Viviscal vs Nutrafol: Is Nutrafol Better Than Viviscal?

Viviscal vs Nutrafol: Is Nutrafol Better Than Viviscal?

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If you’re not getting enough biotin or zinc, you may have noticeable hair loss. However, with the right treatment or supplement, severe hair loss can be stopped and hair can be regrown. This Viviscal vs Nutrafol review will show the pros and cons of two popular brands that promote hair growth and regrowth for you to determine whether you want to try one or the other.

viviscal vs nutrafol

Hair loss has many causes. It could be because you dye your hair frequently or as a result of side effects from some medications. Is regrowth possible? Yes, but you need to choose the right hair treatment for your hair.

To make it easy to determine which is better, we’ve created this Viviscal vs Nutrafol review to go into detail about the differences between Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements and Hair Growth Nutraceutical in terms of affordability, availability, ingredient breakdown, side effects, and overall effectiveness.

The Short Story

Viviscal Hair Supplement for Viviscal vs Nutrafol reviewWomen Nutrafol Hair Supplement for Viviscal vs Nutrafol review
$83.02/ 180 capsules
(on Amazon)
$87/ 120 capsules
(on Amazon)
Save 5% when you choose the subscription program and up to 15% on repeat deliveries on AmazonAvailable on Amazon and can be shipped worldwide
Two tablets daily after a mealFour tablets daily after a meal
Side EffectsSide Effects
Possibly cause nausea, skeletal issues, and allergic reactionsPossibly cause nausea, cramping, and diarrhea
Scientifically proven to improve hair thickness and fullness as well as reduce hair shedding within 3-6 months1-3 months: Strengthen hair with less shedding and breakage
3-6 months: Improve hair fullness and volume
6+ months: Faster-growing, thicker, and stronger hair
Who is it for?Who is it for?
For women suffering from hair loss because of hormonal changes, poor nutrition, post-pregnancy, etc.Designed for women suffering from hair growth problems because of stress and hormonal changes.
Additional InformationAdditional Information
Viviscal supplement is 100% drug-free, contains natural ingredients, suitable for all hair types, and is suger free

Contains biotin, vitamin C, iron, and AminoMar, which are great for promoting hair growth
Formulated without gluten, drugs, dairy, soy, hormones, and artificial additives

Visibly thicker lashes and brows, reduce stress and improves sleep

The Long Story

Hair growth is important for our overall health and well-being.

Healthy hair is a key sign of confidence and reflects your entire personality. Genetics does play an important role in maintaining hair growth. But, other additional factors also play a great role, including hair treatment, diet, stress levels, etc.

This Viviscal vs Nutrafol review is for you if you are looking for the best hair supplement as a solution to your hair loss. Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements and Hair Growth Nutraceuticals both have the same overall benefits for hair growth and are so popular in the market. So let’s see which is better, Nutrafol or Viviscal?

Keep reading to find out!

What is Viviscal?

Viviscal is one of the most popular brands that offer hair growth products, including supplements, shampoo, and serums. It’s been mentioned by many celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Miley Cyrus, Rob Kardashian, and Cate Blanchett.

All About the Two Supplements of Viviscal

Their star product is Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements. It is designed for women who want to nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth from deep within.

Viviscal Hair Supplement for Viviscal vs Nutrafol review

But only for women? Viviscal also offers hair supplements for men: Viviscal Man Dietary Supplements.

Viviscal Hair Supplement for Men

Learn More About the Ingredients in Viviscal

Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements contain AminoMar, biotin, vitamin C, and iron. All of these ingredients are great for those who are suffering from hair growth problems.

  • AminoMar is a clinically proven marine complex available exclusively in Viviscal supplements that cannot be found in any other supplement. It provides essential nutrients needed to promote existing hair growth from within.
  • Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that is part of the Vitamin B family. It helps the body metabolize carbohydrates and amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein and essential in the formation of the hair structure.
  • Iron is an important substance that helps produce red blood cells in the body, which carry oxygen to your cells, including hair follicles.
  • So does Vitamin C which helps to absorb more Iron into the blood and can promote hair growth.

Thus, Viviscal is a good option if you are suffering from hair growth and regrowth problems caused by stress, hormonal changes such as menopause, nutritional deficiencies, age, post-pregnancy, genetics, and medication. All of these can impact the health of your beloved hair, and lead to breakage and excess shedding.

Viviscal’s scientists have been doing research for over 25 years to make sure the formula is safe and effective. The most recent clinical trials were conducted to study 72 women that used Viviscal hair vitamins for 6 months. The results suggested a significant reduction in hair shedding and an improvement in hair thickness.

What is Nutrafol?

Nutrafol is a hair supplement designed for both women and men suffering from hair loss. Nutrafol targets key factors causing hair loss, such as stress, hormones, poor lifestyle, metabolism, poor diet, and aging.

All Nutrafol products that are available over the counter are built on a science-backed approach and are clinically tested. This is to make sure the formula addresses the multiple factors of poor hair health and supports certain bio-specific needs. Nutrafol proves to be better than other hair growth supplements. They call this natural formula ‘nutraceutical,’ which differentiates it from many hair loss supplements.

All About the Four Supplements of Nutrafol

Oral nutraceuticals have demonstrated efficacy in promoting modest hair growth in men and women with androgenetic alopecia and may serve as useful adjuncts to current treatments. Check below for their range of products for your different hair care needs.

Women Nutrafol Hair Supplement for Viviscal vs Nutrafol review
Women Hair Growth Nutraceutical
Women Balance Nutrafol Hair Supplement for Viviscal vs Nutrafol review
Women’s Balance Hair Growth Nutraceutical
Nutrafol Postpartum product for Viviscal vs Nutrafol review
Postpartum Hair Growth Nutraceutical

Nutrafol Hair Supplement for Men
Hair Growth Nutraceutical for Men

Nutrafol was launched in 2016 by providing 100% drug-free hair supplements for both men and women. Even though a newcomer, Nutrafol is one of the most popular brands that provide 100% natural-ingredients products.

Learn about the 21 Ingredients in Nutrafol

The hair supplements contain 21 ingredients, with proprietary Synergy Complex as their exclusive ingredient. Synergy Complex is composed of phytoactive with anti-inflammatory, stress-adaptogenic, antioxidant, and dihydrotestosterone-inhibiting effects. This clinically tested complex has been proven to promote overall hair health and hair growth, which makes Nutrafol gain credibility among users.

Not only Synergen Complex, but Nutrafol also contains other key ingredients, such as:

  • Kelp Minerals
  • Resveratrol
  • Horsetail
  • Keratin
  • Vitamin A
  • Biotin
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • L-Lysine

Nutrafol has a team of researchers and scientists that collaborate with prestigious institutions around the world. These prestigious institutions include the University of Vienna, the University of Vigo, Rutgers University, Cornell University, and the University of Bradford. Together they conduct hair wellness research in providing high-quality hair supplement products to promote overall hair health. The winning outcome was published in the peer-reviewed highly reputable source for dermatologists across the world known as the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology (JDD).

Where Can You Buy Viviscal and Nutrafol

You can purchase Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements from Amazon. Amazon have a wide network of logistics for around-the-world delivery and they give you discounts at times.

Also, you can choose a one-time purchase or subscription program. For the subscription program, you can save 5% ($78.87) now and up to 15% on repeat deliveries. If not, you can visit the nearest pharmacy to get one.

As for Nutrafol, you can visit the nearby pharmacy to buy one. But, Nutrafol is also available online. You can buy Nutrafol Hair Growth Nutraceutical on Amazon because you can find various prices and sizes there. There is also a two-month supply option which can be shipped worldwide.

Check the next section to see before and after pictures of verified real-life users who used the products and experienced hair growth.

Before and After Pictures of Viviscal vs Nutrafol

The pictures below are proof of how Viviscal and Nutrafol supplements improve hair growth and regrowth.

Results from Viviscal According to Amazon UsersResults from Nutrafol According to Amazon Users
Before and after using Viviscal for Viviscal vs Nutrafol ReviewBefore and after using Nutrafol for Viviscal vs Nutrafol Review
Julian is a 26-year-old man dealing with hair loss as well as a huge bald spot on the back on his scalp.
He purchased Viviscal Woman’s Hair Growth pills, shampoo, conditioner, and Hair Growth Densifying Leave-in Elixir. After using them, his hair has grown back 75%. He has only been on the products for 3 weeks.
Kate is a 29-year-old female with typically thick wavy hair experiencing hair shedding.
She took the first 2 bottles consistently for two months and noticed new growth and less hair fallout around the 2nd month. Then, she scaled back during month 3 and began to notice her fallout returning.
Since going back on a strict regimen she’s noticed the shedding has stopped and her hair looking so much thicker.
Before and after using Viviscal for Viviscal vs Nutrafol ReviewNutrafol Review from a real Amazon user - 1
Meagan used Viviscal during Covid-19 outbreak because she lost a lot of hair. After three month of use, she noticed that Viviscal reduced the shedding tremendously and started new hair growth. It also helped her fingernails grow faster and stronger.Katie had a bald spot and severe balding on the sides. She’s never had the best hair but, she also has never had her hair fall out. It started falling out after being in the hospital. She started use Nutrafol and these are her results after only 6 weeks.

Final Words: Nutrafol vs Viviscal

To conclude this Viviscal vs Nutrafol review, we’d like to point out that both products are great for your hair health. To make you easily pick which one is better for your hair, let’s take a look at certain features:

  • Ingredients: The special ingredient in Viviscal is called AminoMar. It also has a list of vitamins including vitamin C. Nutrafol has a lot of vitamins and minerals compared to Viviscal including vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin D, along with 21 active ingredients.
  • Amazon Reviews: Viviscal ratings are higher than the ratings for Nutrafol.  Viviscal also has fewer negative reviews compared to Nutrafol. Nutrafol takes about 12 to 25 weeks, while Viviscal can take 12+ weeks to show results. However, some users have mentioned they saw results from Viviscal as early as 3 weeks.
  • Additional Results: Nutrafol can reduce stress and improve sleep within 3 months, and improve lashes and brows thickness within 1-2 months. There is no known significant evidence in a clinical setting to confirm that Viviscal promotes eyebrow or eyelash growth.
  • Price: Nutrafol is a little bit more expensive than Viviscal. Also, Viviscal has 180 capsules per bottle, while Nutrafol only has 120 capsules.

Viviscal is not suitable for people with an allergy to fish or shellfish. Nutrafol also has possible side effects, such as nausea, cramping, and diarrhea. You may want to consult with your doctor before trying these hair supplements.

We hope this comparison will help you make your decision on the Viviscal vs Nutrafol debate to select the supplement that suits you. Now leave in the comment section below, which you’ll pick: Viviscal or Nutrafol?

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