L’ange Hair Reviews: Their Best Products to Achieve Glossy Locks

L’ange Hair Reviews: Their Best Products to Achieve Glossy Locks

This post was most recently updated on May 6th, 2023

You’ll need a versatile flat iron to get varied stunning hair looks such as Adele’s loose curls or Kim Petras’ stick-straight locks at the Grammys 2023. Whether you’re in the quest to get curls or straight locks, L’ange has what you’re looking for. And, in our L’ange hair reviews, we cover their best styling tools along with the benefits backed up by real-life user reviews.

L’ange aims to make your routine simple as it should be. They offer lots of hair care products that protect and enhance your locks. To discover more about L’ange hair care products, let’s start with a brief introduction about what the brand stands for.

Picture of L'ange hair products

L’ange Hair at a Glance

Founded in 2017 by Dalia Lange, L’ange Hair strives to make the beauty industry more inclusive in terms of innovative styling tools and salon-quality hair care regardless of hair type or texture. L’ange is meant to simplify your daily hair care routine with the belief that “getting ready should be fun, easy, and affordable.”

Thus, L’ange releases its top-tier products involving the latest technology, trends, and designs for all hair types. They also come up with tips & tricks; the know-how to style and take care of your hair on their social media. Ultimately, you’re empowered to express your self-confidence and reach your hair goals.

Picture of different L'ange Hair products

Since L’ange focuses on hair care, they also work alongside The Susan G. Komen Foundation, HairToStay, and The Rapunzel Project to provide education about reducing hair loss due to chemotherapy and funding breast cancer research.

In the next section, we cover the features of their bestseller products.

8 Best L’ange Hair Care Products

If you often deal with endlessly tangled strands, L’ange will make your routine easier by providing plenty of hair care and hair styling tools.

In this section, we cover 8 popular L’ange products that may help you achieve shiny, luscious locks when stepping out the door:

  • Le Duo 360⁰ Airflow Titanium Styler
  • Selecte Thick It Cream
  • Aplatir Ceramic Flat Iron
  • Le Cordless Glide Rechargeable Flat Iron
  • Le Vite Ceramic Straightening Brush
  • Glass Hair Thermal Blowout Primer
  • Le Volume 60MM 2-in-1 Titanium Brush Dryer
  • Salt + Séa Texturizing Spray

Let’s take a closer look at them one by one.

Best 2-in-1 Benefits for All Hair Types (Iron)

Le Duo 360° Airflow Titanium Styler

Le Duo 360° Airflow Titanium Styler in Pink


  • Suitable for all hair types, textures, and lengths. Best suited for mid-length or longer hair.
  • 2-in-1 benefits: Straightens and curls hair without getting tangled, since it has a 360° swivel cord.
  • Made of titanium plates with rounded edges that can heat up from 280⁰F to 430⁰F.
  • Equipped with built-in fan and cooling air vents to emit cool air and set hairstyle quickly.

Crafted to create stick-straight, waves, and curls, L’ange Le Duo is great to save you some storage space and money too. Le Duo 360° Airflow Styler has a unique design with hot plates in the center and ventilation for hot air to flow, helping to lock in your style quickly.

Le Duo 360° Airflow Titanium Styler in black

It is equipped with titanium plates to ensure quick heating for a smooth and glossy finish. Although you can achieve all hairstyles, people with coarse, thick hair may take a bit time-consuming to get the perfect look. In case you want to use the built-in fan, it will be noisy during the process.

What Customers Loved: “This is the perfect 2 in 1 straightening and curling tool! It heats up quickly, has built in fans for your hot hair, and is super easy to use!”

What Customers Did Not Like: “The settings are not easy to adjust and as you’re using it, it is easy to bump the settings and turn it off.”

Best for Volume (Cream)

Selecte Thick It Cream

Selecte Thick It Cream


  • Suitable for all hair types and lengths, best suited for fine and thin hair.
  • Delivers voluminous hair, hair thickness, frizz-free, and wave or curl definition.
  • Enriched with Coconut Oil and Wheat Amino Acids to nourish and boost your hair’s shine, volume, and moisture.
  • Free of sulfates and parabens. Not gluten-free.

Designed for people with fine, thin manes, this lightweight cream helps you to instantly create a long-lasting body for your hair, reduce frizz, and lock in your hair’s moisture. It is infused with Coconut Oil to help reduce split ends and breakage and Wheat Amino Acids for hair repair due to external damage.

Selecte Thick It Cream being used

Since it contains oil, this cream may be a bit sticky and leave a greasy appearance on your hair. The best thing you can do is just apply it from mid-length to ends. Avoid the scalp, hair roots, and top of your head. It is better not to use this cream too much if you don’t want it to weigh down your hair.

What Customers Loved: “This product makes my hair feel thicker and adds body without weighing it down. My hair still has movement and shine.”

What Customers Did Not Like: “The price is a bit much.”

Best for Thin and Fine Hair (Iron)

Aplatir Ceramic Flat Iron

Aplatir Ceramic Flat Iron


  • Suitable for all hair types, best for fine to medium hair.
  • Effortlessly straightens and curls your hair, leaving frizz-free and shinier hair.
  • Made of tourmaline-infused ceramic plates with rounded edges. Adjustable temperature: 240⁰F to 450⁰F and heat up in less than a minute.
  • Equipped with an ON/OFF switch, dial temperature adjustment, and a long 360⁰ swivel cord.

Whether you want loose waves, blowouts, or ultra-sleek locks, Aplatir Ceramic Flat Iron is all you need. This tool comes with Negative Ion Technology to seal the hair cuticles from within for a sleek, glossy, and frizz-free finish. Rounded edges allow hair to glide without snagging or damage.

The detail of Aplatir's setting

The sleek, ergonomic design makes twisting and turning much easier to create waves and curls. Aplatir Ceramic has no automatic shut-off mechanism. The temperature adjustment is a dial not digital, and sometimes it is easy to accidentally move up or down, ending up giving you inconsistent heat.

What Customers Loved: “With this straightener, I was able to keep it straight for almost 3 days with touch ups. Hair was very smooth and silky.”

What Customers Did Not Like: “On-off switch is inside near the plates so must be careful when turning it off so you don’t burn yourself.”

Best Travel-Friendly Option (Iron)

Le Cordless Glide Rechargeable Flat Iron

Le Cordless Glide Rechargeable Flat Iron


  • Good for all hair types and textures, best suited for curly, thick, and coarse hair.
  • Straightens and curls your hair for up to 55 minutes of styling time on a single charge.
  • Made of rounded titanium plates with adjustable temperatures of 200⁰F to 450⁰F.
  • Equipped with plate lock for comfortable storage, airplane mode, heat-resistant silicone cover, and USB-C charger.

Le Cordless Glide sets you free from long wires and is sleek enough to fit your suitcase for on-the-go styling. With a heat temperature of up to 450⁰F, Le Cordless is great for touch-up or all-over styling on coarse and thick hair. On a single charge, this flat iron gives 55 minutes of styling time and even can be used while charging.

This cordless flat iron is super flexible to make waves and curls without getting tangled in wire. L’ange Le Cordless Glide performs very well at taming frizz and flyaways for a sleek finish. But, this bulky tool is a bit heavier than the ones with cords.

What Customers Loved: “I’m always running late and on the go. This flat iron is very handy so I can finish my hair when I leave the house.”

What Customers Did Not Like: “It’s kinda heavy.”

Best for Damaged Hair (Brush Iron)

Le Vite Ceramic Straightening Brush

Le Vite Ceramic Straightening Brush


  • Great for all hair types and textures, but not very suitable for short hairstyles.
  • Straightens your hair just in a single stroke, leaving frizz-free hair and long-lasting sleekness.
  • Designed with Negative Ion and Far Infrared Heat Technology for easy application and preserving hair’s moisture.
  • Equipped with a 30-minute automatic shut-off, cool ceramic brush tip, and adjustable temperature (170⁰F to 450⁰F).

This multi-tasking tool is great for use on days when frizz seems unavoidable. Along with negative ion and far infrared heat technology, the brush straightens your hair while also sealing the cuticles to preserve moisture and tamp down frizz. So, it may be a good option for damaged hair that minimizes the use of hot tools.

The detail of temperature adjustment of Le Vite

This brush is also great for sleek touch-ups on already-styled hair. With its fast-heat plate and cool-tip, the Le Vite 2-in-1 Brush cuts down your time to get your hair done for work without burning your scalp. But, it may not work on short hairstyles like pixie cuts and cannot be used on damp hair.

What Customers Loved: “With this brush I’m able to get it as close to the hairline as possible. It doesn’t burn. It works very smoothly. My hair doesn’t snag. And it works very quickly.”

What Customers Did Not Like: “I have thin hair with some curls. It didn’t straighten as well since there’s no tension on the hair. Would work better on thicker hair.”

Best for High Shine (Primer)

Glass Hair Thermal Blowout Primer

Glass Hair Thermal Primer


  • Good for all hair types, textures, and lengths, best suited for thick, coarse, frizzy, and prone-to-frizz hair.
  • Heat protector that instantly smooths your hair and tames frizz with a mirror-like finish.
  • Enriched with Calendula and Camomile to protect hair from heat damage and boost shine.
  • Free of sulfates and parabens.

Sleek, high-shine locks have been storming our feeds, especially since Hailey Bieber and Kim Kardashian rocked Instagram with their “glass hair.” Glass Hair Thermal Blowout Primer is designed as a prep to get radically sleek, glossy results by blocking out humidity and moisture before blow-drying your hair.

Glass Hair Thermal Primer being sprayed

The Glass Hair Primer is also beneficial to protect your tresses from heat as well as calm frizz and flyaways. It is oil-free, which doesn’t weigh down your hair or make it look limp. The scent might be a bit strong if you are not a fan of the fragrance. If you find it a bit sticky, try not to overspray next time.

What Customers Loved: “I like the value of my hair having a glossy look and smooth feel.”

What Customers Did Not Like: “Only drawback is the smell. Wish it were more pleasant.”

Best Multi-Tasking Tool (Brush Dryer)

Le Volume 60MM 2-in-1 Titanium Brush Dryer

Le Volume 60MM 2-in-1 Titanium Brush Dryer


  • Suitable for all hair types, textures, and lengths, best suited for shoulder length or shorter hair.
  • 2-in-1 benefits: Effortlessly dries and styles your hair, giving a frizz-free and silky-smooth finish
  • Made of titanium barrel with two sizes: 60mm and 75mm. The 75mm oval barrel may be ideal for shoulder-length or longer hair.
  • Three customizable settings to control heat and set style: Cool, low, and high. Each pack includes a protective cover and cleaning brush.

Le Volume is a one-and-done solution to get a salon-like blowout at home. Every aspect of Le Volume’s design has its own purpose. The tug-resistant bristles give you the right tension to create smooth styles and help detangle locks. The titanium oval-shaped barrel softens your hair on the flat side of the brush and adds volume on the round side.

This tool is suitable for thick, curly, and coarse hair. But the process may take more time than for those who have fine to medium hair. Plus, this brush cannot be used on wet hair, so make sure you towel dry your hair to remove excess moisture.

What Customers Loved: “This tool makes it super easy to style my long curly hair. My hair is softer and less frizzy.”

What Customers Did Not Like: “I feel like the speed is a little bit low and takes longer to style.”

Best for Beachy Waves (Spray)

Salt + Séa Texturizing Spray

Salt + Séa Texturizing Spray


  • Suitable for all hair types, best for oily, fine, wavy, and curly hair.
  • Formulated to add shine, boost the body for instant thicker-looking hair, and define waves or curls.
  • Infused with Sea Salt, Kelp Extract, and Glycerin to absorb oils while keeping your hair moisturized.
  • Free of alcohol, sulfates, parabens, and silicones.

When you need a little boost of your hair volume and texture, Salt + Séa Texturizing Spray is perfect to achieve that goal and leave a touchable finish. Formulated with mineral-rich Sea Salt, this spray absorbs oils that make your hair look greasy. It is also infused with Glycerin to retain hair’s moisture and reduce frizz.

Salt + Séa Texturizing Spray

Since Salt + Séa Spray is great to reduce the look of limp hair, it seems great for oily hair. But, dry hair may need to reduce the frequency of use to prevent brittle. Although it’s enriched with moisturizing agents, you should give your hair a deep conditioning weekly to balance your hair moisture.

What Customers Loved: “Product enhances waves and curls without feeling sticky or having a buildup.”

What Customers Did Not Like: “I was hoping for a nice scent and adding volume.”

These are the 8 best L’ange hair products for different hair types and textures. We cover their features, benefits, and pros & cons for you to decide if it’s a great investment for you.

In the next section, we provide authentic reviews to back up our L’ange hair reviews.

L’ange Hair Reviews with Pictures

To determine if L’ange is the best option for you, it is worth taking a look at real-life user experiences. We provide pictures for better visualization of the results on different hair types, hair lengths, hair colors, etc.

L'ange hair reviews: Results after using Le Duo 360° Styler

Results of a hairstylist who uses Le Duo 360° Styler to straighten and create beachy waves for her clients. “This is so easy to use,” she said.

L'ange hair reviews: Results after using Selecte Thick It Cream

Results of a woman with curly, thin hair after using Selecte Thick It Cream. Her hair looks fuller afterward. “I actually have curls!”

L'ange hair reviews: Results after using Aplatir Flat Iron

A woman with thick hair uses Aplatir Flat Iron to straighten and curl her hair. “I love that I can adjust the heat setting also,” she wrote.

L'ange hair reviews: Results after using Le Cordless Glide

A woman who uses the Le Cordless Glide for all-over styling and touch-up. “…even if I am not at home in front of the mirror I can do it in the car.

L'ange hair reviews: Results after using Le Vite Brush

An adult woman using Le Vite Brush to straighten her daughters’ hair who have wavy and coily hair types. “This brush works amazing. It’s simple and quick,” she said.

L'ange hair reviews: Results after using Glass Hair Primer

Results of a woman with wavy hair after using Glass Hair Primer before blow-drying her hair. “…weightless, smells great, and helps tame my mane,” she wrote.

L'ange hair reviews: Results after using Le Volume Brush Dryer

Results of a hairdresser who uses Le Volume Brush Dryer to create blowouts for her clients. “It helps eliminate frizz and gives so much volume.”

L'ange hair reviews: Results after using Salt +Séa Spray

Results of a woman using Salt + Séa Spray to help define the curls after curling her hair. “My curls last for up to 4 days.”

L’ange receives many positive responses from customers who have different hair types and hair goals. Their product is also used by professionals for clients who want to get salon-style hair results.

Let’s jump to the next section to compare L’ange to its competitors.

Alternatives to L’ange

When it comes to picking hair tools or any hair care products, you won’t find it hard since almost every hair care brand offers top-tier products.

If you’re looking for alternatives to L’ange, in this section we look at hair styling products offered by Paul Mitchell, Conair, and Revlon.

L’ange Aplatir vs Paul Mitchell Ion Smooth Flat Iron

Picture of L'ange Aplatir and Paul Mitchell Ion Smooth Flat Iron

Both L’ange Aplatir and Paul Mitchell Express flat irons are equipped with Negative Ion Technology to preserve hair’s moisture and control frizz for silky-smooth results.

Paul Mitchell offers two options of plate size: 1.25″ and 1.5″. If you have very thick and coarse hair, then you can go with the Paul Mitchell Pro Tool, since L’ange is ideal for fine to medium hair. The Paul Mitchell Express is also equipped with an automatic shut-off for your peace of mind.

However, L’ange offers a sleek and chic design, making it perfect for traveling. When it comes to pricing, L’ange Aplatir is almost three times more affordable than the Paul Mitchell Express. But, if you want to level up your flat iron, then Paul Mitchell is the best fit.

L’ange Le Duo 360⁰ Airflow vs InfinitiPRO by Conair® Cool Air Flat Iron

L'ange Le Duo 360⁰ Airflow and InfinitiPRO by Conair® Cool Air Flat Iron

The similarity between L’ange and Conair is that both are equipped with floating plates and cooling air vents to lock in the style and minimize damage.

L’ange is designed with titanium plates, plus, the maximum temperature is higher than Conair. So it is ideal for thick, coarse, and curly hair. Meanwhile, Conair is ideal for fine, thin hair, since it utilizes ceramic-coated plates.

Conair is designed with automatic shut-off for safety, while L’ange is not. Conair offers a more affordable option than L’ange. But when it comes to designing, L’ange wins the position of sleek, light, and ergonomic design.

L’ange Le Volume vs Revlon One-Step Brush Dryer

L'ange Le Volume and Revlon One-Step Brush Dryer

In terms of performance, both are great at delivering professional-looking blowouts with just one tool.

However, if you have thick and coarse hair, you may be preferred to pick L’ange since it is made of titanium instead of ceramic. Revlon has a wider barrel than L’ange, so the application may be faster too. Revlon One-Step is boosted by Ionic Technology to help hair dry fast and reduce heat damage.

If you stretch your budget thin, Revlon One-Step is a great option for you. However, it doesn’t feature a silent operation like L’ange does. Plus, if you’re looking for a travel-friendly brush dryer, then L’ange should be the best option since Revlon has a bulky and heavy design.

Click here to read our full review of Revlon One-Step Brush Dryer.

For more alternatives, check out our 10 best hair straighteners article to learn more about their pros and cons.


L’ange offers lots of premium styling products that make your hair care routine easier. We have covered the 8 best L’ange hair care products along with their features and pros & cons. Each is designed with innovative technology for excellent performance, giving your hair a frizz-free and silky-smooth finish.

Here is a recap of our 8 best L’ange products:

Product NameBest ForMaterial / IngredientsProsCons
Le Duo 360⁰ Airflow Titanium StylerMid-length or longer hairTitaniumStraightens, waves, and curls in one toolThe built-in fan is noisy
Selecte Thick It CreamFine, thin hairCoconut Oil and Wheat Amino AcidsInstantly delivers volume, frizz-free, and wave/curl definitionA bit sticky
Aplatir Ceramic Flat IronFine to medium hairTourmaline-infused CeramicStraightens and curlsTemp dial is easy to accidentally move up or down
Le Cordless Glide Rechargeable Flat IronCurly, thick, and coarse hairTitaniumStraightens and curlsHeavier than the one with cords
Le Vite Ceramic Straightening BrushLong, dry, and damaged hairCeramicDetangles and straightensNot suitable for short hairstyles like pixie
Glass Hair Thermal Blowout PrimerThick, coarse, and frizzy hairCalendula and CamomileInstantly smooths and tames frizz with a glossy finishOverpowering scents
Le Volume 60MM 2-in-1 Titanium Brush DryerShoulder length or shorter hairTitaniumDries and styles for blowout lookCannot be used on wet hair
Salt + Séa Texturizing SprayOily, fine, wavy, and curly hairSea Salt, Kelp Extract, and GlycerinAdds shine and defines waves or curlsMay not be suitable for very dry hair

Hope our L’ange hair reviews were useful to help you determine if the brand and the products are worth investing in. Leave us in the comment section with thoughts and questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which hair straightener is the best?

To determine which is the best hair straightener depending on your hair type and textures. If you have fine to medium hair, you can opt for Aplatir Ceramic Flat Iron. Le Cordless Glide Flat Iron is ideal for thick, curly, and coarse hair.

Is L’ange made in the USA?

All of the L’ange products, from hair care to hair tools, are manufactured in the US using high-quality raw materials to get the best products for customers.

Which straightener is healthiest?

If you’re looking for the healthiest straightener, you may want to consider L’ange Aplatir Ceramic Flat Iron and Le Vite Ceramic Straightening Brush. Both are designed with Negative Ion Technology that helps seal cuticles to preserve hair’s moisture and minimize heat damage. This is why both are also suitable for damaged or easily damaged hair.

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