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Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye Review: Shortcut to Mermaid Locks

Whether you're naturally blonde or brunette, at some point you may want to commit to trendy rainbow hues. Lime Crime might be an option to get those coveted ...

Got2b Hair Dye Reviews: Shimmering Silver Locks Right at Home

Silver hairstyles have been trending in recent years. If you want to join the silver squad, you should consider Got2b Metallics. Our Got2b hair dye reviews ...

Splat Hair Dye Reviews: Is It Safe to Use?

Today's at-home hair dyes have come a long way with formulas to care for hair and various levels of permanency. Splat offers an easy, affordable way to change ...

Is the Innovative Mofajang Hair Wax Safe for All Types of Hair?

Hair wax allows you to change your color within a matter of days. Not only is it low-commitment, but also damage-free. Our Mofajang Hair Wax reviews discuss ...

Sun Bum Hair Lightener Review: Fun in the Sun

When summer arrives, blondes may call for hair lightener spray to amp up their tresses. This hair lightener angles itself as an easy way to brighten up your ...

Clairol Natural Instincts Reviews: Everything You Need to Know

It is no secret that the market for natural personal care products is rapidly expanding. ‘Organic’ shampoo to soap or ‘natural’ hair dye like Clairol have all ...

oVertone Purple for Brown Hair Review: Does it really work?

So you're thinking about dyeing your brown hair purple and you wonder if oVertone is going to do the trick for you? In this review of oVertone Purple for ...

Pravana Hair Color Review: All You Need to Know Before Buying Their Dyes

The past few years have witnessed a dramatic transition in hair color trends. Whether it’s a balayage or all-over-head color, you can swap your whole look ...

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