argan oil is full of fatty acids which are beneficial to maintain your hair moisture. More so, this oil adds a protective barrier to your hair to prevent breakage during heat styling and reduce damage due to coloring.

After discussing the benefits of each ingredient, let’s find out where you can get the serum.

Where to Buy HerStyler Hair Serum?

Currently, you can easily purchase the HerStyler Argan Oil Hair Serum on Amazon for only $11.99. A bottle contains 60 ml / 2 fl oz of hair serum. A pack of 2 will cost you $22.99 and $41.99 for a pack of 4.

HerStyler Argan Oil Hair Serum

The 150 ml/ 5.07 fl oz bottle will cost you $17.99 currently which is also equipped with the latest packaging.

HerStyler Argan Oil 150 ml or 5.07 fl oz bottle

Next, let’s check the pros and cons of HerStyler Argan Oil Hair Serum.

Pros and Cons of HerStyler Hair Serum

Here we cover several pros and cons of HerStyler Argan Oil Hair Serum.


  • It does not have Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Paraben, and other harmful ingredients
  • Enhances your hair texture and reduces stubborn frizz or flyaways
  • Repairs dry, damaged hair and fortifies each strand of your hair from external damages
  • Offers very affordable option for generous size and excellent efficacy
  • A little amount goes a long way
  • The brand doesn’t do animal testing


  • The scent could be overpowering if you have a particular concern to fragrance
  • Overapplying may lead to a greasy and unnatural shine appearance
  • It may leave residue or build-up on your hair, so the often use of detox shampoo is needed
  • The serum may not work for everyone 

In the next section, we cover real-life user experiences to back up our Herstyler hair serum review.

HerStyler Hair Serum Review: Verified User Experiences

After getting to know the product and its benefits, it is important to look into what customers are saying about it.

Let’s start with the fact that HerStyler Argan Oil Hair Serum has over 19,906+ reviews and boasts a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Here is the rate by feature:

  • Softness: 4.4 stars
  • Lightweight: 4.4 stars
  • Sheerness: 4.2 stars
  • Value for money: 4.2 stars
  • Drying power: 4.1 stars

Check below what are customers saying about the hair serum:

Hair Type & Hair Concern

“…the best hair serums/anti-frizz-shine stuff I’ve ever used! My hair is super frizzy, coarse, and curly” – 5 stars

I have long, fine, straight naturally grey hair… came out silky, shiny and voluminous…” 5 stars

“…My hair was super dry and very damaged… My hair has never felt better!” 5 stars

My coarse, dark, long hair has been transitioning to silver… my hair looks and feels so much healthier…”5 stars

I have long but thin hair with lots of flyaways… [the serum] gives it a good shine.” 5 stars


The scent isn’t what I had expected. It’s very floral smelling… It does leave an oil-like shine. My hair is very soft when using this…” 5 stars

Keeps my flyaways under control and moisturizes my hair before or after blow drying or using styling devices…” 5 stars

…I live in FL and the humidity affects my normally in-frizzed hair. This keeps it calm and also helps with flyaways… I have been using it for about 3 weeks and have noticed that my hair is softer and less frizzy.4 stars

“…My brush glides right through my hair, no tangles! Makes my hair super soft too and I have fewer split ends…5 stars

“…Just be careful with a tiny bit goes a long way. If you use too much your hair would probably look greasy.” 5 stars

The Takeaway

Many customers are delighted with the efficacy and performance of HerStyler Argan Oil Hair Serum. It is very helpful for people with curly, thick, dry, and damaged hair to control frizz or flyaways and deliver instant softness to hair.

Moreover, this serum also benefits as split end treatment and damaged hair cure for delivering healthy-looking hair. However, the scent could be slightly overpowering if fragrance is your concern. Also, overapplying may lead to a greasy appearance.

In the next section, we provide the results after using HerStyler Argan Oil Hair Serum with pictures from verified buyers.

Before and After Pictures

We cover the results after using HerStyler hair serum on different hair types, hair colors, hair lengths, hair textures, etc.

HerStyler hair serum review - Before and after picture 1

Results of a woman with long, medium light brown hair. The serum helps reduce frizz and flyaways, making her hair smooth and glossy.

HerStyler hair serum review - Before and after picture 2

Results of a woman with shoulder-length, curly hair after using HerStyler hair serum after blow drying. Her hair looks more manageable and softer even after two days.

HerStyler hair serum review - Before and after picture 3

Results of a woman with color-treated, coarse hair. The serum helps tame frizz, leaving her hair appears smooth and sleek.

HerStyler hair serum review - Before and after picture 4

Results of a 66-year-old woman with dry, naturally curly hair. After using HerStyler hair serum and putting on hair rollers, her hair is pretty straight and shinier.

HerStyler hair serum review - Before and after picture 5

Results of a man with bleached, damaged hair after using HerStyler hair serum before straightening. Her hair looks silky smooth afterward.

HerStyler hair serum review - Before and after picture 6

Results of a child with naturally blonde hair. The top right picture is after using the serum: Her hair looks very soft and shinier. The bottom right is the results after a few days.

These are the results after using HerStyler hair serum on different hair types and hair concerns. Now, let’s check the possible side effects or disadvantages of HerStyler Argan Oil Hair Serum.

Possible Side Effects

Like any other product, side effects or disadvantages could probably occur due to certain ingredients you are allergic to. For instance:

  • Plant-derived ingredients like Argan Oil and Aloe Vera are generally safe for topical use. However, some people may be allergic to it, characterized by redness or itching. Kindly do a patch test if you have any allergies.
  • This serum contains non-water-soluble silicones that may build up on your hair, leading to a dry and dull appearance over time. It is advisable to use a clarifying shampoo every so often.
  • When used topically, tocopheryl acetate may cause local skin or scalp reactions, be it rash or reddening in the area where the product was applied.

Educating yourself before using this hair serum can be very helpful to overcome any adverse effects that could occur. If you’re looking for an alternative to HerStyler hair serum, read the next section to find out.

Alternatives to HerStyler Hair Serum

The right formula of hair serum will do wonders for your hair. No matter if your locks are short or long and straight or curly, here we rounded 3 alternatives of hair serum that bring the shine you deserve, i.e. Ouai, OGX, and CHI.

Ouai Hair Oil

Ouai Hair Oil

Looking for a heat protectant? Ouai is just for you. The brand’s complex is infused with a blend of African galanga, ama, and Asian borage oils. This combination delivers multi-benefits to your hair that include repairing damage/ breakage/ split ends, delivering a frizz-free finish, and preventing heat damage.

Click here to read our Ouai review.

OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco

OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco

Just like the HerStyler Argan Oil Hair Serum, OGX is packed with vitamin-E-rich argan oil that’ll revive your hair while also smoothing curly, frizzy hair. This silicone-based serum helps to seal in cuticles, which eventually retains moisture and improves your hair’s elasticity.

CHI INFRA Silk Infusion

CHI INFRA Silk Infusion

Incredibly silky and light, CHI’s hair serum will revitalize your hair with its proprietary blend of silk amino acids, keratin, wheat, and soy proteins. This serum ultimately strengthens and protects your hair from environmental aggressors while also taming frizz for silky-smooth results. Really great to have specially if you are using CHI flat irons to straighten your hair.

For more alternatives to HerStyler hair serum, read our 18 best hair serums to find more.

Bottom Line

Hair is subject to a lot of damage. Sure, a repair shampoo helps, but a more solid leave-in treatment is tremendously advisable. HerStyler Argan Oil Hair Serum could be the ultimate weapon to fight frizz, damage, and dryness.

It is formulated to maintain your tresses’ vitality and prevent damage caused by heat or humid environments. Eventually, with diligent use of HerStyler serum can deliver the softness, and healthy hair you deserve. If you routinely use this serum, we recommend using a detox shampoo to remove residue and build-up.

Hope this HerStyler hair serum review gave you all you need to know about the product. Hit us in the comment section with any questions or thoughts. Click here if you are ready to make an informed purchase based on science and real-life user reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does HerStyler hair serum do?

This styling serum is packed with argan oil to instantly eliminate frizz, flyways, and tangles. It is also enriched with vitamin E which is great to repair damage and aloe vera to hydrate your hair.

Which serum is best for hair regrowth?

HerStyler VitaOil Biotin Hair Serum is designed to specifically promote hair growth and reduce breakage. You can use it together with Argan Oil Hair Serum for ultimate results.

Can I use hair serum daily?

It is best to use HerStyler hair serum on special days or the days you wash your hair. Also, make sure to apply the serum in moderation or a dime-sized amount to the mid-length to ends.

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