Does Finasteride Lower Testosterone Levels? All You Need to Know!

If you're a man looking for hair loss treatments, you probably have heard about Finasteride. However, many believe that it may cause low levels of ...

When is the Best Time To Take Finasteride?

While the signs of male pattern hair loss can make you frustrated, an FDA-approved medication like Finasteride can help slow and even stop the progress. If ...

Using Glycerin for Hair Care to Better Your Hair Health

Curly, thick, dry, or frizzy hair? Are you wondering if glycerin is good for such hair? Here we cover how using glycerin for hair can actually lead to ...

How to Reduce DHT Level in Scalp Naturally + More!

Hair loss can have many causes. It could be vitamin deficiencies, genes, and even air pollution. But one of the popular causes is excessive levels of DHT. ...

Best Home Remedies & Tips for Hair Fall and Regrowth (2023)

Going for drugs or laser treatment for hair growth might be making you uneasy for several reasons. Luckily, dozens of natural remedies are there to help you ...

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