How to Reduce DHT Level in Scalp Naturally


After six years of research and going through numerous ways, here is your ‘Absolute Guide’ on how to reduce DHT level in scalp naturally. So, if you are noticing hair thinning and abnormal hair loss, then chances are you would be asking the same questions.

Is it your diet? Or maybe stress. Or perhaps you inherited it. Well, sometimes, it is neither of those.

Well, for the most cases male hair loss results from dihydrotestosterone (DHT).


What is DHT?

DHT is a sex hormone androgen is males. It is responsible for the male genitals and gives male characteristics. Now, this hormone itself miniaturizes hair follicles which directly causes male baldness and hair loss.

reduce dht level naturally

DHT is also a sex steroid. Think about it, and men have deeper voices, more muscle mass, etc. All of these contributes to increasing DHT. It is also responsible for the development of the male sex part and prostate glands.

It is still unclear from scientific studies as to how DHT levels go through the process of hair loss. But there are home remedies to deal with male pattern baldness.

Increased DHT level and male hair loss is a common problem so making lifestyle changes earlier in life help you avoid an abnormal rise in DHT.

What Does DHT Look Like on the Scalp?

You start looking hair on your forehead as your hair follicles keep becoming weaker and smaller. That affects the roots of your hair which in turn cause hair loss and hair thinning. So, if you are looking up on how to identify DHT in your scalp, then you would like to take a look at the image below.

In the image below you can see the male pattern baldness which is caused by DHT.

Foods that Increase DHT

Honestly, any food that increases testosterone in your body will increase DHT. Even though there are minimal studies in making a concrete list of foods that increase DHT.

The idea is about the food that affects the functions of the endocrine system, and also the production of male sex hormones.

But, if you think about it, excessive red meat consumption can affect the endocrine system. So, does stress and aging and your thyroid function, so these are things to remember.

Nevertheless, doctors around the world have narrowed down the below-listed food items that case an increase in your DHT levels. So, maybe controlling your intake of the following foods will work as DHT blockers.

List of Foods that Increase DHT

Animal Organs like liver, gizzards etc.
Processed convenient food

In other words to sum it up, cut down on fried and fast food. The more trans and processed fat you intake, the higher your DHT levels are set to be.

How to Remove DHT from Scalp Home Remedies?

If you are looking for what kills DHT then well there are some home remedies to remove DHT from your scalp. If you come to think about it, DHT is a natural hormone level present in males. It is something that can be dealt with naturally through the kind of food you eat.

That also means, there are home remedies that are helpful in removing DHT from your scalp. Alongside with that, these home remedies if adopted on a regular long term basis and early on in age works as DHT blocker.

So, try these following DHT decreasing tips.

Diet Dictates your DHT Level

Lycopene is a built to be a critical natural DHT blocker. You can get lycopene easily form tomatoes, carrots, mangoes and also watermelons. Chances are a tomato in your sandwich a day with help, but cooked tomatoes are the best way to absorb lycopene.

So, don’t be stingy with those tomatoes, add it to your regular diet as much as possible.

Another food you should include in your diet is cashews and nuts. They are rich in L-lysine and zinc. Both of which are natural DHT blockers. One of the best ways to intake zinc is adding a lot of green vegetable in your food. Kale and spinach are rich in zinc.

You remember when your childhood doctor always told you to eat healthily — this one of the reasons why. Your food is directly related to your hair loss problems.
Green Tea is proven to inhibit DHT.

Green tea comes rich in antioxidants which in turn help block testosterone conversion to DHT. I would suggest going for the long green leaves for green tea. Other hot beverages have the same effect too like black tea and also coffee.

Sugar is everywhere, starting from your candy and pastries to packaged food, even if sometimes they don’t taste sweet. Sugar increases the inflammation and in turn, also increases your DHT level. The worst part is sugar will undo the benefits of every other food you eat.

So, dealing down on all added sugar foods will drastically work as a home remedy to reduce DHT on the scalp.

List of Food that helps in DHT Blockers

  • Pumpkin Seeds or Pumpkin Seed Oil
  • Parsley, Spinach, Cilantro
  • Tomatoes, Mangoes, Carrots, and Watermelons
  • Soy Milk, Apple Juice and Orange Juice
  • Berries, Bananas, Peanuts
  • Salmon

Lifestyle Changes

Change in lifestyle goes without saying. As I mentioned before it is clinically has been proved that stress plays a significant role in increasing your DHT levels. So, here are some DHT blocker exercise to help with the given food diet.

  • Exercise – This majorly helps with your DHT levels. Try to work out at least 2-3 times a week. Even if you walk 20 to 30 minutes, start a proper exercise regime. No, you don’t have to do heavy weights. But, keeping your body active, going on a morning run and push up will always help.
  • Have proper sleep schedule – Plan your day out well. Wake up on time and go to bed on time. Relaxation and getting adequate sleep helps. Having a regular bedtime will regulate your body timing and keep you uplifted throughout your day.
  • Quit Smoking – If you have a high DHT level and smoke, chances are the smoking will increases it further significantly. So, quitting smoking is the first step if you are a smoker with DHT.

So, if you are looking for how to stop DHT from attacking hair follicles think about a solution that solves the root problem. Like the kind of food you eat. The food that causes more acid to cut those out. Move to alkalizing food items like green vegetables.

And, if you are looking for how to decrease DHT sensitivity remember that your diet and also hair hygiene plays a significant role there. You can decrease DHT sensitive in the following ways;

Shampoo – Daily light shampoo will help not just remove dirt and pollution from your hair also reduce your DHT sensitivity by lifting it off your scalp. So, making sure you use the shampoo that suits your hair the best will help.

Purified Water – Hard water can cause DHT sensitivity. So, making sure that you use filtered water to wash your hair can help you deal with your DHT sensitivity.

DHT is a widespread problem among men and for all of these home remedies to reduce DHT will work if you include them daily and stick to your DHT blocker exercises.

If you are looking for some quick solution then you can try these hair vitamins. Some of them are pretty good for hair growth.

  1. HairBurst
  2. Pantogar
  3. Sugar Bear Hair
  4. Regaine

The earlier you make these diet and lifestyle changes, the earlier in life you will be able to deal with the increased DHT levels.

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