Priorin vs Biotin: Which Hair Supplement Can Cater to Your Specific Hair Need?

Priorin vs Biotin

This post was most recently updated on June 12th, 2023

A poor diet can have a detrimental effect on hair loss in us all; men and women.

The chances of hair loss increase if you have a lack of nutrients such as zinc, iron, biotin, and selenium because these are specifically associated with hair loss. 

In this Priorin vs Biotin review, we go into the nitty gritty details about the differences between pure Biotin supplements vs Priorin’s hair supplements to determine which is the right fit for you in terms of affordability, availability, ingredient breakdown, side effects, and overall effectiveness.  

The short story

Priorin Supplements Biotin Supplements 

Various featured Biotin supplements are available
on Amazon with different dosages and other specifications 
$23.96 USD/ 60 capsules
(on Amazon)

$43.90 USD/ 120 capsules 
(on German Drugstory) 

Comparatively a considerable investment
Varied prices on Amazon ranging usually
from $ 6.00 USD and above

You may be able to find a supplement that fits your budget
Since Priorin does not sell directly from their website, you can buy it from AmazonShipped worldwide by Amazon depending on the specific Biotin supplement you are looking for
Biotin DosageBiotin Dosage
100 mcg/ per capsule
200 mcg/ per two capsules (daily use)
Varies according to brand – generally comes in big amounts like 5000 mcg, 10000 mcg in the featured brands on Amazon
Side EffectsSide Effects
Minor side effects such as diarrhea have been reportedMinor side effects such as nausea, cramping and diarrhea have been reported
Reported results of hair growth within 2 months, although Priorin recommends using it for 3-6 months for optimal results
A study shows oral Biotin consumption improves overall hair volume, scalp coverage, and thickness of hair body after 90 days
Who is it for?Who is it for?
Designed for both men and women suffering from hair growth and regrowth problems such as androgenetic alopecia
Differing brands offer supplements for both men and women suffering from hair loss with added benefits of countering brittle nail syndrome, dermatitis, etc.
Additional InformationAdditional Information

The combination of vitamins mean you won’t be taking too much biotin

This is a product predominantly focusing on improving hair health

To see how the Priorin market in USA, Canada, Europe and worldwide differs, check out this article where we go into detail about where Priorin is sold 

Since Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, you don’t have to worry about an overdose because extra biotin will be flushed out with urine

In addition to battling hair loss (alopecia), it helps to improve nail health and counter conjunctivitis, dermatitis and various neurological ailments

However side effects (itchy scalp, skin rashes, etc.) may vary depending on the brand you are using which may have additives you are allergic to.

The Long Story 

Hair growth is important to us all! 

It’s the very thing we’re born with. Since hair is an extension of our personality and style, we want to maintain it long term in a sustainable manner. 

This Priorin vs Biotin review is for you if you are considering hair supplements as a solution to your hair problems. However, when using supplements to take care of our hair we need to know what exactly goes into them, and how it affects us. 

Priorin Hair Supplements and Biotin Hair Supplements both have overall benefits for hair growth and maintenance, but which is better for you?

Let’s get started on resolving that issue for you!

What is Priorin?

Priorin is a hair growth supplement manufactured by the Bayer pharmaceutical company based in New Jersey, USA with 150 years of successful history in the healthcare and agricultural sectors.

Their hair supplement product line includes:

These hair supplements contain the important nutrients; Millet Extract, Calcium Pantothenate, L-Cysteine and Biotin (Vitamin B7), all of which perform specific functions in the body that lead to better hair health.  

Priorin ingredients stimulate and improve hair growth, so that you can battle hair loss effectively.

This fact is proven by multiple good reviews on Amazon and the Germany Drugstore by real life customers:

Therefore, Priorin is a good option for you:

  • If you are not looking for high doses of biotin in your supplements,
  • If you are a woman suffering from hormonally-exacerbated hereditary hair growth disorders (insufficient evidence for effectiveness on men),
  • And if you are an adult suffering from other hair growth and regrowth problems.

The product contains four main medicinal ingredients (as mentioned above) which work wonders on improving the overall quality of your hair, especially important to those suffering from various hair ailments such as alopecia.

But that leaves you with the question; what is this fuss about biotin? We’ll take a closer look at biotin in the next section. 

What is Biotin?

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that is part of the vitamin B family. It is found in small amounts in foods such as eggs, milk, bananas and certain nuts. Your body needs biotin to help convert specific nutrients into energy.

Biotin, in addition to stimulating and improving hair growth, so that you can battle hair loss effectively also offers a myriad of other benefits which we will take a closer look in the next section.

This fact is proven by multiple good reviews on Amazon by real-life people using various featured Biotin supplements. Check here!


It is important to note that if you are consuming biotin in the form of supplements that you have to be careful about the brands because some reviewers talk about having side effects such as itchy scalp and skin rashes due to the brands they have used.

Biotin supplements come in all sizes, shapes, dosage amounts, prices and with additives you may be allergic to. Therefore, you have to carefully consider before picking the supplement that suits you.  

But to make matters easy for you, given below are some of the featured biotin brands on Amazon with good ratings.   

Nature’s Bounty Biotin SupplementBiotin (10,000mcg) with Organic Coconut OilAmazon Elements Vegan Biotin 

NOW Biotin Supplements

Nutricost Biotin (Vitamin B7)

Vitafusion Extra Strength Biotin Gummies

Why is Biotin So Important?

It’s importance because:

A deficiency of biotin affects the production of keratin in your body, which is responsible for new hair growth. Since keratin is the building blocks of hair, this can result in hair thinning, hair loss as well as nail health. 


Research has shown that a severe biotin deficiency, in addition to affecting your hair and nail health can also lead to scaly, red rashes around your eyes, nose, and mouth. This is known as the “biotin-deficient face” by experts. 

Scarily enough:

Even a mild biotin deficiency can also showcase neurological symptoms such as depression, lethargy, hallucination, and numbness and tingling of the extremities! 

If this deficiency affects you coupled with a stressful event or a massive environmental change in your life such as a divorce, a separation, a pregnancy or a new job, it can lead to severe hair loss (alopecia).        

Thus it is vital that your body has the required amounts of biotin to maintain a lifestyle that is not marred by persisting hair loss dilemmas.  

Here is the thing though:

We are NOT recommending you to over-consume biotin. 

While biotin being a water-soluble vitamin limits the risks of overdosing on it because extra biotin flushes out with urine and there is no known toxicity of biotin, you don’t have to consume exuberant amounts of it to see significant changes in your hair.       

There is no recommended dietary allowance established for biotin. Generally, adults over the age of 18 without a biotin deficiency should not consume more than 30 mcg of biotin per day. 

If you DO have a biotin deficiency, pure Biotin supplements are a great option for you. We recommend consulting a doctor for the recommended dosage ideal for you.   

Where Can You Buy Priorin?

Priorin cannot be directly purchased from their company website. There are multiple distributors in different countries and regions.  

The best place we can suggest for you to buy Priorin is from Amazon


Their discounted prices and timely delivery ensure a streamlined customer experience without the extra hassle of communicating with online stores you are not familiar with, and therefore, cannot trust. 

If not, you can always try your nearest pharmacy. 

Where Can You Buy Biotin? 

Biotin is most likely in the foods you eat every day; more of which will give extra nutrients that boost your hair quality. Health experts do confirm that a better diet leads to better hair health

Food items that have biotin in them are:

  • Spinach
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Bananas
  • Nuts
  • Flax seeds
  • Boiled eggs
  • Oily fish 

As biotin is part of the vitamin B family, you can also get it in capsules. For the best places to obtain them, we would suggest the featured page on Amazon for Biotin supplements. 

You can check the price, availability, ratings, dosage and customer testimonials with pictures to come to a decision about which specific brand speaks to you. 


So to sum up this Priorin vs Biotin review, we would like to point out that both types of supplements are great for improvements in hair health. 

The pictures below are proof of how these supplements improve hair growth and regrowth. 

Before and After Pictures of Priorin and Biotin 

Results from Priorin Supplements According to Amazon Customer ReviewsResults from taking Biotin Supplements According to a Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Study

While these supplements improve hair health as showcased above, there are other ways in which they differ. 

Differences between Priorin and Biotin

The differences are that:

This is a product that primarily focus on hair growth and hair regrowthBiotin is a nutrient that counters hair loss, dermatitis, conjunctivitis, brittle nail syndrome and various neurological ailments
Side effects, results and benefits are more transparentSide effects, results and benefits may vary depending on the brand you are using
Have only a small amount of biotinMay have larger quantities of biotin depending on the brand
Price inflexibleHave a large price array 
Ingredients are transparent, fixed and quantifiable Ingredients may vary depending on the brand because some biotin supplements come equipped with additional  nutrients
Results can be seen in as fast as two monthsResults can vary depending on the brand with the average being ninety days 

All of these points have to be carefully considered before choosing the supplement that suits your needs and requirements to see definite results. Everyone’s bodies work differently and you need to pick a product that is effective for you.

For example:

If you have a biotin deficiency, a pure biotin supplement may work well to counter the hair loss that may result from the deficiency. If you do not have a biotin deficiency but is still suffering from hair loss, Priorin may be a good substitute for you.  

Keep in mind that what might be good for someone else might not be for you! 

So please check with your doctor before taking a vitamin. If you do feel anything unusual when taking them, stop right away and consult your doctor. 

Remember that Priorin and Biotin both come equipped with their pros and cons and that neither are quick fixes giving fast results, and you will be rewarded for your patient and intuition with the results you are expecting.  

We hope this comparison will help you make your decision on the Priorin vs Biotin debate to select the supplement that is most suitable for you.

Let us know in the comments; if this helped influence your decision, if you are taking either of these, and how is the experience so far. 

What do you recommend? Let us know! 

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