Pantogar Reviews: Does it Really Work?

This post was most recently updated on October 4th, 2020

Are you suffering from hair loss and looking around the internet for treatments that will get back your beautiful hairs? Did you come across Pantogar’s capsules and wanted to see some reviews?

In the vast world of hair loss treatments, capsule treatments are the easiest type of treatments for the consumer. The reason being: simplicity and ease of use.

No need to wash your hair with ten different shampoos and conditioners or go to a dermatoligist specializing in hair loss, you just see what’s in it, research the ingredients and consume as instructed.

In this article, you will discover exactly that. No need to research or look for more Pantogar reviews across the internet, we summarized all our findings down below.

Pantogar Hair Capsules – What is it?

Pantogar’s Hair Capsules essentially do what your body normally would – it provides your hair roots with nutrients that are crucial to grow hair.

Essentially, it transforms your hair roots from being in a state of hair loss back into hair growth (or regrowth in your situation).

Besides the purpose of Pantogar’s Hair Capsules, it’s worth noting that capsules are a lot easier to work with than chemically produced shampoos and conditioners which Pantogar also offers.

Pantogar reviews - Does it really work?

How does Pantogar Hair Capsules Work?

When I started using this hair capsule, I too had my doubts. Then I realized that Pantogar Hair Capsules gave my hair roots and cells the right nutrients and substances that produce hair growth. And, it gave it in the correct dosages periodically.

The Active Ingredients in Pantogar’s Capsules

Thiamin60 mg
Calcium-D-pantothenate = Vitamin B560 mg
Saccharomyces med. (Vigar yeast)100 mg
L-cystine20 mg
Keratin20 mg
Para-aminobenzoic Acid20 mg


Cystine is a form of amino acid. This is responsible for the structure of your keratin in your hair for the most of it. In turn, promoting natural hair growth for you.

Medicinal Yeast

Medicinal yeast comes with a substantial content of required amino acids, enzymes, trace elements and not forgetting necessary vitamins for your skin and hair.

You get a rich source of Vitamin-B, having been very beneficial for your metabolism and hair.

Vitamins in B Group

Vitamin B1 is essential for thiamine, and Vitamin B5 is crucial for calcium pantothenate. All, very important for the metabolism of your hair cells.


Who doesn’t need this? A sulfur-rich protein that makes up the main component of your hair.

How did I use Pantogar Hair Capsules?

Here is the thing that I have realized using Pantogar Hair Capsules. Everybody’s hair life cycle is different. And, that patience is vital.

I can’t expect my hair to grow overnight as it depends on which stage of life my hair growth is. And, how fast my hair will respond to the active ingredients. So, I need to give my hair the natural time to grow back in health.

Another thing that is a critical factor in using Pantogar Hair Capsules, is my diet. Eat the right food, cut down on the damaging food that affects your hair growth. And that is precisely what I tell my patients.

This is not a miracle drug. It comes with natural ingredients and chemicals required for your hair cells.

The regular dose that worked for me was 3 capsules a day for 4 months. I saw results right from the 2nd month. By the 4th month, I could see my hair growth in its natural form. Swallowing the Pantogar hair capsules with little liquid 3 times a day makes sure you are taking the supplements rightly.

What did I see in results taking Pantogar Hair Capsules?

Mostly, I get asked; Is Pantogar only for females? No. Pantogar for male and female is not even a question answered, as it is for both. As long as you are taking the right diet and using the dose correctly, you will healthily see results.

These are the results I saw;

  • Nourished Hair
  • New Hair Growth
  • Healthy Hair Cells
  • Better Scalp

Remember, hair growth is a slow process and expecting all of the above results in less than 2 months is not feasible at all.

Pantogar Side Effects | Are there any?

Now, this is something that needs to be addressed. Having used Pantogar for a while now, I have personally not seen much side effects. Apart from hair growth all over my body. I have never had to shave as many times as I did while using Pantogar.

That proves hair growth right there.

But here is the thing, even if this an over counter product, if you are pregnant or breastfeed, I would advise you not to take it. So, talk to your doctor before using this if you are expecting.

Apart from that, if you are going through any skin disorders or allergies, then do reconsider using this additional hair supplement. Apart from these, I have seen no side effects so far, and neither has many of my patients who have used it.

Where to buy Pantogar?

Pantogar is a medical product, so all pharmacies will be happy to give it to you over the counter. But, you can also avail them online on Amazon. A single pack will cost you around $40, and 3 boxes will cost you approximately $127.

I would suggest you buy the combo pack of 3, as your doses would require that. If you are looking for Pantogar Discount Coupons online, you may find some. But, I would always suggest to but it over Amazon as their deals are authentic. At least, that is how I do it.

Is it refundable? Well, it is not. It is an over counter medical product, so no it is not. Hair growth is a natural process, so warranties are not applicable as all our bodies work differently. But, mainly to make the most use of this product, you need to follow the below two things, as I did.

•    Dietary Fiber is Important – Eat greeneries. Veggies help in absorbing many nutrients. SO, the better healthy food you eat, this hair capsule is set to have a better effect on your natural hair growth cycle.

•    Maintain a Natural Nutrient Level –Always remember, what you feed your body reacts to what you need for your hair growth. So, give yourself the right vitamins naturally from whole foods and see the effects of Pantogar work even better.

Should You Buy Pantogar Hair Capsules?


At the price it comes, it is a definite yes. Unless your doctor prescribes against it. Pantogar has helped my hair health significantly. But, as I said, if you feel any different using it, do connect with your doctor.

And, if it is a hair issue that is prominent, do consult your doctor for treatment.

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  1. I have been using this last 2 months, one more month to go. So, was wondering how long would it take for the full result. I do drink a lot of water and make sure I eat well. If it goes well, will probably order another pack. But, one thing, that is I do feel a little growth and I have been shaving a lot. So, technically, hair does grow. Hahahaha. WHo knows. Let’s see what happens.

    • Well, for hair vitamins to actually work, you have to give it 2-3 months. It really depends on the individual body and the diet. I would definitely advice you to add on more green vegetables in your daily diet, keep adequate
      intake and avoid fatty food.


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