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Wella Colorcharm

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Have you ever thought about getting Blake Lively’s gorgeous blonde hair that stormed the 2022 Met Gala, or looking like Haile Steinfeld who was unrecognizable with her platinum blonde hair at the previous Met Gala? The best toner and hair dye will help you get that stunning, Blake-or-Hailee-blonde look. Read all about Wella Hair Color Reviews here to help you get the perfect color you’ve always desired.

Honestly, you don’t need to go to the professionals to get your hair colored today. Wella ColorCharm gives affordable and fun options for you to dye your hair at home. We cover all you want to know about Wella ColorCharm from the product lines, price, ingredients, real-life user reviews, and more.

Wella Hair Color Reviews - Picture of Permanent Liquid Haircolor Range

Brand Spotlight: Wella Professionals

In 1880, Wella’s story begins in Germany with Franz Stroher who started the company by providing bases for wigs. Over the years, Wella evolved to create innovative hair styling products which now makes it a leading hair color brand. They expand their footsteps to 24 countries, including the USA.

Today, not only hair color but Wella Professionals US also provides hair care and hair styling products. One of their best hair coloring lines is Wella ColorCharm. You can easily find it on Wella Store, Amazon, Sally Beauty, and more. In this Wella hair color reviews article, we take a deep dive into Wella ColorCharm hair coloring lines.

Discover Wella ColorCharm

Wella ColorCharm offers an array of hair coloring and lightening product lines, which are designed with patented technology, especially permanent liquid, and gel dyes, to create vibrant and long-lasting colors. ColorCharm is available in liquid and gel formulas that can be used by all hair types.

Wella Professional also provides ammonia- and peroxide-free hair dye options. Whatever shade you want, Wella ColorCharm is here to make your dream of getting beautiful hair come true without compromising on the quality of the ingredients. Let’s take a closer look at Wella ColorCharm.

Wella ColorCharm Permanent

ColorCharm Permanent colors are available in two formulas: Liquid and Gel, and two variants: Toner and Hair Color. Wella ColorCharm Permanent uses patented technology to create its unique formula. It is called Liquifuse™ and Gelfuse™ Technology. Here’s how it works:

  • Saturates: Hair dye forms a gel once combined with a color activator.
  • Penetrates: When the application starts, the gel penetrates the hair shaft.
  • Fuses: Color molecules fuse and stay in the hair cortex to make the color last longer.
  • The Results: Vibrant, light color, and up to 100% gray coverage.

In this section, we discuss ColorCharm Permanent Toner and Hair Colors. Let’s take a closer look at them one by one.

ColorCharm Permanent Liquid Toner

If you are naturally blonde or color your hair blonde pretty often, you may have heard about toner or probably use them to the correct shade. For those of you who don’t know, here’s a small note on toner.

Wella Color Charm Liquid Permanent Toner

To get the perfect blonde hair color, you can’t just stop the process in the pre-lightening or bleaching stage. After bleaching, the color of your hair might not be the blonde shade you want due to the natural hair pigmentation of your hair.

You need a toner to fix the color to get the blonde shade you want!

Wella ColorCharm Toner comes in an innovative liquid formula for fast and easy application that is suitable for all hair types. ColorCharm Toner uses Liquifuse Technology to saturate, penetrate, and fuse with your hair. ColorCharm Toner is available in 8 options in 3 forms: Ash, Beige, and Silver which is used with ColorCharm 20 Volume Cream Developer.

What is ColorCharm Toner for?

  • Neutralizing brassy yellow and unwanted warm tones after bleaching or in your naturally blonde.
  • Creating a platinum or beige blonde color.
  • Enhancing warm or cool tone at the end of the coloring step.

Check the table below to see the differences between 8 ColorCharm toners.

T14 and T18T11, T15, T27, and T25T10 and T28
Blue, gray, and violet undertonesOrange hair Platinum blonde hair
Adds blonde dimensionDefines lighter hair colorLocks silver blonde looks

How to use: Always perform strand and patch tests before full application. Mix 1 part ColorCharm Toner with 2 parts ColorCharm 20 Volume Developer. Apply to dry hair and let it sit for 30 minutes maximum. Check the strands frequently to see if the desired color has been reached.

Let’s move on to talk about their permanent hair color.

ColorCharm Permanent Liquid & Gel Permanent Hair Color

Unlike ColorCharm Toner, Wella ColorCharm Permanent Hair Color offers convenient, fun coloring at home in two formulas: Liquid and Gel. While toner gives you the solution to go blonde, ColorCharm permanent hair color offers tons of vibrant colors, making your life more colorful.

Wella Color Charm Liquid Permanent Color
Wella Color Charm Permanent Cream Color

With their patented technology, ColorCharm permanent hair dye offers 100+ shades. It delivers an intense gray coverage, long-lasting color, and up to 43% more shine than untreated hair. ColorCharm permanent colors are divided into 5 families: Natural, Ash, Gold, Warm, and Red. If you’re confused about picking the liquid or gel, no worries. Here are the differences between ColorCharm Permanent Liquid and Gel:

Permanent LiquidGel Permanent
Shades68 shades52 shades
Results– Vibrant color
– Long-lasting
– Fade-resistant
– Superior gray coverage
– Vibrant & Conditioning
– Long-lasting
– Fade-resistant
– Superior gray coverage
Application– Bottle
– Best for all-over head
– Can be messy since it flows quickly
– Best using with Liquid Developer
– Bowl and brush or bottle
– Best for highlighting and lowlight
– Does not drip easily
– Best with Cream Developer

How to use: Always perform strand and patch tests before full application. Combine 1 part of ColorCharm Liquid or Gel with 2 parts of 20 Volume Liquid or Cream Developer. Leave it for 30-45 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with normal water.

Using 20 Volume Developer will lift your hair to 2-3 levels, while 10 Volume only delivers minimal lift. To get a more vibrant color, you can use 40 Volume Developer, which can lift color up to 3-4 levels. But make sure your hair can handle the intensity first. Now let’s move to the demi-permanent hair color offerings.

Wella ColorCharm Demi Permanent Cream Hair Color

Do you want to reinvigorate your faded color for a shinier look?

If so, the Wella ColorCharm Demi-Permanent color will give you exactly that. With demi permanent hair color, you’ll can try multiple vibrant colors with less damage than permanent dyes.

Wella Color Charm Demi Permanent Color

Fast facts about ColorCharm Demi-Permanent Hair Color.

  • Easy-to-apply cream form.
  • 21 shades with a palette of Blonde, Red, Violet, and deep Brunette, including Clear shades.
  • Free of ammonia, parabens, gluten, phthalates, and animal-derived ingredients.
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Includes a pleasant scent with shea butter to hydrate your hair while coloring.
  • Quick application; less than 20 minutes to achieve vibrancy.
  • Lasts up to 24 shampoos.

What is ColorCharm Demi-Permanent for?

  • Invigorate your faded color
  • Add tone highlights to your existing color
  • Add shine or gloss with a Clear shade
  • Blend or cover gray up to 50%

How to use: Mix 1 part ColorCharm Demi-Permanent with 2 parts 10 Volume Developer. Let it sit for 20 minutes without heat. Then rinse out with normal water, followed by shampoo and conditioner.

Let’s talk about semi-permanent color options in the next section.

ColorCharm PAINTS Semi Permanent Hair Color

Wella ColorCharm PAINTS offers creative freedom, especially for you if you like to experiment with bright, pastel semi-permanent colors. Thanks to COLORINVENT™ technology, you can be as creative as you like. All colors can be mixed and applied together without foil, creating the vibrant, customized color you desire. The Clear shade itself, allows you to soften bold colors into bright pastels.

Quick facts about ColorCharm PAINTS Semi-Permanent Color:

  • 20 vibrant colors, ranging from blonde to pastel
  • Applicable to all hair types, working best on pre-lightened hair
  • No developer needed
  • Free of ammonia, parabens, peroxide, and animal-derived ingredients
  • Fades beautifully up to 20 shampoos, depending on the intensity
Wella Color Charm PAINTS - Formula Inspiration

Here are some tips you may want to try:

  • Start your hair color with no darker than a Medium Blonde. If you want to bleach your hair first, mix ColorCharm Lightener with 20 Volume Developer for the best results.
  • The lighter your hair is, the more vibrant your color will be. You can add “Pastelizer” shades to get great color intensity.
  • If you want to create a pastel, start with the lightest shade then mix with the darker one steadily until you get the desired pastel shade.
ColorCharm PAINTS Semi Permanent Hair Color

How to use: Apply ColorCharm PAINTS semi-permanent color to your hair, whether it’s pre-lightened or natural hair. Make sure your hair is lighter than level 7 (medium blonde). Let it sit for 20 minutes and rinse the color out without shampoo and conditioner.

These are the Wella ColorCharm hair colors, crafted with patented technology to make sure the shade you want is vibrant and long-lasting. If you’re looking for ammonia-free dyes, pick from the demi-permanent or semi-permanent colors. Now, let’s check the Wella CharmColor ingredients under the next header.

Wella ColorCharm Ingredients

After we know how Wella ColorCharm works by using their patented technology, now it is important to learn what’s in ColorCharm Hair Color. Check the images below to see the full list of ingredients.

The Ingredients of Wella Color Charm Permanent Liquid Toner
The Ingredients of Wella Permanent Liquid and Gel Color
The Ingredients of Wella Color Charm PAINTS Semi Permanent Color
The Ingredients of Wella Color Charm Demi Permanent Color

In this section, we break down Wella ColorCharm’s key active ingredients to see how the hair color works.

Ammonium Hydroxide

Ammonia is added to ColorCharm Toner and Permanent Hair Color to adjust the pH. It is due to ammonia itself being composed of nitrogen and hydrogen, atoms that create a strong alkaline solution when dissolved in water. Our hair, naturally, has a pH balance of 3.5 to 5.5. Then, ammonia has a pH of 11 to 13.

When used in ColorCharm Toner and Permanent Color, ammonia helps prepare hair so the dye can spread and settle in the cortex (second layer). It is because ammonia, being alkaline, can open your hair’s cuticles (first/ protective layer) which are acidic.

In this way the ammonia acts as an alkalizer, creating long-lasting color and superior gray coverage.


Wella ColorCharm Demi-Permanent Color uses ethanolamine instead of ammonia to create a long-lasting color, but not permanently. In principle it works the same – ethanolamine can weaken the hydrogen bonds in hair fibers. Ethanolamine swells and then opens the cuticle to allow the diffusion of dye molecules to settle inside.

While permanent hair dyes last longer, ColorCharm demi-permanent, which contains MEA, will fade after 24-30 shampoos. Wella uses MEA to allow dye molecules to penetrate the cuticle instead of being deposited on the surface, like semi-permanent hair dyes. It is beneficial to intensify the color-invigorating effect and gray coverage by up to 50%.

Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter

Shea butter is known as an excellent emollient due to its moisturizing and sealing abilities. Thus, not only penetrates the cortex and hydrates it from within, but it also coats the surface to seal in natural moisturizer and prevent it from escaping.

In ColorCharm Demi-Permanent Hair Color, shea butter further helps change the viscosity of the hair dye by stabilizing the structure to keep levels constant throughout the shelf life.

Oleic Acid

Oleic acid is found in Permanent ColorCharm Toner and Hair Color. It is used to provide color consistency in both products, more precisely to support the mixing of hair dye or toner with the developer. Oleic acid can also create a gel-like consistency, but it depends on how much it is used and what the other ingredients are.

As an emollient, oleic acid also helps carry dye molecules into the hair fiber.

Cetearyl Alcohol

If you observe the long list of ingredients above, you will find Cetearyl Alcohol in ColorCharm Demi-Permanent and PAINTS Semi Permanent Hair Color. Cetearyl Alcohol (emollient) is used to form emulsion by stabilizing it so it doesn’t separate into oil and water soluble components.

Being an emollient, it also acts as a conditioner, adding softness, reducing frizz, and improving hair texture.

Propylene Glycol

In ColorCharm PAINTS Semi Permanent Hair Color, Propylene Glycol is an effective humectant that regulates product viscosity with emulsifying and conditioning properties. Propylene Glycol is found in many hair products, such as conditioners, masks, serums, hair dyes, and color protectors. The combination of other ingredients keep the product stable while also smoothing your hair.

This is a glimpse of ColorCharm Hair Color ingredients. Each ingredient supports the other to work simultaneously to create a pattern of vibrant, long-lasting color. After learning about the ingredients, let’s see how ColorCharm works for different people.

Wella ColorCharm Reviews

The most important thing before buying any hair color products is checking real-life customer reviews. It will help you to learn how exactly the color works on different people in the terms of base color and how long the color stays. We have collected several reviews from Amazon with pictures. Let’s check them one-by-one.

ColorCharm Liquid Toner

Wella ColorCharm Liquid Toner has 4.5 out of 5 stars from 10,911+ ratings. Most of the customers are happy with up to 76% of the reviews being 5 stars. Here are the rates by feature:

  • Easy to use: 4.4 / 5 stars
  • Value for money: 4.1 / 5 stars

Let’s take a closer look at the before and after pictures.

Wella Hair Color Reviews - Before and after using liquid toner - 1
A woman with natural brown hair took ColorCharm Toner T27 to remove the brassy-yellow tone after pre-lightening. After she kept it for 45+ minutes, she got that golden blonde look.
Wella Hair Color Reviews - Before and after using liquid toner - 2
A woman with naturally blonde, virgin hair used Wella T28 to neutralize orange-yellow tones. The toner made her hair ashier and didn’t damage her hair.
Wella Hair Color Reviews - Before and after using liquid toner - 3
A woman took Wella T14 to neutralize yellow tones after bleaching. It did a pretty good job but left silver spots in some places.

ColorCharm Permanent Liquid

Currently, Wella ColorCharm Permanent Liquid sits at 4.5 out of 5 stars from 10,386+ ratings. ColorCharm Permanent Liquid also got many positive testimonials, with 76% of the people giving it 5 stars. Here are the ratings by feature:

  • Easy to use: 4.1 / 5 stars
  • Longevity: 4.1 / 5 stars
  • Value for money: 3.9 / 5 stars

Check the before and after pictures to see them for yourself.

Wella Hair Color Reviews - Before and after using permanent liquid color - 1
Brittany who had a pumpkin orange color took Dark Smokey Ash Blonde to tone it to the cool ashy color. The result is close enough to her expectation like in the left picture.
Wella Hair Color Reviews - Before and after using permanent liquid color - 2
A woman who has blonde hair with a dark color on the roots used Dark Smokey Ash Blonde. The final result looks dark, ash blond with a balayage effect.
Wella Hair Color Reviews - Before and after using permanent liquid hair color - 3
“My hair came out much darker than I was aiming for. It’s still a pretty color and may lighten to my preference after some washes.”

ColorCharm Gel Permanent

Wella ColorCharm Gel Permanent has 4.6 out of 5 stars with 1,852+ ratings, not quite as impressive as Permanent Liquid Toner and Color. However, 77% of reviewers gave 5 stars. Below are the customers’ reviews with pictures.

Wella Hair Color Reviews - Before and after using permanent gel color - 1
A woman mixed ColorCharm Gel Permanent in Red Titan Blonde with Golden Blonde. She used a 30 Volume Developer with equal parts of 8gr to 8 gr. The final look is more like auburn.
Wella Hair Color Reviews - Before and after using permanent gel color - 2
A brunette woman had to bleach first before taking Wella’s Frosty Ice and Toner T18, mixing with 20 Volume Developer. As you can see the color is lifted and gives her a light blonde look.
Wella Hair Color Reviews - Before and after using demi-permanent hair color - 3
A brunette woman took ColorCharm Gel Permanent to get copper hair color. She said that the hair is super pigmented but it is fades pretty fast.

ColorCharm Demi-Permanent Gel

Wella ColorCharm Demi-Permanent Gel has 108+ ratings, which is not as impressive as the hair dyes above, with 4.2 out of 5 stars. However, up to 70% of reviewers rate it as a 5 stars product. Here’s the rating by feature:

  • Value for money: 4.3 / 5 stars
  • Easy to use: 3.7 / 5 stars
  • Scent: 3.2 / 5 stars
  • Longevity: 2.0 / 5 stars

Let’s check what they think about ColorCharm Demi-Permanent Gel.

Wella Hair Color Reviews - After using demi permanent - 1
“Toned me to a nice ash blonde. Hair felt silky and conditioned and healthier after doing so.”
Wella Hair Color Reviews - After using demi permanent - 2
“Nice color to cover and blend gray to blonde. I did need purple shampoo and conditioner to keep the color pale and bright.”
Wella Hair Color Reviews - Before and after using demi-permanent hair color - 3
“This stuff can get messy fast. I felt like the color developed well and fast, but it seemed to take ages for it to rinse mostly clear. I’m three washes in and seeing very little fade.”

ColorCharm PAINTS Semi-Permanent

PAINTS Semi Permanent Hair Color also achieved positive feedback from reviewers on Amazon with 3,432+ ratings. It has 4 out of 5 stars with 58% being 5 stars. Here is the rate by feature:

  • Easy to use: 4.2 / 5 stars
  • Value for money: 3.2 / 5 stars

Let’s see what they think about ColorCharm PAINTS.

Wella Hair Color Reviews - After using PAINTS semi Permanent color - 1
She mixed Strawberry with Clear shades and after 2 weeks the color is still vibrant. ColorCharm PAINTS left her hair conditioned, and smells great. The Strawberry color is a warm, slightly orange-pink. The Raspberry is a cooler, slightly blue-pink. “Both are vibrant!” she said.
Wella Hair Color Reviews - After using PAINTS semi Permanent color - 2
She used the top half of her hair with Mulberry and the bottom half with Fuchsia and Raspberry with no developer. It is easy to use, smells fruity, and the chemicals were not harsh on hair. “The color took well and is vibrant,” she said.
Wella Hair Color Reviews - Before and after using semi-permanent hair color - 3
A slightly blonde hair woman gets a vibrant pinkish purple after using Colorcharm Semi-Permanent Hair Dye. The only complaint she gave is it stains her tub and shower curtain, then she bought color remover to clean it.

To sum up, it can be said that most people are satisfied with the results. But after we saw other reviews, some didn’t experience the same way, especially in the Demi-Permanent Hair Color reviews. But overall the products are great and as many people expected them to be. Now, let’s take a look at the side effects.

Wella ColorCharm Side Effects

In this section, we discuss side effects that may occur while using Wella ColorCharm. It is worth noting that checking the ingredients before taking any hair dyes is essential. You can check the full ingredients of Wella ColorCharm in the “Wella ColorCharm Ingredients” above. Here are the possible side effects that may occur to you:

  • Skin burns, irritation, and itching may occur due to the ammonium hydroxide composition being a potential skin irritant. We recommend you perform patch and strand tests before applying all-over head. Check the reaction frequently to see if you have certain allergies.
  • Since ColorCharm Demi-Permanent contains Ethanolamine, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid using this dye. Ethanolamine allegedly causes birth defects during pregnancy but research is insufficient at the moment. Use the ColorCharm PAINTS hair color instead, and consult with a doctor first.
  • Using ammonia- or ethanolamine-containing products for a longer period may cause damage to the cuticles and make hair dry, rough, and brittle. Always deep condition your hair regularly to minimize the impact.
  • All ColorCharm Toners and Color contain Fragrance. Even though many people love it, some dislike the strong smell. It may cause allergic reactions for some with sensitive skin/ scalp.
  • Alcohol denat is performed in ColorCharm Demi-Permanent. You may probably experience scalp irritation and flaking, especially if you have a dry scalp.

By checking the ingredients first, you take measures to protect yourself from the side effects that may occur. If the side effects are prolonged, please stop using it and consult with your doctor.

Alternatives to Wella ColorCharm

We have compiled popular hair color brands that may be your alternatives to Wella ColorCharm. Each brand’s product is equipped with different prices, formulas, and more to meet your hair needs. These are Pravana, Manic Panic, and Arctic Fox. Now, let’s take a closer look at them.


Pravana ChromaSilk

Pravana was founded in 2004 by Steve Goddard. They provide various hair color lines, from permanent color to lightener. One of their best product lines is ChromaSilk Creme Color, an award-winning permanent hair color. This line provides up to 135+ shades that are formulated with Silk and Keratin. As for the neon or pastel shades, you can easily find them in ChromaSilk VIVIDS semi-permanent color.

If you want to go blonde, pick the best shades from ChromaSilk LIFTS, Platinum Toner, or PURE LIGHT. Read our full Pravana Hair Color review here.

Manic Panic

Manic Panic High Voltage

Best-known as an iconic punk rock hair dye brand, Manic Panic was founded in 1977 and has become one of the most popular brands. Manic Panic hair dye is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, ammonia-free, resorcinol-free, and PPD-free.

The most well-known hair color line is Classic High Voltage with 40+ semi-permanent hair colors. Classic High Voltage was a Winner of the NYLON® Magazine Beauty Hit List for Best Hair Color. Manic Panic also offers temporary hair dyes that come in spray and gel.

Read our review on Manic Panic Vs Arctic Fox here.

Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox Hair Color

A newer company, Arctic Fox is a popular semi-permanent hair color brand founded in 2014. The one that makes Arctic Fox special is that 15% of its profits are donated to help prevent animal cruelty and promote animal welfare.

The Arctic offers up to 23 shades for its semi-permanent hair dyes. The color will last for 2-6 weeks on unbleached hair and 4-8 weeks on pre-lightening hair. Its formula is vegan, cruelty-free, ammonia-free, PPD-free, and peroxide-free.

Check our Manic Panic Vs Arctic Fox post to learn about both brands as well as our full Arctic Fox review here.

Comparison of the Alternatives

Wella ColorCharmPravana ChromaSilkManic Panic High VoltageArctic Fox
Current Price: $7.83 for 1.4 fl ozCurrent Price: $10 for 3 fl ozCurrent Price: $13.99 for 4 fl ozCurrent Price: $18.49 for 8 fl oz
4.5 / 5 stars from 10,386+ ratings4.5 / 5 stars from 10,202+ ratings4.2 / 5 stars from 15,266+ ratings4.4 / 5 stars from 79,740+ ratings
Wella ColorCharm Permanent Color is equipped with patented technology to create its unique formula: Liquifuse™ and Gelfuse™ TechnologyPravana’s award-winning ChromaSilk Permanent Creme Color is formulated with a proprietary blend of Silk and KeratinHigh Voltage Semi-Permanent Hair Color offers vegan formula with shade availability of up to 40 colors. The color vibrancy may last up to 4-6 weeksArctic Fox Semi-, Permanent Hair Color may last for 2-6 weeks on unbleached hair and 4-8 weeks on bleaching hair. They offer vegan hair dyes of up to 23 colors

The table shows that Arctic Fox is the most popular on Amazon since they have the highest ratings out of all. Pravana has the lowest ratings. When it comes to pricing, Arctic Fox is at least expensive than others. Pravana offers up to 135+ shades, making it the one with the largest range.

However, each brand is popular and has received much praise from many users for different reasons and claim high ratings on Amazon.

To conclude our Wella hair color reviews, the brand offers many options at affordable prices. Wella patented technology ensures that the color will stay vibrant and long-lasting after weeks. They also offer two options of hair dye: liquid and gel and you can choose the best one for you.

Hope this review was helpful and gave you information you need to pick Wella hair color for yourself. Leave us with questions or thoughts in the comment section below.


Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about Wella ColorCharm Hair Color.

Is Wella’s hair color damaging?


It depends on how you apply the color to your hair. If you use it on the long term, it may cause hair damage since you put many chemicals in your hair. But, even though Wella ColorCharm Toner and Permanent Color have ammonia, you can pick either Demi-Permanent or Semi Permanent Hair Colors for a safe alternative.

How long does Wella’s hair color last?

Demi-permanent hair color will last up to 24-30 washes, while semi-permanent lasts up to 20 washes. As for permanent color, basically, it will last until you re-color or remove the shades. But the color may not be as vibrant as the day you colored it after a few weeks.

Is Wella good for gray hair?

Wella ColorCharm’s Liquifuse and Gelfuse Technology allows the color molecules to stay in the cortex permanently. This is why the color gives superior gray coverage and long-lasting color.

Is Wella hair color ammonia-free?

You can choose either Demi-Permanent or Semi-Permanent hair color since both are ammonia-free and parabens-free.

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