Simply Straight Brush Reviews: A Time-Saving Heat Tool to Tame Frizz

Simply Straight Brush reviews

Today, a wide variety of hair styling tools are designed to work faster and easier. The hair straightening brush by JML is an addition to that list. It evenly distributes heat so you can get a smooth hairstyle in a flash. Thus, our Simply Straight Brush reviews discuss whether or not this is the right fit for your hair.

Simply Straight Brush reviews

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We will take a look at the features and performance of the Simply Straight Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush backed up by real-life user reviews.

Simply Straight Brush Reviews – Is it for you?

Simply Straight Brush seems like a desirable heat styling tool as it has multiple functions, such as smoothing, reducing frizz, and even adding volume. Essentially, anyone can use Simply Straight Brush, designed for all hair types (straight to coily) and textures (fine to coarse).

However, you should adjust the temperature setting according to your hair type. The lower setting is recommended for straight and fine hair, while the high temperatures are best suited for wavy, curly, coily, thick, and coarse hair.

Unlike versatile flat irons, Simply Straight Brush is not suitable for those who have short haircuts like a pixie or short bob. This straightening brush also retains your hair volume, which is great for fine and thin hair so it will not look flat and lifeless.

Additionally, Simply Straight Brush is also a great choice for damaged hair because it is less damaging than a flat iron. It doesn’t press heat on your hair between two hot plates, making it gentler and less prone to causing burns.

Next, let’s find out the features of Simply Straight Brush.

Design, Features, and Performance

Simply Straight Brush looks similar to a paddle hairbrush and is both a brush and a straightener. But it is quite heavy. It comes in an oval shape and has 3D ceramic-coated bristles with ball tips that provide an even heat distribution. The bristles are very close together, so you may need to brush very few sections of hair at a time.

the detail of Simply Straight Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush

The straightening brush can heat up to 450°F in less than 8 minutes. It is equipped with a temperature control that allows you to set the setting and an LCD display to show the rising temperature. Other nice features are an auto shut-off safety (in case you forgot to turn it off) and a 6ft swivel cord for easy, tangle-free maneuvering.

the features of Simply Straight Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush

Moreover, Simply Straight Brush works best on hair that has been detangled, brushed, and blow- or towel-dried first. You may not get perfectly sleek results, especially curly hair, but it does work in reducing frizz. If you prefer stick-straight results, it is best to use a flat iron instead. Many reviewers were happy that the brush cuts the straightening time and is super easy to use.

Next, let’s find out how to use this straightening brush.

How to Use Simply Straight Brush?

To actually use this hair-straightening brush, you can start as you would do with a flat iron. It is important to use a heat protectant like JVN’s Complete Instant Recovery Serum Buy on Amazon to maintain the health of your hair shaft. Below are three easy steps to use Simply Straight Brush:

  1. Start with clean, dry hair and part it into small sections, depending on your hair density.
  2. Once the brush heats up, place it close to your roots and brush it through the ends. The temperature can be extremely hot, so style your hair with caution to avoid further damage.
  3. You can always go back to the same section two or three times to get desired results.

In less than 30 minutes, you should be done with Simply Straight Brush (depending on your hair type). Once your hair is cooled down, seal in your style with a hair spray. You may want to consider Color Wow which is also an anti-frizz treatment or L’ange Salt + Sea Texturizing Spray to bring limp hair to life.

Next, let’s check out the price.

Where to Buy Simply Straight Brush?

Currently, you can get Simply Straight Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush for $25.99 on Amazon. If you compare it to L’ange or Revlon, this one is much more affordable considering they have pretty similar features.

Simply Straight Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush, Black/Pink
  • HAIR STRAIGHTENER BRUSH: The ceramic straightener brush features an automatic shutoff after 60 minutes for safety. No more flat iron! THis brush straightens hair damage-free.
  • IONIC HAIR BRUSH: This straightener heats up to 450 degrees and features ceramic-tipped brush bristles that gently relax your hair as you brush, giving you salon quality straight hair at your hands.
  • FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: The ceramic brush hair straightener features an LCD digital display and a 6ft. swivel cord. The compact straightener fits in travel bags for a professional hairstyle everywhere you go.

Unfortunately, this product doesn’t offer any warranty. But it does have a 30-day money-back guarantee that you can apply if the product was broken under shipping. Now, let’s check out the Simply Straight Brush reviews.

The Results: Simply Straight Brush Authentic Reviews with Pictures

Overall, Simply Straight Brush has received mixed reviews on Amazon. Many were happy with its ease of use, while some complained that they still had to use a flat iron to get a silky-sleek finish.

Simply Straight Brush sits at 3.9 out of 5 stars from 3,068+ global ratings on Amazon with over 1.6K ratings being positive. Now, let’s check out the product’s effectiveness on different hair types, textures, lengths, etc.

simply straight brush reviews - 1

Results of a woman with curly, shoulder-length hair after using Simply Straight Brush only for 15 minutes. Her hair looks smoother and has minimal frizz.

simply straight brush reviews - 2

Results of a woman with extremely coarse and thick hair. Although it didn’t give a super straight finish, it did help reduce frizz and only took her about 20-30 minutes to complete the process.

simply straight brush reviews - 3

Results of a teen with coily hair after using Simply Straight Brush with maximum temperature. The product did a really good job and leaves her hair smooth. It also worked nicely on weave (human hair type) and didn’t fry it.

simply straight brush reviews - 4

Results of a brunette woman with wavy hair. It worked quickly in delivering a silky-soft finish and didn’t leave a burning smell at all when she used it.

simply straight brush reviews - 5

Results of an adult woman with thin, wavy hair after processing her hair for about 13 minutes. It made her hair super soft while also keeping some volume.

simply straight brush reviews - 6

Results of a child with curly hair after using Simply Straight Brush. It worked really well on her hair, leaving it looking soft and frizz-free.

Now we know that Simply Straight Brush works well on all hair types, although it may not give super straight locks as the flat iron does. Next, let’s check out the disadvantages of this hair-straightening brush.

Disadvantages of Simply Straight Brush

While Simply Straight Brush seems like a great hairstyling tool, it also comes with some disadvantages. Let’s find out what are the dark side of Simply Straight Brush:

  • When it comes to versatility, Simply Straight Brush has limited uses compared to flat irons. You can also create waves and curls with a flat iron, while this straightening brush can’t be used for such styling.
  • This hair-straightening brush may cause split ends if used too frequently. It is because when you brush your hair, the bristles may snatch your ends which are the weakest structure of your hair.
  • The product is too heavy, which may not be comfortable if you prefer a lightweight hair-straightening brush.
  • Make sure to not use Simply Straight Brush daily. While it’s true this tool only produces less heat than a flat iron, applying heat to your hair every day can cause hair dryness, damage, and brittleness.
  • If you have curly, coily, and coarse hair, Simply Straight Brush won’t give you pin-sleek hair like a hair straightening. You may need to use your flat iron afterward to achieve very straight hair.

These are some disadvantages of Simply Straight Brush you need to consider before buying the product. In general, this brush is safe but we recommend starting with low temperature, especially if you have fine, damaged, or straight hair. Now, let’s check out similar products to Simply Straight.

Alternatives to Simply Straight Brush

If you feel Simply Straight Brush is not your go-to, you’ve always got options. We’ve compiled three alternatives to Simply Straight Brush that help tame frizz and give the ultimate smooth finish. They are offered by InStyler, L’ange, and Glamfields.

InStyler Ionic Styler Pro 2-in-1 Flat Iron & Hot Brush

TYMO Ring Pink Hair Straightener Brush – Hair Straightening Iron with Built-in Comb, 20s Fast Heating & 5 Temp Settings & Anti-Scald, Perfect for Professional Salon at Home
  • The sakura pink wake up your vitality - Tymo ring pink specially designs unique sakura pink for spring and summer hairstyle, makes you feel like you are under the cherry trees in Tokyo. Explore a better self in a limited edition sakura pink, be fearless this season and sculpt a bold summer style, wake up your vitality in life with Tymo hair straightener brush, let your most colorful side shine!
  • Pretty straight hair with 3d denser teeth ①3d teeth - Tymo ring hair straightener brush adopts 3D teeth design that helps straighten even the root of the hair to get a completely straight hair look. ②Denser pitch - Unlike the other bristle brush, the 0.09-inch denser pitch increases the contact area between the teeth and hair, ensures all hair can be heated and closed to the teeth surface tightly, straightening your hair completely.
  • Sleek shiny hair with ionic coating - Tymo enhanced hair straightener comb adopts ionic coating on the heating surface to keep hair shiny and healthy. During the styling process, millions of will be released with the heat and form a protective layer for hair, which effectively reduces thermal hurt to the hair. The extra ionic can deeply repair damaged hair and split ends, help you create frizz-free straight hair.

Two tools in one: open for a flat iron that straightens your hair and close for a heated round brush to add volume and body. This duo styler works best for thin and curly hair as well as short haircuts too.

The InStyler Ionic Styler Pro 2-in-1 features ceramic heated plates and barrels with tourmaline ceramic heated bristles that deliver quick and even heat distribution. It can heat up to 400°F and also comes with an automatic shut-off feature. You can get it for around $49.99, which is a bit pricey.

L’ange Hair Le Vite Hair Straightener Brush

L'ANGE HAIR Le Vite Hair Straightener Brush | Heated Hair Straightening Brush Flat Iron for Smooth, Anti Frizz Hair | Dual-Voltage Electric Hair Brush Straightener | Hot Brush for Styling
  • DESIGNED TO CREATE SMOOTH, SLEEK HAIR – Enjoy hair that’s lustrous and smooth with Le Vite hair straightening brush. No matter what type of hair you have – straight, curly, wavy, or tightly coiled – this hot brush is the perfect way to achieve the straight, frizz-free locks you’ve been looking for.
  • POWERFUL YET EASY TO USE – Combine the power of a hair straightener with the simplicity of a hairbrush in one game-changing tool. On dry hair, all it takes is a single pass from roots to tip at a slow to moderate pace to straighten and seal your strands for the sleek beautiful look you desire.
  • THE LOOK YOU WANT IN MINUTES – Le Vite heats up quickly and evenly, and you can adjust the temperature to the setting you want. This helps cut your styling sesh in half while reducing the risk of damage from overheating. The result is a look that’s lustrous, sleek, and oh-so-ravishing!

The L’ange Hair Le Vite is pretty similar to Simply Straight, except it has a rectangular shape. It is suitable for all hair types, but not for short haircuts.

It is designed with Negative Ion and Far Infrared Heat Technology which straightens your hair without stripping its moisture. It has cool-tipped ceramic bristles, an auto shut-off, and adjustable temperature (170°F to 450°F). It costs you around $55.45 on Amazon.

Check out our full brand review of L’ange to find out more about their best hair styling tools and products.

Glamfields Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

Ionic Straightening Brush, GLAMFIELDS Hair Straightener Brush with Anti-Scald, Anti Frizz, 30s Fast Ceramic Heating, Auto Temperature Lock & Auto-Off, Dual Voltage Straightening Comb for Home, Travel
  • Double Negative Ions: The GLAMFIELDS hair straightening brush seal the hair cuticles and lock in your hairs natural moisture, to eliminate frizz, split ends, knotting and adds shine, repairing the hair quality of harm, make a smooth, silky, natural lustrous look.
  • Advanced MCH technology: Characterized by Heat Quickly, Save Energy, More Durable, Lasts Longer,it heats up within 30 seconds after boot, wider and denser comb tooth also decrease the time of straightening.
  • 16 Heating Modes: 16 heating modes (170℉-450℉) make it suitable for all hair types and volumes, and provide total control for all hair condition and styling needs. It is perfect for a whole family, adults or children, women, and men. You can always find the right settings with GLAMFIELDS professional straightener.

If you prefer to buy it as a kit, you can pick the Glamfields Ionic Straightener Brush which comes with a heat-protective glove, a cleansing brush, and a scrunch pouch. It is suitable for all hair types and textures.

Glamfields is designed with Double Negative Ions and Advanced MCH Technology that quickly seals in your hair cuticles for smooth, lustrous locks. It offers four heat settings ranging from 330°F to 450°F, an automatic shut-off feature, and a 1-year guarantee. You can get it for around $42.99 on Amazon.

Bottom Line: Effortlessly Delivers Soft and Frizz-free Hair

Simply Straight Brush is great to tame frizz while also retaining your hair volume, so it doesn’t look flat. That’s why it’s a great option for thin or fine hair. If you have curly, coily, or coarse hair and are hoping for a silky-smooth finish, you still need to use a flat iron to get pin-sleek hair.

Hope this review was useful and helped you gain clarity about the product. Click the button: Buy on Amazon to purchase Simply Straight Brush and see the results for yourself. Leave us with questions in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use Simply Straight on wet or dry hair?

Don’t use Simply Straight Brush on wet hair. Your hair has to be clean, dry, and detangled before using it.

What are the settings for Simply Straight?

Simply Straight Brush can heat up to 450°F in less than 8 minutes. You can adjust the temperature that suits your hair type or needs.

How do you clean a Simply Straight Brush?

Since it doesn’t come with a cleansing brush, you can use a damp cloth. Gently wipe down the bristles and then follow with a dry cloth to remove water droplets that are left behind.

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