Matrix Total Results Review: So Silver Shampoo for Neutralizing Yellows

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Blonde hair can be so much fun, but it’s notably high maintenance, especially as it can get brassy super fast. Enter Matrix So Silver Shampoo, which can help refresh the beauty of your blonde hair style. This Matrix Total Results review is for you to decide if this is the product to rescue your blonde or silver hair.

Discover all you need to know about the shampoo, ingredient breakdown, authentic reviews with before and after pictures, disadvantages, and alternatives to the product to find the right fit for your hair.

Matrix Total Results Review - So Silver Shampoo Picture and Benefits

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Effortlessly eliminate stubborn yellow or brassy tones on blonde, silver, and platinum hairMay strip your natural oil, leaving your hair mane feeling dry, especially if you don’t use a conditioner
Provides effective cleansing while also leaving your hair smoother and shinierThe purple pigments may stain your hands, fingernails, and bathroom tiles
Free of parabens, MI/MCI, propylene glycol, gluten, and common allergy-causing preservativesContains Dimethicone, a non-water-soluble silicone that may build up and leave your hair heavy

Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo Overview

So Silver Shampoo is ideal for anyone with white, platinum, naturally or bleached-blonde, and silver hair who notice unwanted dullness, yellow, or brassy tones in their hair. To rebalance your hair color tones, the purple shampoo helps boost the cool tones to neutralize the warmth thanks to violet-rich pigments in the formula.

  • If you’re a brunette who has highlights or “bronde” hair color, blue shampoo like Matrix Total Results Brass Off is your solution. It helps get rid of undesirable orange tones and brighten up your hair color tones. It is ideal for dark blonde to light brown hair to keep your brunette hair cool and ashy.
  • If you have dark brown or black hair and want to eliminate red tones caused due to bleaching, sun exposure, or hard water, you should pick Matrix Dark Envy Green Shampoo to help add cool tones to dark hair.
The color wheel for hair toning - matrix total results review

Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo boasts a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 41,645 reviews on Amazon, which shows the trust users have put in this product at delivering an illuminated blonde look. Whether you have a honey blonde shade or deal with yellow tones, So Silver Shampoo leaves your hair refreshed and super shiny.

However, those with extremely dry, fine, coarse, coily, and high-porosity hair may find it too drying, given that this shampoo contains SLES that can strip out the natural oil. Make sure to add a conditioner, a deep conditioning mask, and hydrating serum to your volumizing hair care routine to help improve your hair’s moisture and shine.

Next, let’s find out the application for So Silver Shampoo.

How To Use Total Results So Silver Shampoo

First and foremost, So Silver Shampoo should not be used every day like your daily shampoo. Besides its drying effects, the shampoo may leave a lilac-silver hue on your hair, which can be a disaster. We recommend using it either once or twice a week in place of your everyday shampoo to upkeep the cool tones.

  1. This product contains ingredients that may cause allergic reactions on your skin or scalp. Doing a patch test 48 hours before using this shampoo is recommended.
  2. Wear a pair of disposable gloves to prevent the pigments from spraying onto your hands.
  3. Nozzle out a generous amount of shampoo to wet or damp hair and work from roots to ends so that the product holds well.
  4. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing. Don’t leave it too long to prevent a lavender hue added to your hair, especially if your hair is ultra-fine and porous.
  5. Follow with a hydrating conditioner or the So Silver Conditioner for extra smooth and hydrated hair.
  6. If you notice a violet tone in your hair, that’s a sign to opt for a clarifying shampoo like Matrix Total Results High Amplify Root Up Wash Shampoo to remove the brassy tones.

So Silver Shampoo has a creamy texture with a strong, deep violet color. It creates a very nice, silky lather and leaves your hair clean and soft without weighing your hair down. The scent isn’t the best, but isn’t too bad either and doesn’t linger after rinsing. The pigments also easily stain your hands and bathroom tiles if not washed out immediately.

Matrix So Silver Total Treatment

Now, let’s check the price of the product.

Where to Buy Matrix So Silver Shampoo?

Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo retails for $20 for 10.1 fl oz/300 ml (1.98 / Ounce). It is pretty reasonably priced considering you’ll get a large amount of product If you’re looking for a jumbo size, you can opt for a 33.8-oz bottle of So Silver Shampoo for $40 (1.35 / Ounce) – save more and get more!

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10.1 fl oz option:

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33.8 fl oz version:

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To get maximum results for more manageable and smooth hair while also reducing frizz, you’re going to need the So Silver Conditioner which costs $20 for 10.1 oz. You can also buy them as a duo for $40 (10.1 fl oz) or $80 (33.8 fl oz).

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Next, let’s take a look at the ingredients.

Star Ingredients in Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo

Besides focusing on the latest trends in the hair care industry, the brand also provides hair products that are formulated with safe ingredients. So Silver Shampoo itself is free of harsh chemicals, such as Parabens, MCI/MI, Lanolin, Gluten, Propylene Glycol, and top common allergy-causing preservatives, which can make a bad impact on you.

Given below is the ingredient list of the shampoo.

Key Ingredienta in Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo
SolventWater, Hexylene Glycol
SurfactantSodium Laureth Sulfate, Coco-Betaine, Cocamide MIPA
EmollientGlycol Distearate, Dimethicone
Viscosity ControlSodium Chloride, Carbomer, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride
PreservativeSodium Benzoate
ExfoliantSalicylic Acid
Perfuming AgentFragrance
ColorantCi 60730/Ext. Violet 2
BufferingSodium Hydroxide, Citric Acid

The above table indicates that So Silver Shampoo lacks moisturizing ingredients, which is why you should finish with hydrating hair care. However, it is infused with emollients like Dimethicone, a silicone that is typically used to reduce tangles and give your hair a soft appearance. Since it’s non-water soluble, use a detox shampoo to remove the residue and build-up.

One of the standout ingredients in So Silver Shampoo is salicylic acid, which acts as an exfoliant. It is beneficial to improve your scalp condition and reduce dandruff. It works by dissolving dead cells on your scalp and reducing excessive oil (sebum) on your scalp.

Another main ingredient of this shampoo is Ci 60730/Ext. Violet 2, a synthetic violet-colored colorant that’s used to impart the color of the product. It also acts as a neutralizing agent that cancels out yellow or brassy tones on blonde hair. This ingredient is usually produced from petroleum or coal tar source, and coal tar is known as carcinogenic. However, Ci 60730 is safe when added to the rinse-off products.

According to the EU Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC, Ci 60730 is allowed in cosmetic products except those that can come into contact with the mouth, nose, or eye areas. So, rinse immediately and thoroughly if the product runs into your eyes. It also may cause skin rashes and hives, that’s why you should do a skin test before using this shampoo.

Next, let’s check out real-life user reviews.

Reviews and Ratings of So Silver Shampoo

With more than 41.6K ratings on Amazon, many users praise this in-shower treatment for its reliability in helping reduce the appearance of yellow and improving a salon-level bright blonde look. Most importantly, over 31K users gave it 5 stars, which may encourage you to try this one. Here’s the rating by feature:

  • Value for money: 4.2 stars
  • Scent: 4.0 stars
  • Sheerness: 4.0 stars
  • Softness: 3.9 stars
  • Moisturizing: 3.8 stars

Now, let’s take a look at the results from real-life users with different hair colors, hair types, hair textures, etc.

Matrix Total Results Review - So Silver Shampoo - 1
Results of a woman with naturally blonde hair who has had some hair dye incidents. After only two uses, the strong yellow tint on her hair is removed and her hair turned to a beautiful beige-blonde color.
Matrix Total Results Review - So Silver Shampoo - 2
Results of a brunette woman who lightened her hair and used a purple shampoo for the first time. After a few uses for one and a half months, her blonde hair color looks lighter and softer.
Matrix Total Results Review - So Silver Shampoo - 3
Results of a girl with curly hair who had copper tones on her blonde hair. Compared to other products she tried in the past couple of years, the So Silver Shampoo works much better. The copper tone was entirely washed out after only 3 uses.
Matrix Total Results Review - So Silver Shampoo - 4
Results of an Asian woman with wavy hair who bleached her hair to do a silver balayage. She applied ¼ of the bottle to her dry hair and left it on for 30 minutes before lathering it up. The brassiness is completely gone and she instantly got a nice honey-ashy blonde.
Matrix Total Results Review - So Silver Shampoo - 5
Results of a woman with brassy, dull blonde hair after only one use. She used the shampoo on dry hair and left it on for 3 minutes. She lathered it up and let it sit for an additional 2 minutes before rinsing. The yellowish started fading and her blonde hair looks brighter.

Next, let’s check out the disadvantages of the product.

Possible Side Effects and Disadvantages

After reading many real-life reviews and taking a look at the ingredients, the Matrix So Silver Shampoo may not be suitable for everyone. This is because some ingredients may interrupt your hair or skin health. Here are some adverse effects and disadvantages of the shampoo:

  • The product may dry out your hair due to the nature of Sodium Laureth Sulfate which can strip your natural oil. It is advised to use it once a week and pair it with a conditioner or hair mask to help moisturize your hair strands. For alternatives: Moroccanoil Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo.
  • You may experience swelling, rash, or hives since the shampoo contains synthetic colorants that have a moderate risk of causing skin sensitivities. Make sure to perform a patch test 48 hours prior to application and always wear gloves.
  • The shampoo is super pigmented and will stain your skin, floor, and bathroom tiles.
  • It is also not fragrance-free. You can opt for Four Seasons No Nothing No Yellow Shampoo as it is free of fragrance, gluten, paraben, and colorant.
  • This shampoo may leave build-up over time since it contains a non-water-soluble silicone. Some also noticed it makes their hair greasy, but you may want to try Matrix Total Results High Amplify Dry Shampoo to keep your hair fresh and add volume in between shampoos.

Always double-check the ingredients before using the product to avoid any unwanted effects. Next, let’s check out the alternatives.

Alternatives to Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo

If you’re in search of similar purple shampoo to Matrix, you may want to consider our picks. They are offered by L’Oreal Paris, Fanola, and Bold Uniq.

L’Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Purple Shampoo

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L’Oreal Paris EverPure won’t let you down for a sulfate-free purple shampoo. It is infused with Hibiscus to provide moisturizing effects for your hair while also reducing yellow or brassy tones. Not to mention it’s vegan and free of parabens and harsh salts.

The price is also much more affordable than Matrix since you can get a 6.8-oz bottle of shampoo for only $7.99. It also has become one of the most popular shampoos on Amazon, which sits at 4.4 / 5 stars and received more than 22,233 ratings.

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

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Made in Italy, Fanola No Yellow Shampoo helps tone down your warm tones thanks to its extra violet pigments. Additionally, it is also formulated with antioxidant grape extract and silk protein ingredients to promote healthier-looking hair. However, it’s not sulfate-free.

When it comes to pricing, it costs you $13.98 for 11.83 fl oz, which is more affordable than Matrix. This shampoo also has the highest no. of reviews out of all, which is over 57,314 reviews on Amazon, and sits at 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Bold Uniq Purple Shampoo

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Not only is it free of sulfates and animal testing, but Bold Uniq is formulated without mineral oil, phthalate, parabens, formaldehyde, and animal-derived ingredients. This purple shampoo is also packed with Vitamin B5 derivative to soften & volumize your hair and UV Filters to protect against color fading caused by UV exposure.

You can get this shampoo for around $22.66 (11.5 fl oz), which is a bit pricier than Matrix. It has a rating of 4.3 / 5 stars from 51,029+ reviews on Amazon.

Final Verdict: Effortlessly Tones Down the Warmth and Deliver Shiny Locks

Thanks to the neutralizing pigments, you can easily get well-toned blonde or silver tresses without spending more bucks in a salon. It also provides effective cleansing for your hair so you don’t have to double wash your hair. Unfortunately, this shampoo is a bit strong, which may strip your hair’s moisture if over-used.

Hope this review was useful to give you all details about Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo. If you have any questions or thoughts, drop them in the comment section below. For more on Matrix, check our article about Matrix’s top products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Matrix Total Results Shampoo good for your hair?

If you have natural blonde or blonde-treated hair, Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo can be a great at-home treatment to reduce brassy tones on your blonde hair in-between salon sessions. The downside is that it may dry out your hair, so always use a conditioner and any hydrating hair care to rebalance your hair’s moisture.

Does Matrix Total Results sulfate free?

No, it contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate that may strip your hair, especially if you have extremely dry, porous, and ultra-fine hair.

Is Matrix good for damaged hair?

If you have damaged hair and are looking for a solution to prevent further breakage, you may want to try Instacure Anti-Breakage Shampoo which is designed for all hair types and split ends. If you have bleached-blonde hair that’s damaged, you can opt for Unbreak My Blonde Shampoo

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