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Nioxin System 6 Hair Care Kit

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Nioxin products are backed by over 30 years of dedicated independent research. In addition, you’ll be happy to know that Nioxin has the support of the Institute of Trichologists, the foremost professional association for the study and science of hair in the world. 

So, as we delve into reviewing Nioxin’s products, let’s start with a list of some of the causes of hair loss that Nioxin products help you to solve. They include:

  • Genetics 
  • Stress and trauma 
  • Nutrition and diet 
  • Health concerns or medication 
  • Environmental factors 

Now let’s dive right into the review.

What is Nioxin?

Nioxin Products

Nioxin is a hair care and scalp treatment system that was launched in the ‘80s by Eva Graham. After experiencing hair loss during her pregnancy, Eva made it her mission to help both men and women keep their hair full and healthy. Although the company was later bought by Procter and Gamble, Nioxin’s products are still used in salons around the world and by many individuals in their homes. 

Another interesting fact is that in 2017, hair stylists and clients voted for Nioxin and it won the Favorite Fine/Thinning Hair Line award at the 2017 Stylist Choice Awards for the 16th time in a row.

Nioxin Hair Products 

Nioxin has an array of products for thinning hair. If you’re looking for shampoos for thinning hair, thickening styling products to hair growth products, Nioxin’s got you covered. 

Treatments for hair thinning 

The Nioxin System kits are the most popular products by the Nioxin brand and we’ll look at them in detail. 

This particular set of Nioxin products is divided into 6 sets depending on the nature of your hair and comes in a 3D care system that contains:

  • Nioxin Clean Shampoo for thinning hair
  • Conditioners for hair thinning 
  • Scalp & hair leave-in treatments for hair thinning 

With so many Nioxin systems kits to choose from, how do you know which one is for you? We’ve broken down each system with a short summary to help you make that decision seamlessly depending on the nature of your hair: natural, colored, treated, and so on. 

Take a look.

Nioxin 3 Part System No.1

Nioxin System 1 is perfect for light thinning, non-colored hair. 

This product amplifies your hair texture and protects it against breakage. Because it is formulated as a hair thickening treatment, it gives you denser-looking hair and strengthens your hair, reducing breakage. 

Nioxin 3 Part System No. 2

Nioxin System 2 is perfect for progressed thinning, non-colored hair.

The Nioxin System Kit 2 is great if your hair is thinning and non-colored and you want it to be fuller thicker and resilient against damage and breakage. It also helps clean, optimize, and treat your hair and scalp. 

Nioxin 3 Part System No. 3

Nioxin System 3 is perfect for light thinning, colored hair.

This Nioxin kit leaves your colored hair denser-looking with vibrant color. Nioxin System 3 is great for removing follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids, and environmental residues in your hair. It also leaves your hair moisturized and protected. 

This volumizing Nioxin System 1 regimen reduces hair loss that is caused by breakage and strengthens your hair, while refreshing the scalp and delivering a healthy shine to your natural hair with light thinning.Therefore, this product is perfect for you if you suffer from hair loss due to hair breakage, for example caused by environmental factors.

Nioxin 3 Part System No. 4

Nioxin System 4 is perfect for advanced thinning, colored hair. 

The Nioxin System 4 delivers thicker, fuller hair by removing fatty acids, follicle-clogging sebum, and environmental residues from your hair. Also, it provides you with moisture balance and color protection for your denser-looking hair. 

Nioxin 3 Part System No. 5

Nioxin System 5 Hair Care Kit

Nioxin System 5 is great for light thinning, chemically-treated, bleached, permed, or straightened hair. 

The Nioxin System 5 kit helps you get fuller-looking moisturized hair by amplifying your hair’s texture and restoring the moisture level while still providing protection to your colored hair. As with the System 4 kit, it removes fatty acids, follicle-clogging sebum, and environmental residue from your hair. 

Nioxin 3 Part System No. 6

Nioxin System 6 Hair Care Kit

Nioxin System 6 is great for progressed thinning, chemically-treated, bleached, permed, or straightened hair.

The Nioxin System 6 kit helps you get fuller-looking moisturized hair by amplifying your hair’s texture and restoring the moisture level while still providing protection to your colored hair. It also removes fatty acids, follicle-clogging sebum, and environmental residue from your hair.  

Please note that each shampoo works differently for each set depending on your hair type. The cleanser however removes dirt and debris that would otherwise block your hair follicles and actively removes follicle-clogging sebum that often contains the hormone DHT that affects hair growth. Therefore, if you’ve heard that the Nioxin cleanser also promotes hair growth, this is why. 

You can choose to buy the shampoo separately or buy the whole kit for your specific hair type. 

Although Nioxin has numerous other products as detailed on their website, here are some popular ones that you may find useful: 

Nioxin Hair Growth Supplements

The Recharging Hair Growth Complex is a multi-nutrient blend complete with biotin that helps support your normal healthy-growing hair from the insight out. You can think of this Nioxin hair product as Santa’s little helper for your re-growing hair. 

Nioxin Purifying Exfoliator

This gentle exfoliation product is suitable for both men and women and works as a scalp recovery treatment. For great results, apply to your scalp in a grid-like pattern as you massage for 6 minutes. Rinse off once done and repeat the process every 30-45 days.

Nioxin Dermabrasion Treatment

This Nioxin treatment is an anti-aging scalp dermabrasion treatment that helps regenerate and revitalize your scalp through skin exfoliation. Think of it like a scalp facial as it removes build-up on the scalp and restores it to good condition. However, the Nioxin dermabrasion treatment is only for in-salon use. 

Nioxin Thickening Gel

Do you have short to mid length hair and looking for a firm hold? This Nioxin product is for you as it volumizes your hair for a soft but strong hold. For maximum results, apply 1.5 inch of the product onto your palm and work it through your damp hair. Blow dry and style as you desire. 

Nioxin Hair Thickening Spray

This hair thickening spray adds texture to your hair and boosts the volume from the roots to the ends to give you that fuller-looking style. With this Nioxin spray, you can make styling your hair more manageable and give your hair the grip it needs. On Amazon there is also a bundle to buy the Thickening Spray + Thickening Gel together.

Nioxin Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women

This hair growth treatment for women reactivates your hair follicles thereby stimulating hair growth. For best results, apply one mL using the provided dropper directly onto your scalp, where you are experiencing hair loss at least twice a day. 

Nioxin Hair Regrowth Treatment for Men

This hair regrowth treatment for men is best used along with the Nioxin 3-step system of your choice. If you have a receding hairline, you can use this treatment as it helps with advanced hair thinning including thinning on the crown and receding hairlines. 

Nioxin Deep Protect Density Hair Mask for Damaged Hair

This Nioxin product conditions your hair while combatting hair loss no matter your hair type. You have curly hair? It’s got you covered. Suitable for dry or colored hair, it provides maximum protection and strengthens your hair shafts thereby reducing breakage. 

Why Use Nioxin Hair Products?

Nioxin hair products are for anyone who has suffered hair loss or hair thinning and would like to try something that might help. We understand that experiencing hair loss is a frustrating experience but we believe that if you’re reading this, you’ve taken the brave step to do something about it. 

As John F. Kennedy says, “There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.” Nothing is set in stone, and if your hair is thinning and you’d like to strengthen it, Nioxin hair products are for you. Whether it’s thinning locks or alopecia areata, these tested, tried, and trusted products are here for you. 

Some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy from using Nioxin hair products include:

  • Better blood circulation to your scalp that will allow essential nutrients and oxygen to nourish your scalp.
  • Reduced inflammation which is a red flag in autoimmune conditions such as alopecia
  • A dandruff-free scalp.
  • Blocking of DHT.
  • Healthy shiny hair promoted by the antibacterial and antifungal properties. 

How to use Nioxin?

Since Nioxin products are mostly centered on your scalp, it may be a good idea to treat your scalp like you do your face. This means extending the same care and attention that you give your face to your scalp. 

Here’s a 3-step process that you can use to treat your scalp.

  1. Cleanse

The first step is to clean your scalp using the minty-smelling shampoo to get rid of the excess sebum on your scalp. Fortunately, the shampoo lathers well so simply massaging it into your scalp from the roots for a minute or two should do the trick. 

2. Optimise 

Think of this second step as moisturizing your hair after a good wash. Apply a pea-sized amount of conditioner onto your mane and gently comb it paying special attention to the ends of your strands. After 2-3 minutes, and once you’re satisfied with the results, rinse. 

3. Treat

This last part is all about pampering. Use the Nioxin Scalp Treatment to pamper your scalp and protect it from external pollutants that may harm it. Divide your dried hair into desired sections and spray the treatment into your hair while gently combing with your fingers. There’s no need to rinse out the product. 

Nioxin Side Effects 

Does Nioxin have side effects? Yes. We’d be lying if we didn’t give you some forewarning about the side effects you might experience while using these Nioxin products. Although some are totally normal, some may catch you off guard. 

Because the Nioxin products contain so many ingredients, there’s a larger chance for allergic reactions. As mentioned in the products section, the shampoo lathers quite easily. A big reason for this is because of the detergents and sulphates it contains. These ingredients can irritate your scalp and cause itchiness, but you can easily overcome that by some simple home remedies

You may also be allergic to some of the ingredients so it’s important that you check the ingredients against your known allergies. Nonetheless, because the ingredients in Nioxin products are non-prescription and generally mild, you can be rest assured that severe reactions are rare. 

Some other side effects other than irritation include: 

  • Dry/brittle strands
  • Reddened scalp 
  • Cooling, tingling sensation 
  • Increased hair fall in initial stages (also known as hair detox so don’t freak out when this happens in the initial stages)

Unless you are allergic to any of the active ingredients, you shouldn’t worry about these Nioxin side effects as they are completely normal. However, if the side effects become too persistent, kindly consult a specialist. 

However, according to healthgrades, you should stop using the product and ask a doctor if you experience any of these very rare symptoms:

  • Unwanted facial hair growth 
  • Excessive scalp irritation and redness 
  • Chest pain, rapid heartbeat, faintness or dizziness 
  • Swelling hands and feet 
  • Sudden, unexplained weight gain 

Nonetheless, unless they are on the extreme side, these side effects are normal and a reflection that your scalp is getting used to the new treatment. 

Nioxin Alternatives

Some Nioxin alternatives for hair thinning include: 

Revivogen MD Bio-Cleansing Shampoo for Thinning Hair

This cleansing shampoo for thinning hair will leave your hair feeling clean without stripping all the moisture from it. Therefore, unlike the Nioxin shampoo, you can use it on its own without having to use another product for moisture. Besides, its peppermint smell will leave you feeling fresh and ready to kick-start your day.

Phyto Phytocyane Fortifying Densifying Treatment Shampoo

Do you want to add volume and texture to your hair? This Nioxin alternative ensures that you get the volume you desire for your thinning hair. In addition, like the Revivogen above, it leaves your hair well-moisturized with a great shine to give you the confidence you need to go through your day. 

Pura d’Or Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Biotin Shampoo

The Pura d’Or is an anti-hair thinning shampoo that is well-tested and proven to reduce hair loss no matter how advanced the progression. Your scalp is up for a real treat as this shampoo is packed with essential vitamins and fully hydrates your hair. This Nioxin alternative will leave your hair strong, thick, and with a lot more volume. 

Also read our articles on hims, Viviscal, Ultrax Labs shampoo options for hair stimulation for more reviews.

Nioxin Before and After Pictures and Results 

Hair thinning and hair loss has a huge impact on our lives no matter what is causing it. Because hair plays a big part in our self-identity, seeing your hair change when you look in the mirror can affect your confidence levels. Therefore, seeing your hair improve and your bald patches disappear can boost your confidence. 

We’ve compiled some before and after pictures of Nioxin users from the Nioxin website as well as Amazon. Seeing the experiences and results of other users can give you a perspective on the Nioxin product.

What users say

After going through hundreds of reviews of the Nioxin product from both the website and the Amazon website, here are some of the common themes and feedback. 

  • The 3 System kits work best when used together as a whole because each product has its own job to do. 
  • Seeing results depends from person to person but on average most Nioxin users start seeing results after a couple of weeks of use. 
  • Users who have finer hair report that the Nioxin products cause breakages and hair to fall before regrowth happens. This means that if you have fine hair, it may be wise to be patient and to continue using the products even if you’re not getting the desired results. 
  • Some Nioxin users have become skeptical since P&G bought the company and added sodium laureth sulphate to the mix of ingredients. 

Although there are mixed reviews, the general consensus is that the Nioxin hair loss shampoo is very effective for thinning hair. 


We hope that this article has provided you with sufficient information for you to make an informed decision about which Nioxin products is right for you.  

Does using Nioxin always lead to results? 

As seen in the reviews above, seeing results varies from person to person but patience is key when using the Nioxin products. 

We can’t promise results, but we can encourage you to give it a go, and let us know how it goes. Maybe your experience is exactly what someone else needs to hear to feel encouraged. 

If you’ve used any Nioxin products before and you’d like to tell us about it, feel free to leave a comment below! 

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  1. […] Nioxin hair products include an array of hair care and scalp treatment products that have been around since the ‘80s and aim to strengthen your hair and reduce breakages. Whether you have light or advanced thinning, the Nioxin product has 6 sets each with a 3D care system. So depending on the nature of your hair, you can choose the set that works for you. And as opposed to just swallowing a vitamin, you get to pamper your hair and scalp with a cool and effective shampoo and hair treatment.  […]

  2. I have been using Nioxin 1 for quite awhile prior to my chemo/radiation treatments, when I switched to Nioxin 2.
    I have used it three times. I am not certain if I should continue. My hair feels real dry.
    Is this a normal transition issue?

  3. I have naturally white hair — not gray. Will Nioxin change my hair color?

    • Reply
      Layanvi Tennakoon May 22, 2023 at 7:07 pm

      Hi Nanette,

      From our findings, there have been rare reports of users complaining about hair discoloration or their hair turning yellow due to Nioxin. However, we did not encounter specific complaints about white hair turning gray due to using their products.

      It’s important to note that Nioxin products do not contain common chemicals that cause hair discoloration, such as Dithranol, Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), and Selenium Sulfide. However, Nioxin’s Hair Regrowth Treatments are equipped with 2% and 5% Minoxidil. The Mioxidil chemical, on rare occasions, has been scientifically linked to causing hair to grow back lighter.

      To be cautious, you may want to avoid Nioxin products containing Minoxidil if you are concerned about white hair turning gray. Performing a patch test before widespread use can also provide added assurance. Taking steps to protect your hair, such as avoiding exposure to pool water with copper traces, avoiding heavy smoking, and checking for Dithranol in topical skin creams, can also help prevent hair discoloration.

      Please note that we are not hair care experts or medical professionals, so consulting with a specialist is recommended for personalized advice.

      Best regards,

      Reactive Hair Editorial Team.

  4. I recently started using the Nioxin 3 Scalp Therapy Revitalising Conditioner and have experienced a sensation similar to using alcohol rub/deep heat on my scalp. There is also a heavily pungent aroma which causes stinging to my eyes (and if I breath in, to my mouth). Whilst not painful it is extremely uncomfortable and I am not sure if this relates to a ‘dodgy’ batch or if there is a problem with the produce. I am also using the shampoo and have not had any issues.

    • Reply
      Layanvi Tennakoon May 22, 2023 at 6:27 pm

      Hi Sue,

      We apologize for the discomfort you’re experiencing with the Nioxin 3 Scalp Therapy Revitalising Conditioner.

      It’s possible that you may have an individual sensitivity or reaction to certain ingredients in the conditioner, particularly detergents and sulfates, which some users may be sensitive to. To minimize eye irritation, users recommend washing the area around the eyes with warm water after using the product. You may also want to consider reducing the frequency of conditioner usage to see if it makes a difference.

      However, if the problem persists or becomes more severe, we strongly advise seeking professional guidance. Consulting a dermatologist or healthcare professional will allow them to examine your scalp and provide personalized advice based on your specific situation. They will be better equipped to address your concerns and provide appropriate recommendations.

      Please note that we are not qualified medical professionals, and it’s important to rely on the expertise of healthcare professionals for accurate and personalized advice.

      Best regards,
      Reactive Hair Editorial Team.

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