Propidren Review: Can Propidren Really Stop You from Balding?

Propidren Supplement

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Are you losing sleep because of hair loss? One of the best ways to counter hair loss is to block hair fall. How can you do that? Well blocking DHT is one way to go about it. Yes you read it right. Propidren by HairGeneric contains a revolutionary formula that is designed to stop hair loss by blocking DHT. So we have compiled this Propidren review to help you understand all you need to know about Propidren.

Propidren review:  Picture of the Product

Propidren DHT blockers are clinically proven solutions that basically block DHT (from ruining your life). Hair loss is frustrating enough and you don’t deserve the exhaustion of doing research to find the perfect hair loss solution.

Want to know if Propidren is worth it? Keep reading and we’ll answer all your questions.

What is Propidren?

Propidren by HairGenics is a US based company that offers a line of organic products designed to block the harmful hormone DHT, and thereby putting an end to hair loss. Propidren is for men and women suffering from hair problems caused by excess DHT – shedding, hair loss, thinning, slow growth.

The good news is baldness doesn’t happen overnight (it’s a slow process that takes place over several years). This also means you have several years to stop DHT from attacking those hair follicles.

This is where DHT blockers come in.

HairGenics provides four formulations, both dietary (oral) and topical (application to a localized area on the body) hair loss solutions sporting DHT blockers:

A Quick Overview of Propidren by HairGenics

Products AvailableOn AmazonWhat is it for? 
DHT Blocker and Hair Growth Supplement
60 capsules / 512mg
4.4 out of 5 Stars

9,921+ ratings
To fight hair loss
To strengthen weak and brittle hair
To help thicken hair
To provide essential nutrients for your hair 
Propidren Shampoo
8oz / 236ml
4.3 out of 5 Stars

834+ ratings
To fight hair fall  
To nourish hair with vitamins and proteins  
To help strengthen weak and brittle hair by increasing hair elasticity.  
To induce growth of both your hair and new skin cells, making them healthy and vibrant.
Propidren Conditioner
8oz / 236ml 
4.4 out of 5 Stars

267+ ratings
To brighten dull hair
To reduce and fight hair fall 
To counter brittle and weak hair by creating a protective layer for your hair 
Propidren Topical Treatment  (serum) 
2oz / 60 ml
4 out of 5 Stars

778+ ratings
To fight hair loss
To strengthen brittle hair
Helps thinning hair
To nourish hair and scalp 

Propidren: Pros and Cons

Unsure if Propidren is for you? Here are some commonly discussed pros and cons.


·        Contains several ingredients proven to help hair growth and prevent hair loss (saw palmetto, biotin, etc.)

·        Safe and easy to use

·        Cruelty-free and vegan

·        Provides additional health benefits like healthier skin and nails

·        It also nourishes the scalp


·        It’s a bit expensive

·        Some users complain that it is a slow solution

·        Might require continuous use

What Else Does Propidren Offer? 

HairGenics admits that the product line primarily focuses on blocking DHT  (and the main ingredients are organic DHT blockers). The products (mainly the supplement and the Topical Treatment) contain additional ingredients like Iron and Zinc, to prevent hair fall that might be happening due to other reasons, for instance Iron deficiency. So in addition to DHT blocking, Propidren might thicken and improve your hair (and also your skin and nails).

All about the Ingredients!

Propidren has a promising formula of natural ingredients to stop the secretion of DHT. All the products contain a similar ingredient list, so we will discuss the key ingredients in the products. What impressed us at first is the diverse formula of Propidren, including most of the top ingredients we expect to find in a hair loss product. 

We could divide the ingredients into two groups; Herbal Extracts and Vitamins + Minerals. 

Herbal Extracts

Unlike products with “miraculous secret” ingredients, the Propidren ingredient list is pretty straightforward, with herbal ingredients well known for their hair benefits.

Saw Palmetto 

A powerful herbal DHT blocker which has also proven effective against alopecia (a condition which causes hair to fall out in small patches).

Beta Sitosterol  

This is a plant extract mainly recognized for its role in cholesterol lowering drugs but it is believed that Beta Sitosterol helps battle hair loss by slowing down/blocking the production of DHT.

Horsetail Extract  

Horsetail is a plant that has been around for centuries for its medicinal properties. It is believed that Horsetail might be promoting hair growth due to its silicon content, impact on collagen, and antioxidant properties.


Not only is Nettle said to combat hair loss, but it also contains a lot of nutrients that boost hair growth.


An ancient Chinese herb that is believed to improve hair growth. Fo Ti is believed to nourish the liver and kidneys, in turn improving the blood circulation in the scalp and head, creating healthier hair.

Pygeum Bark 

Another natural DHT blocker found in plant extracts that help to counter hair loss.

Green Tea Extract 

Green tea is full of antioxidants, and using it topically will decrease hair fall and promote healthier growth.


There are three ingredients in the minerals+vitamins formula:


Iron deficiency can cause serious hair loss. Propidren supplements have 25 mg of Iron per serving to take care of you.


Biotin is a highly recommended vitamin for hair health and growth. Propidren supplements have 2 mg of Biotin.


A high quantity of Zinc is believed to stimulate hair follicles. Propidren supplements have 5 mg of Zinc per serving.

These are the key herbal ingredients and vitamins + minerals in Propidren.

Does Propidren work?

Looking at customer reviews and the ingredient list, it’s certain that Propidren has worked in some cases, especially when it comes to reducing hair loss.

But like most good things, Propidren requires patience. We cannot expect results overnight, and the manufacturer recommends a continuous use for at least three months before you notice an improvement.

Some people have testified that combining two or more products (like the dietary supplements and shampoo+conditioner) resulted in faster and better results. Not to mention HairGenics itself recommends using “the complete Propidren Pills, Shampoo and Topical Serum” for best results.

While Propidren’s main goal is to block DHT production, ingredients like Zinc and Iron help hair loss that might be caused due to other reasons. Overall if used right, Propidren has a positive chance of reducing hair loss and boosting hair growth.

Testimonials and Reviews from Verified Customers on Amazon

In the two sections given below, we have highlighted what verified customers on Amazon have to say about their experience with Propidren as well as possible side effects to look out for when you are making a decision about buying Propidren.


Propidren DHT Blocker Supplement Review:

Propidren DHT Blocker Supplement Review

Propidren Shampoo Review:

Propidren Shampoo Review

Propidren Conditioner Review:

Propidren Conditioner Review

Propidren Topical Treatment Review:


Possible Side Effects to Look Out for…

Propidren side effects aren’t common, but like with any medicine it can happen. Mainly these are reactions to certain ingredients, so it’s best to always go through the label to make sure there’s nothing on it that you might be allergic to. Here are some of the reported side effects:

  • Itchiness and redness
  • Mild headache
  • Change in hair texture
  • Constipation and stomach aches
  • Lowered sexual drive

If you experience these side effects, stop using the product immediately and consult a doctor. 

If Propidren is not for You…

 If you think Propidren is not for you, here are some alternatives.

·     Lipogaine

·     Folexin

·     H-Boost

We have also covered reviews about popular hair growth supplements on the market such as Viviscal, Nutrafol, Hairfinity, etc.


Lipogaine Big 5 Hair Stimulating Shampoo for Hair Thinning & Breakage

If you are interested in trying DHT blockers, Lipogaine is a relatively affordable option. At $20-30 price rates, Lipogaine offers several products designed to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. It is designed with Minoxidil 2% and 5% as active ingredients.


Folexin Hair Growth Support Supplement for Women & Men with Biotin

Another product with a similar set of ingredients is Folexin. Folexin is a mid-price range hair supplement currently at $28.35 which strives to support natural hair growth while preventing hair from aging—basically tries to stop hair greying and thinning.


H-Boost Hair Growth Pills I Promotes Rapid Hair Growth

If none of the above is for you, you might want to check out H-Boost. H-Boost is an organic supplement that promotes hair growth. The product claims your hair will grow faster and thicker. At a current price point of $54.99, H-Boost is believed to include additional benefits such as preventing hair breakage, and improving volume and elasticity. Active ingredients in this product are copper, selenium, vitamin C, pantothenic acid.

Our Final Thoughts on Propidren

To conclude our Propidren Review; the product may stop hair loss and boost hair growth, but we need to remember the results will not always be identical.

Most of the ingredients in Propidren are well known and have been used for centuries, and there are studies conducted on its positive impact on hair growth. 

The final decision whether you want to give this product a try is up to you. But you need to remember you will not see results overnight – patience is key. The good thing is, Propidren is highly reviewed on Amazon and if you’re still unsure you can read up a few reviews to help you make up your mind.

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Answering Questions You May Have about Propidren

Before purchasing products to counter your hair loss, you may have questions such as whether the products are safe, how and where to buy it, is it for both men and women, etc. 

Here we have a list of FAQs related to Propriden that answer some of the most asked questions. Hope they help you in making a decision!

Is Propidren safe?

If you take a look at the ingredient list again, you will notice that Propidren contains a lot of natural and common herbs and extracts, making it safe for a healthy person. That said, it’s important to use Propidren strictly as directed and avoid misusing it  (the label of each product carries clear instructions on how to use it).

Who should avoid it?

If you are a pregnant or nursing mother, or if you are on any other supplement/medication or suffering from an illness, it’s good to seek advice from a licensed physician before using Propidren. This product is also not advised if you are below 18.

How big are the pills? Is it difficult to swallow?

The pills are average in dimension, and come in a gelatine cover, making it easy to swallow.

Where can I buy Propidren?

You can try the official HairGenics website, or more easily on Amazon.

How long does the supplement bottle last?

30 days, its a 1 month supply.

Is this product for both men and women?

Yes, according to the manufacturer, the product is for both men and women.

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