Nutrafol Reviews – Does It Really Regrow Hair in 3 Months?


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Do you suffer from hair loss and hair thinning? Are stress and anxiety the cause of your hair loss? The fact is that there are many reasons for hair loss/thinning in both men and women, ranging from strict dieting, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, emotional trauma, illness and more. However, the question remains – how to stop hair loss? After thorough research which included canvassing the internet for multiple Nutrafol reviews, here we review Nutrafol’s hair supplements to determine if it your solution to hair loss. 

Now the million-dollar question is, does Nutrafol actually work?

Read this blog post in full to understand all the nuances around Nutrafol’s products for hair loss and hair thinning issues. 

Before and After Nutrafol Review Pictures

Trying to figure out if Nutrafol’s supplements are what you require seems confusing and overwhelming when you have countless options to choose from! 

Also, the question remains, whether it is actually beneficial to you or if you’re just facing a placebo effect. The company claims that Nutrafol battles hair loss on many fronts. But is it best at what it does? 

Well, there is no doubt that the supplement consists of abundant ingredients with proven benefits. 

Have a look at some customers who had their problems solved by utilizing Nutrafol’s Hair Wellness Program.

Nutrafol Instagram Influencers – Does it work them?

Anyone who has an Instagram account has probably come across celebrities and renowned stylists such as Helena Hodne, Joe Zauzig or Caroline Labouchere, and many more who are using Nutrafol’s natural hair growth supplement

Many users were inspired after seeing impressive photos of their IG influencers flaunting thick, long, and shiny hair; before and after photos showing tremendous hair growth.

Let’s hear it directly from the customers who transformed their hair after using Nutrafol to know if it has really benefited them or if the product is just hyped.

Journey of Jack after using Nutrafol

Jack says as he reached his mid-40’s, he started noticing a sudden change in his hair. What was previously a full head of thick hair was visibly thinning. He consulted doctors and burned through many hair loss products before using Nutrafol. A colleague recommended it to him. He says “…the relief in discovering something that really works for you after the long chase is truly fortunate.”

Soon he scheduled an appointment with Nutrafol and discussed his situation with the Nutrafol experts. He was run through a hair mineral analysis initially and also learned how gut health and lack of nutrients in the body had a direct impact on hair health. Based on the test results, he planned to change his diet and started taking the Nutrafol GrowthPlan daily.

His words: 

“I frequently come in for my scheduled session every three months, and we would take photos. After using Nutrafol for nearly 6 months, I started to observe my hair was getting fuller, something which I have not experienced with my previous hair medications so far. Once I hit my one-year mark of using Nutrafol, I felt my hair was noticeably thicker, and my family and friends complimented me about that.”

Emily’s Nutrafol review after using it

Emily says, Being a new mom and a dermatologist by profession, she observed her hair wasn’t as voluminous as it was before. After consuming Nutrafol, her hair was noticeably dense and fuller, especially around the temple area where she had faced severe thinning. She confidently says her hair is healthy and much shinier. She can’t stop thanking the creators of Nutrafol!

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The Story Behind Nutrafol 

Nutrafol is a hair supplement created for both women and men suffering from hair loss. The manufacturer claims that its distinctive formula is one of the most widespread and scientifically sophisticated hair loss supplements available in the market.

The hair supplement aims to target two exact causes of hair loss:

  • Increased stress hormones
  • Inflammation

By focusing on these specific causes, along with the typical nutritional culprits, Nutrafol proves to be better than other hair growth supplements. They call this natural formula as ‘nutraceutical,’ and it contains four tested ingredients, which differentiates it from many famous hair loss supplements.

  • I am on my third month using Nutrafol and will be continuing it. I started with two pills every day, though they recommend four pills a day, but I needed to ensure if I could handle it and the ingredients would not have any adverse reaction on me. I suggest you do the same.
  • Having used it for a week with no issues and reactions, I switched to full dose. Fortunately, I have seen pretty impressive progress so far. I’m glad to buy something worth-while finally. 
  • Additionally, I have used the supplement combined with caffeine-based shampoos and rosemary scalp massage in the night because I strongly believe in curing hair loss inside out. 

Giorgos, along with his co-founders, worked to prepare a safe and useful alternative to hair medicines after facing hair thinning issues in his 20’s. After nearly ten years of research and developing the ingredients of Nutrafol, the supplement has been present in the market for more than two years.

Roland Peralta is another co-founder of this magical hair loss supplement. He is an entrepreneur and a self-defined ‘bio-hacker’ who began biological experimentation and research with nutraceuticals to cure arthritis. Surprisingly, he has dramatically improved his hair and general health.

Along with them, Dr. Kogan, who is an MD with an edge on consolidative hair health and a specialist on the influence of botanicals, stress, and diet. She collaborated with Giorgos and Roland after she faced hair loss because of the stress during medical residency.

All of them were a victim of hair loss, thinning and other hair issues, they designed a product that worked for them and ultimately overweighed the Nutrafol benefits of gender-based hair formula.

What makes Nutrafol legit?

Recent studies directed by the Ablon Research Institute prove that Nutrafol, the natural remedy for healthy hair effectively helps to regrow hair and improve the overall hair quality.

The winning outcome was published in the peer-reviewed highly reputable source for dermatologists across the world known as the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology (JDD).

A team of Board-Certified Dermatologists 

Team who created the Nutrafol formula is led by American Academy of Dermatology certified doctors.

  • Well-known experts in hair loss and anti-aging treatments.
  • Leveraging the newest in biotechnology, their experts make use of patented ingredients to help curb hair loss. 

The Science behind Nutrafol

Nutrafol has a team of leading physicians, researchers, and world-acknowledged scientists. They have analyzed and conducted thousands of hair mineral tests with customers to launch Nutrafol, the first innovation of its kind.

Body systems that play a significant part in hair growth are:

  • Detoxification system
  • Endocrine system (male and female hormones)
  • Adrenal health (stress management)
  • Gut health (digestive system)
  • Metabolic system for energy

The scientists below shared their findings while diving deeper into Nutrafol’s hair supplements.

Zoey: Treatment responds differently for every individual. Some people require extra efforts to support their hair growth mechanisms which is why the most effective approach is the one customized specially for you. 

A particular hormone that is responsible for hair loss is dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The more DHT is in your body, the more you suffer from hair loss. 

However, science hasn’t recognized yet why DHT causes hair thinning. Now, how does Nutrafol help here? Well, the formula in the ingredients focuses on targeting the side-effects of DHT that impact the hair follicle.

Maya: Hair loss is connected to your rate of metabolism. Beneath your hair follicles are hidden inactive stem cells. These stem cells remain dormant through major stages of hair growth. Nutrafol’s natural ingredients boost your metabolism and powers your hair follicles by supporting it all ways.

Frank: Hair loss can be caused by digestive issues. Nutrition is the most important factor to gut health. So, bad gut health affects the health of your hair. Biotin is an essential element for healthy hair, so if your body doesn’t generate enough of it, your hair will suffer. Nutrafol is formulated with Bromelain and Serratiopeptidase, which are popular to promote a healthy inflammatory reaction, digestive health, thus improving hair quality and overall well-being.

I’m fascinated enough by the list of potent ingredients and background to look carefully at the Nutrafol reviews.

More facts about Nutrafol

  • Because of the significant results, Nutrafol has achieved a devoted following from celebrities with hair issues like Hilary Duff and Ashley Tisdale.
  • Nutrafol is highly recommended by reputed salons all over the world as well as popular dermatologists and plastic surgeons.
  • Nutrafol also finds its place in the prominent women’s magazine such as ‘Allure’.

Reviewing Nutrafol’s Three Core Hair Restoration Solutions

Nutrafol has an excellent rating of 4/5 on Amazon and hundreds of reviews. But what people say about their hair growth outcomes is what keeps Nutrafol inspired

Let’s put together what makes it a fantastic supplement for some, and not so good for others.

Amanda’s story

She started shedding her hair badly at the age of 55. Her scalp would show through, and she was going crazy about this. She had already begun Nutrafol five months ago, and she has decided not to stop taking it ever! 

Her hair loss has stopped completely, she can see baby hair growing back on all parts of her head, and thinner spots are looking much better. She started seeing noticeable results after two months of continuous usage. Added to her hair growth, she told Nutrafol improved her overall skin health, including the nails.

Kate’s story

She was diagnosed with alopecia a few years back, it was difficult for her to regrow her bald patches. She tried a bunch of methods such as changing her diet, acupuncture, shampoos, but nothing really helped. After using three bottles, she is much delighted to say that her hair is now growing.

“My thin spots are almost covered and growing constantly. However, I still lose strands of hair in the shower, when combing. Currently using my 4th bottle, but likely to stop it after as it is quite pricey!”

These Nutrafol customer reviews are a bit mixed. Most people love the product stating that their hair loss has stopped. Some customers seem dissatisfied, saying that they don’t see much difference in hair loss. 

The 3 Core Products of Nutrafol

Currently Nutrafol has 3 products in their product line.

Nutrafol for Women

The Nutrafol women’s hair growth supplement improves hair follicles and strengthens hair thickness. 

Key- Characteristics

Hair grows naturally: An excellent formula for women which is 100% drug-free. Medically tested and award-winning hair vitamins to promote hair growth.

Medical Study: About 75% of women noticed a visible reduction in hair fall after using for only 2 months.

Helps Comprehensively: Targets major causes of hair loss in women using natural sources and helps to rebalance the body to promote hair growth.

Nutrafol Women’s Balance

Nutrafol Women’s Balance is a hair vitamin for thicker hair specifically for women menopause support. 

Key- Characteristics

Formulated by Physicians: The new Nutrafol women balance formula supports women during and after menopause. The 100% drug-free elements have clinically resulted in increased hair growth naturally.

Medically-tested Ingredients: It is formulated with maca, known to minimize hot flashes. Other ingredients improve sleep, skin, and encourage healthy aging—noticeable reduction in shedding after using for three months.

Accepted by Physicians: Nutrafol women’s balance hair supplement is taken by more than 1,300 leading top-notch dermatologists and hairstylists. It is suggested for all types of hair. 

Nutrafol Men

Nutrafol Men’s hair growth supplement increases hair growth and scalp density with noticeably less breakage after two months.

Key- Characteristics

Physician formulated: Nutrafol men is an award-winning hair formulation that is 100% drug-free and improves hair growth.

Clinically tested ingredients: Prepared from ingredients proven to promote hair growth, shine, strength, and enhanced texture.

Holistic approach: The ingredients multi-target the main reasons of interrupted hair health in men and promotes healthy hair growth by rebalancing the body.

Trusted formula: Nutrafol for men is the winner of Esquire’s 2018 grooming award. The hair supplement is trusted by more than 1300 leading dermatologists and surgeons. The formula is recommended for all hair types.

Nutrafol Alternatives

Nutrafol is a fantastic choice when it comes to fighting hair loss naturally. However, the high price-tag doesn’t suit everyone.

For people looking for affordable alternatives to Nutrafol, we listed some common, cheaper alternatives to Nutrafol down below.


These hair tablets are the most similar to Nutrafol. However, the main difference is that Tricovit is non-allergenic and is not advertised as a luxury formulation. This difference offers a pocket-friendly substitute to one of the leading hair supplements.


Folexin provides many of the identical basic ingredients that you’ll find in Nutrafol for a fraction of its price. If you are unconvinced about the high price, this is an amazing alternative to try and see if it works for you.


One of the top competitors to Nutrafol is the Viviscal hair supplement. However, Viviscal is slightly cheaper than Nutrafol, but if you look at the ingredients, Nutrafol seems better for treating hair loss as it has more stuff.

Speaking of dosage, Viviscal has smaller capsules and less dosage as compared to Nutrafol which has a somewhat higher dosage.

Also, Nutrafol contains two times more zinc as compared to Viviscal. Does more zinc quantity make it better than Viviscal? Higher zinc levels increase hair growth leading to reduced hair loss.

They both are outstanding products with numerous positive results, but it depends which works better for you in the long-term. Viviscal isn’t very low-priced either, but if you are looking for a slightly more affordable alternative, it will surely work just as well.

Read our review on Viviscal supplements.

Final Thoughts – Does Nutrafol really reverse hair loss? Is Nutrafol worth a shot for the high price tag?

Here are the final comments about Nutrafol:

  • Nutrafol is very upfront about everything.
  • Taking a large dose of four pills might be a hassle for some.
  • It’s scientifically backed up.
  • Many leading dermatologists recommend Nutrafol.
  • Testimonials from real users prove that the product improves the health, growth and thickness of hair.

For all men and women if you can afford Nutrafol, you will see enormous results. Backed with ten years of research and taking into account that it is recommended by renowned physicians – Nutrafol is worth the price!

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