Priorin vs Biotin – What is better?

There is absolutely no short cut when it comes to healthy hair growth. There is a range of factors that affect your hair vitamin results, even in Priorin Reviews, they will all tell you that. And, the same applies to Biotin for hair too.

Biotin is a member of the Vitamin B family. The deficiency of Biotin which is a key agent in producing Keratin (responsible for new hair growth), causes loss of hair and hair thinning. Biotin is not just used for hair loss but also skin care and nail growth.

On the other hand, Priorin is a combination of essential vitamins like L-Cysteine, Biotin, Millet Extracts and Calcium Pantothenate which are responsible for new and healthy hair growth. Alongside, this combination also helps you prevent hair damage too.

Now when you try to pit-bull both these vitamins, one thing you need to consider, and that is what exactly are you looking for.

So, let’s figure out the major debate between Priorin vs Biotin.

Priorin vs Biotin Compare

Priorin is a hair vitamin product that combines four essential hair regrowth vitamins like Millet Extracts, Calcium Pantothenate, Biotin and L-Cystine. However, Biotin is a pure single vitamin housed in the Vitamin B family and used widely for hair growth, hair loss treatments, nail growth and skin care too.

Priorin vs Biotin

Also, if you are considering a pure Biotin hair vitamin dose then here are a few things to consider;

  • It will take longer
  • Too much of Biotin can actually reverse the hair regrowth process
  • You would be spending far more
  • If you have a terrible diet, then Biotin may be the answer for hair regrowth
  • Biotin is for both male and female

In comparison to Priorin; here are a few things to remember.

  • To see results you need to wait 3 months (minimum)
  • The combination of Vitamins means you won’t be taking too much of Biotin
  • It is more or less the same cost as Biotin hair vitamin capsules
  • A well-balanced diet is essential for Priorin to work
  • Only for women

So, here is the thing if you are considering any of the above hair regrowth vitamins, choose the one that suits your hair requirements.

For example, if you are looking to grow your hair at a faster pace; then Priorin would be your best bet.

Where to buy Priorin?

I personally suggest to buy Priorin from Amazon because of the discounts. Moreover, you are ensured timely delivery too. Or else, you can always try your nearest chemist store.

Where to Buy Biotin?

Biotin can be consumed directly from food but, being a Vitamin B agent, you also get capsules. For best results I would suggest you always check reviews on Amazon before deciding on your brand. There are many brands that produce Biotin Hair Vitamin Capsules. 

Here are some of reliable brands with good reviews.

However, if you are not very regular at a well-balanced diet, then Biotin would probably work just fine for you.

Fact: Health experts confirm that a well balanced diet improves hair health.

Food items you can include in your diet to give extra nutrients to your hair.

  • Spinach
  • Boiled Eggs
  • Oily Fish
  • Nuts
  • Berries
  • Bananas
  • Flex Seeds
  • Salmon
  • And other vitamin B rich food items.

But here is a caution, no matter which hair vitamin you choose, remember that side effects differ from person to person.

So, if you feel anything unusual, then stop it right away and check with your doctor.

I tried to make your decision easier and give you closure on the Priorin vs Biotin debate. Let me know in the comments section how it worked out for you and which one you chose.

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