PRIORIN Hair Vitamin Review: Legit or Scam?

PRIORIN Hair Vitamin

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  • Make hair thicker, fuller and shinier
  • Maintain healthy hair
  • Biotin rich
  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Helps in hairfall


  • Only for Women
  • Not suitable for allergic people

There is a common perception that hair loss only affects men. That’s just not true. All around the world, millions of women suffer from hair loss. Besides genetic reasons, hair loss occurs for reasons such as exposure to harmful chemicals and a poor diet lacking in nutrition.

Like a lot of women, I have had issues with damaged hair for a long time and in the last while I started to get more alarmed because my hair was thinning and I started to see hair loss.

I went to my doctor and eliminated any potential genetic issues, which was great news. So that left me with what to do about my problem? 

Priorin Hair Vitamins

Here is the point where I decided to try Priorin Hair Vitamins. Made and produced in Germany, Priorin has developed a vast, documented fan base due to the results you get when taking it.

There is an ongoing debate between firm believers in Priorin compared to Biotin.  Which one works best? It’s a straightforward answer. Well, to begin with, Priorin is a combination of many essential vitamins made to enhance and strengthen hair while Biotin is a single vitamin.

Both do work, however, if you are looking to grow your hair, quicker and naturally in around three months, Priorin is your best bet. Biotin does on average take a little longer to produce the results you need.  Why wait?

Fact: Health experts confirm that a well balanced diet improves hair health.

Just as a disclaimer, I was not paid to write this, and I was not sponsored by Priorin to their product. So, my opinions here are solely derived from my personal experience. I came across Priorin when I mentioned to a friend about my hair loss issues, and she recommend  Priorin. Word of mouth promotion seems to be a big part of why Priorin has become the juggernaut of nutritional supplements for hair loss.

Let’s fast forward two months later:  Here is what I found to be my experience with Priorin hair growth capsules.

My Initial Experience with Priorin

Ok, so being completely honest here, when I first opened the bottle of Prioin I thought “these brown capsules are HUGE.”  Yes, they are big but they are soft and round, so I had zero issues when I swallowed them with water. Easy peasy. What a relief!

How to Break Down the Priorin Capsule Dosages?

As per the instructions on the bottle, Priorin is to be taken twice daily, for 3-6 months. So, I decided to buy a two-month supply.  That was a good choice.

The first day: I took one capsule in the morning after breakfast and the other in the evening, after supper.  So, the whole idea behind these growth capsules is not just to give you natural hair growth when experiencing loss but also to enhance your hair’s regular cycle of regrowth with increased shine and strength. So, if you are losing hair at an alarming rate and even have split ends and breakages, I would recommend Priorin to you.

One of the main reasons why I decided to go for the first two months is to evaluate the effect. I heard good things about Priorin and chose to invest. You can follow this route too if you like what you hear and see with the different reviews out there.

The Cost of Priorin Hair Growth Capsules

For my initial trial, I decided to buy a two month’s supply that has 120 capsules in each pack and also, I lucked out with a promotion for a  free BODi hair strengthening shampoo. Great deal!

I decided to buy it off straight from Amazon because, well, of course, I get to apply additional coupons and offers with my purchase. It’s also the easiest way to get it with super-fast shipping.  I will make it easy for you, you can quickly get the two month supply of Priorin from Amazon right here:

One month – 60 Capsules
Two month – 120 Capsules 

Note: they usually have the 60 capsule pack and the 120 capsule pack so you can do the math and buy enough for however long you want to try it.

My 2 Month Experience with Priorin

One of the things I really love (and you will too!)  about Priorin is that it’s 100% natural. So, there was zero worry about putting strange fillers or other chemicals in my body that I didn’t want.

As the famous saying goes, there is no magic pill for what ails you.  Taking Priorin is not going to give you results without your participation beyond just swallowing pills.  That being said, I want to emphasize the following points and best practices to make sure you get the results you want:

    • Increase your water intake – water is a natural antioxidant and will help the natural vitamins to work better.  A hydrated body is best for healthy hair. Not to mention for all your other organs in the body.
    • Go on an anti-rich food crusade – Believe me, when I say this, a healthy diet is going to make a difference. Your body gives you what you give it. Feed it healthy, whole foods and watch what happens.
    • Get active – Yes! Even brisk walks increase your cardiovascular health and blood flow to the scalp. It’s all connected.
  • Get the Priorin Hair Growth Shampoo for better results – I decided to buy the shampoo to see if I could optimize my hair care regimen. Ok, I wouldn’t say it made a huge difference, but my hair sure does feel smoother. I got it from Amazon, and so can you. It would cost you around $34. I wouldn’t say it is mandatory though. So, if you have the cash, go for it. You don’t need to use a lot, so it lasts a long time.

Month 1 – Experience

The first two weeks were a bit touch and go. I was wondering if I was taking the pills correctly.  

I didn’t see any results and my hair loss was still apparent. However, what I did notice was that my hair did feel a lot thicker.

I could feel the difference when I brushed it out. Priorin was making my hair healthier. But, was it the pills or also my new healthier diet?

Then I realized it’s the combination of both.  Let me break down the Priorin ingredients later for you so that you can understand why.

During the second two-week phase I noticed that along with the thicker hair, I had less hair falling out during my showers.

Ok, now we are talking    I started getting really optimistic and realized I needed to give Priorin more time to work before I jumped to conclusions. I felt the difference in combing my hair too, it was more manageable, and I started to see the split ends repairing also.

Month 2 – Experience

By week 2 of the second month of using Priorin, I notice hair growth. I saw my hair growing almost 30% faster.  Thicker more manageable hair that was visibly healthier.

In the first month, the results were not spectacular, and i didn’t really notice anything. However, by the second month, I did see my hair grow almost to the width of two index fingers.

Priorin Beofre and After Pictures

Priorin before and after 1

Priorin before and After

Priorin Ingredients

I mentioned earlier that Priorin boasts of being 100% natural.  Many people appreciate this and choose Priorin because of this. Why on earth would you put anything full of synthetic ingredients in your body? With Priorin, the four main ingredients are absolutely parabens free, and nothing is artificially added.

Millet Extract

Millet Seeds extract is a  well-documented botanical agent in repairing damaged hair. It is densely rich in the plant sterols.

It’s full of linoleic acid and also milacin that improves the health of your scalp. These help you by repairing skin damage and any form of inflammation. Also, Millet extracts strengthen your roots too.

Calcium Pantothenate

A B6 vitamin and also a principal-agent for the nutrition of natural and healthy hair growth, Calcium Pantothenate boosts your normal hair cycle. It does this by improving the metabolic activity in essential cells in hair – called keratinocytes.


L-cystine, an amino acid which helps to build your primary hair substance, Keratin. Keratin is one of the sole agents that produce new and healthy hair growth.


The Famous Biotin, what has been said about Biotin already that you have not heard? A critical vitamin that builds your keratin for your hair growth, without it or lack of it is going to give you brittle hair.

This is one of the main reasons why it’s a significant player in most natural hair capsule ingredients.

Priorin Side-Effects

Like all things, one product is not for everyone. When it comes to natural vitamin capsules, it really depends on the person and how their body reacts.

For example, I have not seen any side effects while I have taken Prorin. However, that doesn’t mean there is zero possibility of it.

So, if you do notice anything unusual while taking Priorin (rashes, nausea, etc.)  stop taking Priorin and consult your doctor.

Also, if you are pregnant, I would advise not to take any supplements that are not approved by your doctor.

Who Should Use Priorin?

If you are looking to grow your hair quickly, then this is the product for you. Yes! I am aware Biotin capsules do the work too. But Biotin will take longer to show results and Priorin has Biotin in It along with other great ingredients that help build the hair from all angles. I have noticed results in 2 months already, and it’s pretty great.

After my trial investment and seeing the great results, I just bought another 60 capsule pack to finish the three-month course. Once done, I will come back with an updated Priorin review for you guys and let you know how it all worked out.

The last question that is asked and you are probably thinking it, whether

Priorin is legit or a scam?

It is a 100% legitimate product and has been tested with thousands of testimonials online to verify. The results have been proved through clinical studies as well. That is one of the main reasons why I chose this hair growth capsule, as I always have been somewhat skeptical of these products. We all don’t want to spend our hard-earned money on stuff that doesn’t work.

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Final Verdict

I would recommend Priorin to women looking to grow their hair naturally. It worked for me so far, and in 2 months I can confirm that this product will work for you and it’s not a waste of money.

So, if you were looking for hair vitamin capsules that work, Priorin would be your go-to product. It sure is mine at this point.

I would love to hear from people who have used Priorin too; it would help me decide if I would want to continue with this for six months. All in all, I am thrilled with the results and excited to see what month 3 brings me,  One of the best parts about Priorin as well is that it’s not as expensive as other products.

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